Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1095


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Next was the Great-Thousand Printing Factory. The company originally bought by Boss Jia with more arrogant ingredients is now completely rejuvenated. Under the auspices of Factory Director Liu, Great-Thousand Printing Factory successively I applied for more than 20 world-class patents, and even had the courage to borrow from the bank to buy equipment, and then built a large factory building in the Great-Thousand base for free. Now it is the number one printing factory in China with a large number of workers. The number of employees has risen to about 6000, and one company basically undertakes the entire high-end printing business in China.

Yes, yes, under the decisive treatment of Factory Director Liu, Great-Thousand Printing Factory paid a big price for high-end printing equipment, while on the other hand, it sold half-star low-end printing equipment. It completely abandoned the low-end printing market such as newspaper printing or ordinary magazine printing, and specialized in the high-end market of various special printing and high-definition printing.

Because all kinds of printing technologies are unique and unmatched throughout the country, the Great-Thousand printing factory still has an endless stream of business, and most of them are foreign businesses. After one year, not only the original loan It’s all gone, and there are even tens of millions of dollars in profits.

Anyway, the Factory Director Liu still looks like Old Ox in front of Boss Jia. Boss Jia is also called child, which makes Boss Jia very helpless.

Next is BiliBili. Compared with last year’s high-spirited and vigorous, this year’s Wang Xuan is much older. Boss Jia even found that Wang Xuan has begun to have a Mediterranean trend.

Know that Wang Xuan is less than 35 years old now!

Oh, a 35-year-old middle age person, the Mediterranean seems to be a matter of as it should be by rights. But when I saw Wang Xuan last year, he was still a boy with thick hair!

“We, BiliBili, will continue to focus on the customized software market this year, and our profits have increased by 60% year-on-year!” Wang Xuan reported the data absently.

“I don’t care about this!” Boss Jia waved his hand, and then said, “I just want to know, how is my system.”

“Boss, I’m too difficult!” Speaking of system, Wang Xuan was about to cry. He touched his brighter forehead, and then cried, “Chairman, it’s too difficult, this system is too difficult. I really can’t figure it out!”

“Why don’t you do it?” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“No, then I didn’t give it to you in vain!” Wang Xuan was even more sad.

“Then you cry here, what do you want?”

“I just want my hair!”

Finally, Wang Xuan left in a slightly comfortable mood. To be honest, BiliBili actually did nothing this year, but the foundation laid by professional custom software is still there. BiliBili is afraid that it will not lose money.

In fact, if you calculate the cost of R&D system, BiliBili has already lost money, and it is still a huge loss of hundreds of millions of Renminbi.

But Boss Jia doesn’t care. Regarding the system, Boss Jia is actually very concerned, according to Boss Jia’s understanding. In one year, Wang Xuan led more than 200 programmers. In fact, the basic framework of the mobile phone system has been basically constructed, and the framework of the computer system is also being formed.

But the price is that Wang Xuan’s head is bald, and people are almost neurotic, so I went to Boss Jia to vent.

If you have the guts to use our Boss Jia to vent, Wang Xuan is probably really crazy.

But then again, the current BiliBili is a money burning machine, and more and more money will be burned, but the future can be expected. Moreover, when Wang Xuan reported on his work this time, he also proposed a very amazing idea to Boss Jia, and at the same time took out a low-level sample for Boss Jia to appreciate. As for whether to use it, Boss Jia himself is still hesitating.

Compared with Wang Xuan’s middle-aged baldness, Old Friend and his old colleague Zhong Yu are becoming more and more proud. There is no way. Now Great-Thousand games have become a company that has shown great performance. , Is the pillar level of Great-Thousand.

Not only has a variety of world-famous games, but more importantly, Thousand Machines has become a game console. In Zhong Yu’s words, Thousands of Machines has completely taken over the handheld market. In addition to its amazing historical accumulation, GB has There is nothing commendable.

