Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1205


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“I support Yang Yuanqing’s opinion!” Finally, Liu Chuanzhi came out and said with a final word, “We used to lie in bed to make money. It is really easy to make money, but there have always been such good things impossible. The price will eventually be pulled To a reasonable standard line, this is something that should not happen sooner or later!”

“Xiao Yang helped us see this in advance, I think it’s good.”

“I announce that starting from next month, our Lenovo computers will launch new models. The prices of these models must be lowered to a level that is about 1,000 yuan higher than that of Xiaomi computers.”

“The biggest weakness of Xiaomi computers right now is their brand value. The moment they use the low-price strategy, they are completely gone. Our Lenovo brand value is still there, so we can make more profits than Xiaomi computers. , So Xiaomi computers can only drink soup behind our ass!” Liu Chuanzhi’s words were finalized, leaving all the executives speechless.

Actually, they also know that a price reduction is imperative, but they can’t bring it up by themselves, otherwise, if something goes wrong, they will have to go back.

“Chairman, I have another suggestion!” Yang Yuanqing suddenly said again.


“We can’t directly reduce the price, otherwise the users who bought our computer at the price of 9000 before will be angry. When the time comes, there will probably be big news, which is not good for our company.”

“The suggestion you just made, Chairman, is very good, that is to launch a new series of models, which is different from the old models. The old models are still sold at the original price, so that the disgust of the old users will be much reduced. But there is One thing needs special attention, that is, the new model cannot be used as the successor of the old model. For example, logically speaking, the next LX series model to be launched should be LX23.”

“But the new model can’t use this number, we can change to a model like ULX1, indicating that this is not an upgraded version of the old model, so as to further reduce the disgust of old users!”

“Apart from this, we can’t directly reduce the price of the new model. I think that when it is launched, the price can even be higher than the old model. At the same time, we can take advantage of the festive occasion to engage in activities, In a disguised form, the price was reduced by about 1,000 yuan.”

“In this way, the new model will be able to continue to sell well for a period of time, and then we secretly fixed the price of the new model at the current event price, and then through the next festival, another event, and again the price Reduce by about 500 yuan!”

“With this cycle of about five or six activities, our new model can be reduced to the predetermined price, and at the same time, we can use every price reduction activity to harvest a large number of individual users who plan to buy computers. Maybe we can The computer users who plan to purchase in two or three years will be harvested in just a few months. This year’s financial report will be better than last year’s financial report. It is not a problem for our number of users to climb to several million! “

“Good idea!” Liu Chuanzhi nodded, his eyes brightened. He didn’t even think of this. Yang Yuanqing went out to experience it, and he became more detailed and witty.

Furthermore, after training in the first-line sales position, I have a better understanding of consumers’ psychological insights, knowing that the last thing consumers can’t refuse is price reduction, and Lenovo’s continuous price reduction activities within a few months can really be Completely harvest the potential consumer market.

when the time comes If Xiaomi wants to enter this market, it will find that potential users are almost harvested by themselves, a perfect plan!

The executives at the scene also looked at Yang Yuanqing with complicated eyes. This guy is really amazing. Even after he heard his plan, he couldn’t help acting very much. He was just a successor in the past. incredible.

“Let’s do it like this!” Liu Chuanzhi concluded, “Starting from next month, our company will launch new retail market computer models and Internet cafe market models. In the new era, we cannot fall behind, otherwise No matter how big Lenovo is, it will fall apart!”

“Yes!” No one can resist Liu Chuanzhi’s order. Once Liu Chuanzhi speaks, the association will follow his will.

“And your little Yang!” Liu Chuanzhi glanced at Yang Yuanqing lastly, “Old Dong in East China, recently in poor health, has been in the hospital twice in three months, and is still recuperating at home.”

“I think you will take the burden of Old Dong, let him rest well, and manage the entire East China area for me, and strive to achieve greater glory!”

“Yes! Guarantee to complete the task!” Yang Yuanqing said excitedly.

Old Dong’s East China region is Lenovo’s business in the entire East China region. It is the market for Lenovo’s Ranked 2nd and is also one of Lenovo’s most important positions.

Although Yang Yuanqing’s previous position was higher than this position, he is the one who was driven out after all. Now he can return to this position and he is already satisfied.

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