Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1203


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Just yesterday, I still stayed on the place, so I know the situation of the place relatively well.

Take Hangzhou, where I am. In just three months, 18 new Internet cafes have been opened in Hangzhou, and nearly 2,000 new computers have been added.

This is only the case of a city in Hangzhou. Shanghai, Guangzhou CIty, and Beijing will have far more new Internet cafes than Hangzhou.

According to my estimation, in 1997, there will be at least 10,000 new Internet cafes nationwide. Assuming that each Internet cafe buys 100 computers, this is a huge market for 1 million computers.

By the end of 2000, the number of Internet cafes across the country will reach about 100,000, which is the market size of 10 million computers!

Yang Yuanqing stood in front of all the executives and talked freely.

The scale of the 10 million computer market completely stunned all executives.

You must know that from the 1980s to the present, the entire Lenovo sold less than 5 million computers. These Internet cafes add up to the equivalent of two Lenovos. Is this possible?

“Don’t doubt what I said, I believe everyone is paying attention to the WCG game recently!” Yang Yuanqing lightly saying, when he heard WCG, many executives at the scene secretly looked at Yang Yuanqing’s expression.

All Lenovo people know that Yang Yuanqing and Great-Thousand have a deep hatred, and WCG is a competition promoted by Great-Thousand. When Yang Yuanqing mentions Great-Thousand, there will definitely be emotional changes. .

But to their disappointment, Yang Yuanqing did not change his expression, but still said in a tranquil voice. “WCG is very hot, and audiences across the country have broken through several millions.”

“This shows that the computer game market in China is very huge. We have 200 million teenagers under the age of 20 in China. According to my understanding, 80% of the teenagers cannot resist the temptation of computer games.”

“So it can be said that 160 million young people across the country are very eager to have access to computers, especially to play computer games!”

“But China’s current economic level has determined that the family-based personal computer market cannot be fully developed for the time being. Simply put, there is no money. The economy of an ordinary family is not enough to support the cost of buying a computer!”

“So obviously, Internet cafes have become the only place where 160 million young people have access to computers, and it will also become the favorite place for all youngsters!”

“In the last month, I visited 6 cities across the country and visited more than 100 Internet cafes. These Internet cafes range from large to small, with a minimum of 20 computers and a maximum of 500 computers. But no matter how big or small, these Internet cafes are all full.”

“If you can’t rush to the Internet cafe to board the machine before 6:00 in the morning, then you are likely to wander in the Internet cafe all day, waiting for the seats that are vacant when you get off the machine!”

“In the end, thanks to Great-Thousand, half of the people in Internet cafes are playing “Diablo Online”, and half of people are playing stand-alone games such as “Red Alert” and “Starcraft”.”

“In short, the computer game market has huge potential for unimaginable, and the Internet cafe industry also has huge potential for unimaginable, but the faster Internet cafes develop, the greater the demand for computers, so this will be a market that far exceeds ZF With the huge market of personal computer users, whoever can seize the Internet cafes will be able to seize the entire future computer industry in China!”

Yang Yuanqing’s words were finally finished, but all the executives on the scene were lost in thought.

Although they did not welcome Yang Yuanqing, Yang Yuanqing’s words made them unable to ignore. Yang Yuanqing is an ambitious person, so at this critical moment of his re-emergence, he will never lose the chain and tell lies.

And the executives are not completely ignorant of Internet cafes. Many people have witnessed the super prosperous market of Internet cafes, so they basically believed Yang Yuanqing’s words.

At most, I think that by the millennium, impossible will sell 10 million computers. This is the result of Yang Yuanqing’s exaggeration, but it is estimated that there will be a market of 5 million.

The 5 million market is equivalent to Lenovo’s sales for more than ten years. This market must not be lost. Losing is Lenovo’s sinner.

The executives, at any rate, still have some spirit and fighting spirit.

“So, how did this Xiaomi steal 100,000 computers from this market?” Some executives couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t they understand that the largest brand in China now is our Lenovo computer? Why would they buy a computer of an unknown small brand?”

“Because they are cheap!” Yang Yuanqing laughed, and then said, “The main reason why Xiaomi can win the order of 100,000 with no difficulty is nothing more than two!”

“One is that Lenovo has ignored this market, or we don’t know this market at all, and we have nothing to do with this market!”

“As far as I know, when the first few Internet cafes opened, we found Lenovo to order computers. As a result, our customer service staff had a very blunt tone and unfriendly attitude, which made the bosses of these Internet cafes very angry. , I was extremely dissatisfied with Lenovo computers, and finally chose to buy a Xiaomi computer!”

“Secondly, there is the price issue. Internet cafes and individual users are different from ZF. Individual users and ZF will care about the computer brand and will look for the brand to buy computers.”

“But the Internet cafe Boss will not, because the Internet cafe Boss has to buy at least double-digit computers at a time, and the purchase value exceeds 100,000 Renminbi. So for them, cost performance is the most important, they simply don’t They care about the brand. They only care about which computer is cheaper when the configuration is the same, then buy which one!”

“even more how the price of Xiaomi computers is too low, so low that all Internet cafe owners can’t refuse!” Yang Yuanqing said.

“How low are they?” someone couldn’t help but ask.

“Take the best model LX21 sold by Lenovo, our unified retail price is 9980 yuan Renminbi, but a computer with the same configuration of Xiaomi, if it does not include a monitor, the price is 2499 yuan. In the case of including a monitor, the price is 3499 yuan.”

“What, this is impossible, how can they sell the price so low, they are destroying the market!!” The executives here suddenly roared angrily.

cracking a joke, how much energy they used to create a PC market with a net profit of more than 300%. As a result, this millet divided all of their profits. This is no longer a sabotage of the market, it is all about stabbing yourself!

“This is possible, LX21, our internal production cost, without the display, costs about 2400 yuan, they actually only sell 2499 yuan. How do they make money at this price?”

“Are their dealers all good people and won’t collect fees from them?” a senior executive asked suspiciously.

Although the unified retail price of Lenovo’s LX21 is 9,980 yuan per Renminbi, the price to dealers is 8,500 yuan per unit, which is equivalent to the dealer’s 1,500 yuan Renminbi profit.

This is also the reason why all distributors in the world are very enthusiastic about doing business with Lenovo, because selling a computer can earn an ordinary worker’s wages for two months. Of course, we must do our best to sell Lenovo computers.

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