The Great-Thousand game has also become one of the most important subsidiaries of the Great-Thousand Group, and it is the absolute pillar.

Zhong Yu’s words are not wrong. As of the end of January 1997, the global sales volume of Qianjibian has broken through 20 million units. At the same time, with the large-scale mass production, the cost of products is also declining. Now each unit sells for 199 dollars, and already has a profit of more than 60 dollars.

20 million units have changed, that is, a net profit of more than 1.2 billion US dollars.

Apart from this, the Great-Thousand game has released a total of 33 games this year. This does not include the Starcraft Hegemony released by Blizzard Studios and “Pokemon Gold and Silver”.

In these 33 games, in addition to “Fate Night”, “Running Kart”, “Animal Forest Committee” and other games, which were produced under the personal guidance of Boss Jia, the other games are Great- A game developed by Thousand Games’s studio.

In fact, compared with the above several games that Boss Jia personally intervened, he values ​​the games developed by the Great-Thousand game himself, because these all are have nothing to do with the previous life. It is the butterfly of Boss Jia. Desperately fanning wings in this life, created a game that has never been seen in the previous life.

Then Zhong Yu handed the detailed sales data sheet of these 33 games to Boss Jia. In fact, there are some repetitions in these 33 games, because a game can have a PC version, a motherboard, and a handheld version. Wait for different versions.

So many of these 33 games are games of different versions, and there are actually 21 games that are truly original.

Among the 21 games of the second generation is “Running Kart”, the total sales have reached 24 million copies.

The N64 console version was first released, but this version has become out of print, and there is no new N64 version of the “Running Kart” game cassette on the market.

Maybe in a few years, a certain factory manager will buy the n64 version of “Running Kart” from a buddy at a high price to make a video.

The next release is the running kart of the Thousand Machines variant version, apart from this, and the PS version and the PC version are also released one after the other. Only one game accounted for three versions, which were sold together. 24 million copies, calculated at a profit of $20 per copy, this is another net profit of $480 million.

However, other games will not be able to play like “Run Kart”. Ranked 2nd is “Animal Forest Committee”. This casual game only released a thousand machine variant version, but it was unexpectedly sold. Sales of 7 million copies.

Then Ranked 3rd is a game that Boss Jia has never heard of in his previous life. The name is “divine wood continent”, which is an rpg game.

It is also the RPG game that was recently sold second only to the newly released “Final Fantasy 6”. This game has achieved quite good sales in Japan and Europe and the United States. It is about a human novelist who has passed through to a famous The story of the foreign world in the continent called divine wood.

The key to this game’s ability to attract everyone’s attention and achieve great sales lies in its brainstorming settings.

According to the setting of “Divine Wood Continent”, all human beings in this world are not born by women, but from a book called divine wood, which bears like fruits.

In other words, women in this world never know the happiness between men and women until they are the protagonists of the Earth people crossing over.

From this brief introduction, you can see how attractive this game is, and it sold out in an instant. Now in order to promote this game, Royal Animation has begun to produce the TV animation of “Divine Wood Mainland”.

This is a lot of protests from Royal Animation. I feel that this plot and style is an insult to the animation. If it weren’t for Boss Jia’s suppression, I’m afraid it’s not really the case.

The Royal animation can be pushed to this point, which shows how happy the plot of “divine wood continent” is.

But Boss Jia doesn’t matter what H or H, as long as it can make money, it is a good thing. Therefore, the project team of “Divine Wood Mainland” received a huge bonus of 1 million US dollars. After all, their The game has earned 140 million US dollars in profits, and this bonus is still to be given.

The other person in charge of the plot, named Canglan, received an additional $200,000 in bonus. I heard that this guy is now full of inspiration and is preparing a game called “The Strongest in the Galaxy, I Have No Girlfriend” The script, I don’t know if it can be a hit [PS: Honestly, don’t you think this title is attractive].

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