Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1204


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But how did this Xiaomi computer make it so that it can directly sell the computer at such a low price, don’t they need to make a profit to the dealer?

Without a distributor, how could they sell computers for Xiaomi?

“As far as I know, Xiaomi Computer has no distributors at all!” Yang Yuanqing said a news that shocked everyone.

“No distributor?”

“How is this possible. If there is no distributor, how can they sell computers?” Lenovo executives were shocked again. In their common sense, if there is no distributor, it is absolutely impossible to sell computers.

The computer must be sold through a distributor.

“We sold the computer to ZF. Didn’t it go through the dealer?” Yang Yuanqing smiled slightly.

“But there are a lot of brokers in the middle!” A senior channel, well, this question cannot be discussed in depth.

“There is still a difference between brokers and dealers, and Xiaomi sells computers without any dealers or brokers at all!” Yang Yuanqing took a breath and said, “because Xiaomi computers are now fully attacking the Internet cafe market, and Internet cafes Boss purchases computers in large quantities. They will not go to dealers to buy finished computers.”

“According to my survey, there are currently two ways for Internet cafe Boss to buy computers. One is to buy various computer accessories directly on the Internet, and then go back to assemble the computer.”

“Next is to go to Xiaomi to buy the complete computer.”

“At first, most of the bosses in Internet cafes buy computer accessories and assemble them by themselves, but soon these bosses discovered that buying various computer accessories from dealers and the price of assembling them are only lower than that of Xiaomi computers. The whole machine with the same configuration should be a little lower.”

“But Xiaomi computers can provide a one-year warranty for the whole machine. As long as it is not damaged by external forces, it can be replaced with a new one. So gradually, all Internet cafe bosses choose to buy Xiaomi computers with a warranty. Computers, after all, each computer is only less than 100 yuan more expensive!”

“At the same time, it is more convenient and easy to buy the whole machine directly. At the same time, according to Xiaomi Computer’s policy, as long as you purchase more than 10 complete machines at a time, Xiaomi Computer can send a dedicated person to the door to ensure the smooth operation of all computers!

“I heard that Xiaomi Computer also actively provides solutions for the Internet cafe computer LAN and Internet cafe management system. Their employees can also directly help the Internet cafe Boss to form all computers into a LAN, saving Boss a lot of trouble. “

“To sum up, they are of course more willing to buy Mi Computers. To buy Mi Computers, you don’t need to find a dealer at all. You only need to call the official phone number of Mi Computers, and then send an order payment to the designated account. Mi computers can be delivered to your door within 5 days.”

“How about it, is it very convenient. If I am an Internet cafe Boss, I also specify to buy a Xiaomi computer, which saves time, money and worry. What kind of Lenovo to buy!” Yang Yuanqing’s words were like a hammer, hitting In the hearts of these executives.

Indeed, just by hearing the sales policy of Xiaomi Computer, these executives understood why Xiaomi was able to grab 100,000 computers in the Internet cafe market within a month. This policy is indeed very attractive. And there is no dealer to make the difference, it is perfect.

“Then how do we seize this market?” Liu Chuanzhi, who had not spoken but just listened in silence, suddenly asked.

“To be honest, the Xiaomi market now has a monopoly on Internet cafes. When 80% of Internet cafes open, they will directly contact the official Xiaomi computer to purchase computers. It is very difficult for us to seize the Internet cafe market at this time. “Yang Yuanqing sighed.

“Mr. Yang, since you are here today to tell us so much about the Internet cafe market, I don’t think you will have nothing to do with it. You must already have some plan. Tell us quickly. Good reference, discuss it!” said an executive coldly snorted.

If Yang Yuanqing hadn’t figured out a solution to the problem long ago, how would he say so much at the meeting and make things so difficult? Isn’t it just to highlight his ability?

“Then I will talk about some of my superficial opinions!” Yang Yuanqing said with a smile, “First of all, the price is the key. The computer we provide to the Internet cafe must be low enough in price, otherwise it will not be able to make it in This market!”

