Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1198


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So the half-knowledgeable Boss Jia directly brought out Counter-Strike. It’s like Warcraft hasn’t been born yet, but Dota was born one step ahead.

Without the popularity of Warcraft, it is really hard to say whether dota has any chance to grow up.

Of course, the success of Dota is due to the quality and gameplay of Dota itself. Even if Dota is not successful, there will be effective successes of similar gameplay sooner or later, but it will not be Dotathat’s all.

Counter-Strike is facing the same situation, without the blessing of half-life players.

The most important thing is that Counter-Strike was released in 1999. At this time, the network layout of the world was already quite large, with enough netizens to support an online battle game.

But in 1997, this number was not enough.

To sum up, under the influence of two unfavorable factors, the failure of counter-strike is almost inevitable.

This also shows from the other side that crossing and the prophet may not be a good thing.

Boss Jia also wanted to understand this later, but Counter-Strike had already released it in advance, and it was unrealistic to get another Half-Life out. Boss Jia decided to use WCG to pull “Counter-Strike”. It depends on God’s will for failure. At worst, until 1999, Great-Thousand invested a lot of money to promote “Counter-Strike 2”.

Facts have proved that Boss Jia’s second decision is correct.

Although “Counter-Strike” seems to be very rushed from the game to the players, although the teams from the 8 countries participating in the competition are almost all newcomers found from the very few “Counter-Strike” players of more than 100,000. Then use the fastest speed to complete the professional player registration, and the strength is just like that.

However, “Counter Strike” has a major change in the competition system, which is to further strengthen the national character.

Although all the players have a very clear nature of national representatives, the previous matches were all individual battles, and there may be civil wars in the finals, so the nationality is not too strong.

This is like most of the games in the Olympics. The ID of an individual player must be placed on the name of the country.

But “Counter-Strike” is different. Counter-Strike is no longer an individual game, but a team of five individuals. It is a collective battle.

So under the suggestion of Boss Jia, the WCG competition of “Counter Strike” is set to each country can only send one representative team to participate in the competition, just like the world cup, a country can only have one representative team.

In a five-person team, the names of individual players are not so eye-catching. The latest eye-catching is only the name of their country on their heads.

In this case, the expectations of everyone in a country are all concentrated on one team, and this team will tie the honor and disgrace of the entire country, and it will naturally be more sensory than other competitions.

So when the “Counter-Strike” game began, the eight national teams from China, Japan, the United States, ST, South Korea, Kengoku, Germany, and Australia appeared on the stage, directly starting the “Counter-Strike” quarter-finals. when.

All players were frantically cheered by their national team.

I don’t know if it was intentional. After the lottery, China’s opponent was Japan. This matchup instantly detonated the audience. All China and Japan audiences were all boiled.

The United States is against South Korea, ST is against Germany, and the country is against Australia. Except for ST against Germany, the rest are very gimmicky battles.

Japan since ancient times is not a strong country for shooting games, and Japan’s players are all made up improvised. Two of them are even directly selected members after signing up, because the whole of Japan, In total, only a dozen people signed up for the National Team.

On the contrary, China’s team Boss Jia attaches great importance to it. The Great-Thousand game tried very hard to find a few experts. The result was naturally the scream of Japanese beating and shaved his head directly. After three rounds of the game, it was even No victory in a small game was won. The total number of heads was less than 10, and China already had hundreds of heads.

In the end, if it wasn’t for the referee to secretly say something, let the players show some face, and let Japanese not be too miserable, so the Chinese team symbolically lost a small game, and then there was another madness and abuse. The five members of the Japan team never played FPS games again.

Japan players were naturally greatly shocked, and then very angry. Many players who watched the game were motivated and shameless, and then began to play Counter-Strike, practice hard skills, revenge and so on in the future, but let Japan The e-sports atmosphere has improved a lot.

After the Chinese defeated Japan, it was the South Korea team against the United States.

South Korean people didn’t have much interest in Counter-Strike, but what everyone didn’t expect was that this South Korea team was quite strong. They actually played five games against the United States in BO5. Finally, Also forcibly eliminated the American team and advanced to the semi-finals.

What, South Koreans defeated the Americans in the world tournament, and they won the victory by means of warfare like gun battle! !

All the South Korean silver people have an instant climax. All of the South Korean people who were not interested in counter-strike at first began to discuss the counter-strike match, and these five hastily formed teams unexpectedly Became a hero of South Korea for a while!

No way, the people of South Korea really need such heroes who can defeat the Americans, so although these five people were finally defeated by the Chinese team, they still enjoyed the heroic treatment after returning to China.

South Korea’s mentality is like this. They flatter the United States the most, rely on the United States the most, fear the United States the most, and still hate the United States the most.

This mentality is actually the same for Japanese.

In other words, it is the same mentality for countries that have basically lost the sovereignty of their military because the United States has planted various bases in the world.

How to say it, the United States is my father, but it does not prevent me from being an unfilial son.

In addition, ST actually defeated Germany, and Australia actually defeated the country.

What’s even more unexpected is that the final champion was the ST representative team. The final battle was between the ST and China representative teams. As a result, China was almost shaved by ST, if it weren’t for the team. The King ST of Captain said he wanted to give the host a little face and gave the overall situation to China, otherwise China would lose 3-0.

This ending makes Boss Jia very puzzled. Are the members of the ST representative team also a game expert selected from the whole country?

But even so, it is impossible to beat China with ST’s stubborn population base!

Later, when Boss Jia was having dinner with King ST, he smiled and told Boss Jia that in fact, besides him, the other 4 players on the ST representative team were members of his palace guard and were from the national cream of the crop. Sharpshooter, the kind in reality.

As for himself, he often goes hunting in Africa. Although Spear Art is not as good as a member of the palace guard, it is also at the Sharpshooter level. After all, he is an expert fed by hundreds of thousands of bullets!

Although it is the first time for them to shoot a gun in a computer, it is different from the real war, and the operation may not be comparable to those professional players.

But the combat deployment and combat skills are the same, and these are beyond the grasp of professional e-sports players.

So these real-life experts can become game experts in just a few weeks of training!

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