Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1202


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Yang Yuanqing, this is a name that was about to disappear in Lenovo.

Since the last time he made a mistake, and was completely defeated by Great-Thousand, Yang Yuanqing has been on his back and was sent to a regional distribution. It is said that he is still the most ordinary salesperson.

At that time, all Lenovo executives thought that Yang Yuanqing would not be able to stand the insult, and then jumped directly.

Didn’t expect Yang Yuanqing persevered. I heard that he has become the sales champion in that area, but the headquarters is about to completely forget the name Yang Yuanqing and forgot that Yang Yuanqing almost became Lenovo’s successor.

What didn’t expect was that after a few years, Liu Chuanzhi actually mentioned Yang Yuanqing’s name again and asked him to come over.

Is this guy going to comeback?

The senior executives here are in pain. They know Yang Yuanqing’s ability. Once the wolf returns, their lives will not be so easy.

After all, Yang Yuanqing has been the successor for several years. There are many diehards in the company. Even in this Conference Hall, some executives showed expectations after hearing Yang Yuanqing’s name. Emoji.

Obviously, Yang Yuanqing’s people, not at all, like his name, completely disappeared at the headquarters.

Facts have proved that Liu Chuanzhi did not accidentally think of asking Yang Yuanqing to come over, because Yang Yuanqing appeared in the Conference Hall only a few minutes later and appeared in front of everyone.

Yang Yuanqing had obviously been called by Liu Chuanzhi a long time ago. The anger just now only gave him a reason to play.

The executives present carefully looked at Yang Yuanqing, who hadn’t seen him for a long time. Compared with a few years ago, Yang Yuanqing was completely lost at this time, or it was hiding his edge.

What shocked everyone was that Yang Yuanqing had a warm smile on his face at this time. It seemed that for a few years after being devolved, there was no complaint at all, but instead he became a mellow elder.

This made many of the executives at the scene relaxed. It seems that Yang Yuanqing is not as difficult to deal with before.

However, Liu Chuanzhi can see clearly that this Yang Yuanqing is not easy to deal with, but knows how to hide himself. Now Yang Yuanqing is actually even more terrifying, and this is exactly what Liu Chuanzhi wants.

Liu Chuanzhi now has less and less interest in running a company. On the contrary, he found that family is the most important thing in life.

When this old man was living at Peak, he discovered the importance of family. In addition, he has already earned both fame and fortune, so Liu Chuanzhi already has the mind to hand over.

Of course, more importantly, now Liu Chuanzhi is very interested in investment, especially since he heard that Jia Yapeng used tens of millions of dollars to invest in an online company, and now the market value of this online company is already After more than US$52 billion, Jia Yapeng’s investment has doubled by 1,000 times, and Liu Chuanzhi can’t sit still.

He has money, and he also wants to invest, so it is easy and faster to complete asset appreciation, it is not beautiful.

In fact, Liu Chuanzhi is already building an investment foundation, and he has become less and less interested in the development of Lenovo.

So now Liu Chuanzhi does not have any anxiety or dissatisfaction with Yang Yuanqing’s growth and threats, but he even hopes that he will be more mature and more scheming, otherwise how to deal with the Great-Thousand threat.

Yang Yuanqing also knew this very well, so he stayed stubbornly, obediently and honestly staying in the place for three years, there was no dissatisfaction, no restlessness, just waiting quietly, waiting for Liu Chuanzhi’s summon .

Although Longkun Shoal, Yang Yuanqing has finally waited for that day when there is always a sudden change.

“Yang Yuanqing has always been in the first-line sales market. He knows our first-line sales very well. I think he also knows why there is a decline in sales growth. Let Yang Yuanqing tell us now!” Liu Chuanzhi launched Yang Yuanqing and Yang Yuanqing did their part, standing in front of everyone with a smile, and then said with a smile “The reason why we have a decline in sales growth is not because the market has become smaller, nor is the quality of our products deteriorated. We have a new competitor!”

“A new competitor!” The executives who were present were really nervous. They didn’t even notice a new competitor, which made Liu Chuanzhi shook his head.

“Yes, the new competitor is a company called Xiaomi. Their momentum is very strong. They sold 100,000 computers in the first month of their existence!” Yang Yuanqing lightly saying, and this The news immediately exploded all the executives.

“One hundred thousand units in the first month?”

“This is impossible. I have never heard of this company. How could it be possible to sell 100,000 units in the first month?”

“Did they get a large order from ZF, but it is impossible. If there is a large order of 100,000 units, we would not know it!” Several executives discussed spiritedly.

“It is not ZF’s big list, but individual users. This Xiaomi computer specializes in the non-ZF computer market, and 100,000 units are sold to non-ZF users!” Yang Yuanqing said.

“Then this is even more impossible!” The executives present were at a loss. The non-ZF market wants to sell 100,000 units within a month, which is much more difficult than the ZF market.

After all, as long as the ZF market has a few leaders, 100,000 units are just a matter of lip service.

But the personal computer user market is different. If you want to let the picky personal computer user market sell 100,000 units in one month, it is still a new company. A very incredible thing.

You must know that even Lenovo, when it first challenged the personal computer user market, only sold less than 100 units in the first month, which is simply horrible.

But now, Lenovo is already the overlord of the personal computer user market. It can sell about 100,000 units in this market every month. As a result, now, there is no more than 100,000 in one go. Isn’t this the entire personal computer user? The market is gone!

It’s not right. Although Lenovo’s personal computer user market has indeed dropped a lot of data, it still sold 100,000 units last month. Where did the 100,000 units sold by the other party come from?

Just when the executives were at a loss, Yang Yuanqing said with a smile “Attention, everyone, I just said the non-ZF computer user market, not at all said it is the personal computer user market.”

“Not the personal computer user market?” The executives became even more confused, and then Yang Yuanqing narrowed his eyes and said, “I’m talking about a brand new market. The current demand is much higher than the ZF market and personal computer users New markets, they are China’s next new computer market that will explode. Whoever masters this market will be able to master the lifeblood of the future China PC market!”

“Yang Yuanqing, don’t sell it to me anymore. Tell me quickly, what market is this?” Some executives couldn’t help it.

“This is the Internet cafe computer market!” Yang Yuanqing said finally.

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