“Hmph, I thought you had any ideas. It turned out to be a price reduction. Who wouldn’t know how to reduce prices? You need to talk more!” Immediately a senior executive said cynically.

Indeed, cutting prices for the market is the strategy of Dog City, so what can I say.

“You are misunderstood. Although I suggest that our computers face the Internet cafe market to reduce the price, I do not recommend reducing it to the same level as the opponent. On the contrary, our price should be about 100 yuan higher than the opponent!”

“This high price is not too much. It can leave us with more profits. At the same time, we must invest more in publicity, focusing on promoting the brand value of our Lenovo computers, so that the Internet cafe Boss can understand , It is worthwhile to spend an extra 100 yuan to buy our Lenovo computers, because we are the best domestic computer brand in China, and the extra money is not lost!” Yang Yuanqing said, squinting.

“Whimsical!” A senior executive stood up directly. “Then I would like to ask Mr. Yang, if our computers for the Internet cafe market are reduced to the same price as Xiaomi computers, what about our ZF users and individual users?”

“If they know that Lenovo’s computers are equally equipped and Internet cafes are a few thousand yuan cheaper than other channels, then I guarantee that once this news spreads, the entire market will collapse, and our Lenovo will be scolded. I’m afraid sales will plummet!”

The other executives who this executive said were dark. Indeed, prices in the Internet cafe market cannot be lowered. Since ancient times, people’s hearts have not been scarce and uneven. If computers in Internet cafes were so cheap, the retail market would collapse.

“This is the second thing I want to say, that is, our computers in the ZF and retail markets must also be fully reduced in price, but they do not have to be lowered to the level of Internet cafes. They are probably more than the same configuration computers in Internet cafes. It’s about 500 yuan higher, and then said to the public that this is a special model sold only to Internet cafes, and find some reasons to explain why the price is expensive, and I believe the turmoil in the retail market can be suppressed.” Yang Yuanqing took a deep breath said.

“What, the price of our ZF market and retail market must be lowered so much!” All the executives really couldn’t sit still this time.

“No, absolutely not!”

“That is, the market is still in our hands, there is no reason to actively reduce prices.”

“Even if you want to lower the price, you have to cut the price a little bit. It doesn’t make sense to cut it in half. There is no such reason in the world!!”

“Forget it, don’t worry about the Internet cafe market. If the price is increased to that price, even if we grab the Internet cafe market, our total profit in one year may not be as good as it is now. Isn’t this asking for trouble?”

The executives vocally objected, and the waves in the entire Conference Hall were about to drown Yang Yuanqing completely.

“These idiots, lying in bed and making money make them all stupid!” Although I had guessed in advance that this would be the case, Yang Yuanqing was still angry when he saw the opposition from the executives.

“Everyone, it’s not our decision whether to surrender, but the market’s decision!” Yang Yuanqing slapped the desktop, shocking everyone who was discussing spiritedly, and then exclaimed, “Xiaomi is just a He specializes in the Internet cafe market, so he did not care about us. When he basically occupied the Internet cafe market, and then took their more than 2,000 computers to the retail market to sell, is there still a way for us to survive this world?”

“At that time, will we still be able to sell at the current price?”

“As far as I know, there are already many personal computer users who are aware of the existence of Xiaomi computers, and some of them even went directly to the headquarters of Xiaomi computers to pick up the goods!”

“Once we wait for the Xiaomi computer to come back to his senses and start to attack our market, we will rely on our price, so what is going to fight this battle? When the time comes, don’t we have to cut the price?”

“So, unlike when the time comes, Xiaomi’s computer forced the price to cut, it’s better for us to take the initiative to cut the price now. And we can lower the price quite calmly, otherwise, when the time comes is forced by Xiaomi’s computer to cut the price in half, At the end of the day, everyone knew how amazing the profits of our Lenovo computers were before!” Yang Yuanqing said loudly, and the entire Conference Hall was quiet for an instant.

In fact, the executives present can think about this truth carefully, but they don’t want to face it, they don’t want to cut prices, and give up huge profits. They just want to deceive themselves, cover one’s ears whilst stealing a bell. .

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