Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1201


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“Mr. Jia, on behalf of the South Korea E-Sports Federation, I sincerely hope that the 4th WCG will be held in our Republic of Korea!” After the closing ceremony, Boss Jia didn’t expect to be accepted by South Korea Electronic The president of the Athletic Federation took a bet, and then strongly expressed his hope that the main board of the fourth WCG intention.

Although Great-Thousand had a huge awkwardness with OGN before, OGN finally admitted it.

After that, OGN was disbanded. Although it didn’t take long, OGN was reincarnated in someone else’s body and became the South Korea E-Sports Federation and one of the subsidiaries of the International E-Sports Federation.

Not only did I register obediently and honestly with the International E-Sports Federation, but also very cleverly handed over 5% of all game revenues as a management fee to the International E-Sports Federation.

At the same time, because the e-sports hosted by South Korea is the best, South Korea’s e-sports federation has also become the country that pays the most dues in the world.

So, the South Korea E-Sports Federation naturally has a lot of voice in the International E-Sports Federation, and also has the right to see Boss Jia directly.

“This requires a meeting to discuss, I can’t agree to it alone!” Boss Jia said with a smile, completely forgetting that King ST only gave a word to the 3rd WCG.

But then again, the president of your subordinate federation, can you talk on equal terms with the top leader of ST?

“What else needs to be discussed?” The president of the South Korea E-sports Federation frowned. “Are there anyone else competing with us?”

“Of course!” Boss Jia nodded, and then said with a smile “Actually, just 5 minutes ago, the president of the Japan E-sports Federation approached me and proposed that he also wanted to host the fourth WCG!”

“These Japanese…” As soon as I heard that Japanese had to be done, the South Korea president gave up even more impossible.

It doesn’t matter if they recognize Americans as fathers. Japanese don’t want to ride on them. Suddenly, who can host the 4th WCG becomes a matter of national honor.

“I don’t know how the Head President intends to deal with this issue?” South Korea President frowns asked.

“Simple, all branch associations under the International E-Sports Federation will vote and elect!” Boss Jia said, “Now, the International E-Sports Federation has branches in 16 countries.”

“Then the branch of these countries, one vote counts one vote, and a collective vote. Whoever has more votes will be able to host the 4th WCG!” Boss Jia said with a smile “It’s fair, isn’t it? ?”

“Then why is there no such fairness in ST? Did we meet to vote?” the South Korea president asked angrily.

“If it is your South Korea president, if you want to have WCG held in South Korea while toasting to me in person, I will agree to it!” Boss Jia blunt’s answer made South Koreans speechless. It can be said.

After that, Japan and South Korea competed completely. They began to draw on the branches below, and these branches were also enthusiastic about swinging between the two countries, and then they got some benefits from their hands.

After all, South Korea and Japan are now the two countries with the best e-sports development in the world. Their associations are also the richest. A little bit of leakage is enough for other associations with no money.

Finally, in the voting session, Japan got two more votes, overwhelming South Korea and became the host country of the 4th WCG. However, in order to appease South Koreans, Boss Jia also announced that South Korea could host the 5th WCG.

As a result, the next three WCG sessions all left China and went to various countries in the world. This made many Chinese people sigh, but this is also the only way for WCG to fully internationalize.


While the Great-Thousand and Great-Thousand’s WCG cooking fires, the Conference Hall of Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing was a bit solemn.

“Our sales in the first quarter actually dropped by 10% compared to the same period last year. What is going on, I need you to give me an answer!!” Sitting in his chair, Liu Chuanzhi watched. A group of executives who started by themselves, coldly said.

Although the war with Great-Thousand caused the sales of Lenovo computers to shrink sharply. But computers are the general trend after all. Bookworm Jr. can dominate for a while, but it is impossible to defeat computers and take away the computer market.

So after a year of sluggishness, Lenovo’s sales performance began to expand again and grow rapidly.

Especially since 1995, with the computerized and networked office that began in Japan, there have also been requirements and suggestions for modernized offices in China.

Suddenly, both ZF purchases and domestic individual users began to increase dramatically.

In the whole 95 years, Lenovo created a miracle and record of 230% annual sales growth.

As a result, this record was broken in 1996, and the sales growth in 1996 directly broke through to 289%.

The profit growth is also very rapid. In 1994, Lenovo’s annual profit was only about 200 million Renminbi.

But by the end of 1996, Lenovo’s annual profit had increased to 1.6 billion Renminbi, and the growth rate was even more exaggerated than the sales growth rate

This put the entire Lenovo in a state of crazy expansion. Their office building has also changed from a small 7-story building to a 21-story super office building in Beijing.

In the whole of China, in the electronics industry, apart from Great-Thousand, Lenovo is the most popular.

According to their calculations, China has at least 50 million PCs in the market. Now their annual sales volume is less than 1.2 million. They will rely on the Chinese market in the next ten years. You can eat a lot of pots, your brain and stomach are fat, and you can make money lying down.

But it is such a company that can make money lying down. When the 1997 technical report came out, Liu Chuanzhi was surprised to find that the performance of the first quarter of 1997 declined.

Of course, not less than last year’s sales performance.

They sold 220,000 computers in the first quarter of last year, but they sold 300,000 computers in the first quarter of this year, which is an increase in sales of 80,000 units.

The problem is that the growth rate in the first quarter of last year was 210%, but the growth rate in the first quarter of this year has become 36%. The decline is indeed a bit severe.

This made sensitive Liu Chuanzhi aware of a slight crisis, and then called this high-level meeting urgently.

As a result, what Liu Chuanzhi did not expect was that when he asked questions, although none of them could answer his own questions. They just looked at each other in blank dismay, but they couldn’t say anything.

Seeing this scene, Liu Chuanzhi’s heart is full of disappointment.

Lenovo has developed very fast in recent years, but its own executives have been unable to keep up with Lenovo’s development speed. On the contrary, they have fallen very fast.

This made Liu Chuanzhi’s heart full of worries. It would be okay if he was still sitting as the chairman, but once he left and handed over the company to these families, does Lenovo have a future?

“Come here, find Yang Yuanqing for me!” Thinking of this, Liu Chuanzhi made up his mind, and to his Secretary, he said a name that made all the executives present instantly burst into flames!

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