Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1207


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“Internet cafes are different from traditional infringement objects!” Yang Yuanqing continued to say on the side, “Internet cafes’ bosses use computers to engage in commercial activities, so the nature of infringement will be more serious!”

“Secondly, Internet cafes are not like corporate and individual users. Their computers are placed in public. Everyone can testify for you. They use a pirated version of the window system, so you can be sure of it.”

“The most important thing is that the home business of these Internet cafe Boss is on these machines. Once the prosecution is successful, these Internet cafe Boss must pay infringement fees, otherwise their business licenses will be deducted and they will not operate at all. “

“So as long as Microsoft sues these Internet cafes, then the Internet cafe Boss has to pay the system authorization fee, otherwise they will be forcibly closed. And now the number of Internet cafes in the country is not too large, Microsoft can sue all of them. .”

“In fact, I think as long as I send an attorney’s letter in advance, telling them that if the authorization fee is not paid, then these bosses will weigh the pros and cons by themselves, so when the time comes, a lawsuit is really needed to deal with, at most There are only a few hundred!”

“These Internet cafes currently have at least 100,000 computers, and each computer charges a Renminbi license fee of 1,000 yuan. 100,000 computers is a Renminbi license fee of 100 million yuan, equivalent to more than 10 million US dollars in additional fees! “Yang Yuanqing’s voice, whispered like a devil, kept echoing in Du Jiabin’s ears.

More importantly, Du Jiabin understands that what Yang Yuanqing said is not wrong. As long as he prosecutes himself, the victory must belong to him, and these people dare not pay for it, otherwise they don’t want to continue to operate. Indeed, just a letter from a lawyer can make a good deal of tens of millions of dollars!

“Why did you take the initiative to tell me this?” Du Jiabin looked at Yang Yuanqing with puzzled eyes.

“It’s very simple, because we at Meiliang pay an annual authorization fee of up to 30 million US dollars, but these Internet cafes can pay a penny. Our hearts are not balanced, so why only we pay, this It’s unfair, right?” Yang Yuanqing said with a smile.

“If your company does not take decisive action to allow these commercial Internet cafes to use Windows system freely without paying any licensing fees, then I think there is no need for Meiliang to continue paying licensing fees !” Yang Yuanqing finally said, this sentence is a direct threat to Microsoft.

“Someone threatened Microsoft and asked Microsoft to collect genuine license fees!” Du Jiabin had some incredible shook the head, but Yang Yuanqing was right, this money must be collected, otherwise Microsoft will really become The SB of Tianzi One.

Maybe the only customer like Meiliang will disappear.

“Then, goodbye!” Yang Yuanqing finished speaking and stood up, ready to leave.

“But this guy is poisonous enough!” Du Jiabin took a deep look at Yang Yuanqing’s back. If he is not reconciled, he will pit the entire Internet cafe industry in China. It’s simply…

“But I like it!” Du Jiabin smiled slightly, no matter how vicious Yang Yuanqing is, this is an absolute good thing for Microsoft. As long as all Internet cafes in China want to buy computers in the future, they must pay Microsoft the genuine Authorization fee.

Now there are 100,000 computers, and in the future it will be 1 million, or even 2 million.

Then Microsoft China can have huge profits of hundreds of millions of dollars. With this performance, Du Jiabin can be transferred back to the US headquarters and take a step forward with Microsoft!

“It turns out that there is a good thing to lose pie in the sky!” Du Jiabin laughed, and then began to tell his men to take action.


“Boss, your letter!” In the early morning sun, Zhang Zhahui, who had just gotten up from the lounge, felt a lazy waist, and then saw the letter sent by the postman.

“Someone sent me letters!” Zhang Zhahui was surprised when he heard that he had his own letter. He has lived for several decades and has never received a letter from anyone!

“Boss, you must be rich, and your relatives and friends know about it. Isn’t it good to say that you are poor in the downtown area, no one knows about the rich, do you have distant relatives in the mountain village?” The brother, said with a laugh.

“You brat is okay, you know how to speak an idiom!” Zhang Zhahui laughed, now Zhang Zhahui is really proud.

In less than half a year, all the funds and costs I invested in the Internet cafe were recovered. Now I have made a net profit of nearly 50,000 Renminbi, which is more profitable than my father working in Great-Thousand.

Now he Zhang Zhahui is already a celebrity in the entire compound. Wu Mengtian, who never looked down upon himself in the yard, was admitted to the junior college. Now he winks at himself all day long.

Unfortunately, Zhang Zhahui can no longer look down on Wu Mengtian now. He has a new girlfriend, a little beauty from the Academy of Art. He only went to high school. That water spirit, Zhang Zhahui has fallen in love with him. Wu Mengtian seems unattainable.

More importantly, Zhang Zhahui now has some more wild ambition plans. First, he will increase the number of computers in his Internet cafe to 1,000, making it the largest Internet cafe in Yuzhang.

Next is to create other Internet cafes in several other areas of Yuzhang City, making his Lan Jisu Internet cafe a famous chain Internet cafe in the country, and Zhang Zhahui can also become a generation of business giants.

cough cough, but now I’m still brushing the BOSS first. “Diablo Online” recently updated the Level 35 cap, and also introduced a lot of interesting maps and BOSS, as well as brand new equipment. Zhang Zhahui is still 1 The first player in the district.

Well, although Zhang Zhahui can no longer devote all his energy to the game now, his number is played by his two brothers in turn. This is probably the earliest power leveling.

After thinking about so many things, Zhang Zhahui suddenly realized that he hadn’t even read the letter.

She shook her head helplessly, and then looked at the envelope curiously. It turned out that the letter was mailed from Beijing, and what did the mailing party write “Microsoft China Company”

This Microsoft China what the hell is that? Selling health products?

Also, heaven knows how Zhang Zhahui opened an Internet cafe. He didn’t even know Microsoft.

Zhang Zhahui opened the envelope with disappointment, and found that the text inside was actually printed. The content of the letter is not much. Zhang Zhahui read it in less than one minute. Then he got cold all over his body and immediately found his webmaster and asked, “Xiao Wu, the system that our Internet cafe uses is that What is the Microsoft system?”

“Yeah!” The webmaster took a curious look at his boss, wondering why his boss asked such naive questions, but he added very diligently, “Now all Internet cafes in China use Microsoft. Is there any problem with the windows95system produced?”

“Then the system we use, is it genuine?” Zhang Zhahui asked again.

“What is genuine? How do you ask me this question, shouldn’t you ask yourself?” Xiao Wu complained in his heart, whether the computer system was paid, of course, it is a matter that Boss himself knows, how does a network administrator know.

Of course, based on Xiao Wu’s knowledge of computer systems, the system of his own Internet cafes must be pirated. In fact, all the systems used in Internet cafes in China are pirated. Is there any problem?

“It should be…Isn’t it…” Xiao Wu hesitated, then said.

“This time the trouble is big!” Zhang Zhahui sighed, is it true that he is going to make money and eliminate disasters?

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