Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1209


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“Chairman, there is such a situation…” In Boss Jia’s office, Dong Mingzhu took the initiative to report to Boss Jia.

“Your son found this!”

“Yes, my son told me immediately after he knew about this. I think there is a conspiracy against us, so I dare not delay.”

After listening to Dong Mingzhu’s report, Boss Jia’s expression was unpredictable. After a while, he said, “What do you think of this matter?”

“Obviously, some people are in a hurry!” Dong Mingzhu lightly saying “Our Xiaomi computer sold 100,000 computers in one month. This obviously has fiercely hit some companies. They just wanted To unite with Microsoft, use such a despicable means to come out!”

“You can just say Meiliang directly!” Boss Jia said grimly, and Dong Mingzhu’s expression stiffened. “Yes, this time must be a good thing Meiliang did.”

“Otherwise, as soon as Microsoft’s lawyers appeared, Meiliang’s related leaflets were sent directly to various Internet cafes. According to my son’s understanding, almost the same appeared in Microsoft’s lawyer letters. Many Internet cafes in Yuzhang Then there appeared Meiliang’s salesmen, selling to them Meiliang’s latest computer for the Internet cafe business.”

“I looked at the quotations of these computers. Under the same configuration, the prices are much higher than those of Xiaomi computers, but their main promotional selling point is that they carry the genuine windowsystem.”

“I have checked and Meiliang does pay Microsoft $30 million in licensing fees every year, so there is no doubt that Meiliang’s computers are pre-installed with genuine windowssystem.” Dong Mingzhu Tao.

“So Meiliang’s purpose is very simple, that is, to take advantage of the genuine Windowssystem authorization to occupy the Internet cafe market!”

“The first step they took was to borrow the knife from Microsoft to kill the chicken to frighten the monkey, so that those Boss who wanted to enter Internet cafes later knew it. If you want to enter the Internet cafe industry, you must buy genuine windowssystem. “

“Compared with an authorized genuine windows system of 1,000 yuan, although Meiliang’s computer with the same configuration is several hundred yuan more expensive, it still has an advantage in the overall price, and Meiliang will be able to invade the future Internet cafe market. !” Dong Mingzhu made a series of analysis, let Boss Jia nodded.

“these all are what you thought of? When did you know so much about the computer market?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“No, these all are analyzed by my son!” Dong Mingzhu said, “He is a computer fan and knows computers better, and he happened to invest in an Internet cafe with others, and he also knows the situation in the industry. Many, these all are he told me.”

“I’m an individual, I will have the opportunity to bring it here in the future!” Boss Jia said. Dong Mingzhu’s face immediately showed joy. It seems that his son today has a lot of extra points!

“Then do you have a solution to the problem?” Boss Jia tapped the desktop, and then asked, “This time the enemy’s method is still very difficult to deal with. If we don’t do anything, the market for Xiaomi computers will be All will be snatched away, so we must have a countermeasure. Do you have any good suggestions?”

“This…” Dong Mingzhu hesitated, and then said, “I think, Great-Thousand and Xiaomi should not be involved in this matter, nor should it be involved. Xiaomi is a company that sells assembly. Computer companies, they don’t have any problems without system.”

“As for the system, Microsoft is actually not so scary. Although they can definitely win the lawsuit, they still don’t understand our national conditions.”

“Now Internet cafes are a very important industry, and there will be a lot of taxes. So although the court will decide, there will be many different means in actual implementation. If you want to really make the Internet cafe Boss obediently and honestly pay , It’s also impossible. Even if you’re an old man, it’s still like that. There’s nothing you can’t fight.”

“It is estimated that when the time comes, many places will directly use Tai Chi and muddy mud. In the end, there will be nothing to do with the harmony.”

“So Meiliang’s plan will not be too successful. As long as our Xiaomi computers always maintain an absolute advantage in price, then Meiliang may occupy a part of the Internet cafe market, but after all Internet cafe Boss learns to practice Tai Chi. , The market they can occupy is also limited.”

“Meiliang Group has a big business, and each computer has a profit of at least 50%, so they will not be able to fight the price war for long. Our Xiaomi computer will definitely be the final winner!”

Dong Mingzhu said his plan.

In fact, this is a rogue solution, but it is the solution that best suits China’s national conditions at that time, and China is also impossible to kill all the copycat behaviors, otherwise the country is basically impossible to develop.

All foreign companies can cut meat from China with no difficulty as long as they wield the big knife of intellectual property rights, so Tai Chi is a very magical thing.

What you said is correct, and we will definitely do it, but I will do Tai Chi for a while.

“en!” Boss Jia nodded, he admitted that what Dong Mingzhu said are all right, and it is also the easiest way to implement, and at the same time the least loss to Great-Thousand.

And these things don’t need to be done by Boss Jia himself. Behind the Xiaomi computer, there are more than a dozen old foxes with wily old fox. As long as they use their own methods, everything will definitely follow the script set by Dong Mingzhu.

Just this way…

Boss Jia’s little finger trembled slightly, and then he said, “By the way, does your son have any opinion on this question?”

“Talk about what he is doing, his child temperament, and try his best to come up with some search ideas!” Dong Mingzhu heard it and shook his head repeatedly.

“Oh! So he does have an idea!” Boss Jia slightly smiled “Let’s talk about it, no matter whether it’s crooked or crooked, it’s a pleasure. And a son who can give a bad idea is better than any idea. Be strong if it doesn’t come out!”

“Hey, just talk about it, but this child is too naive and a little too simple. What he actually said, Great-Thousand needs to maintain the legitimacy and authority of the original, and cultivate the habit of users to use the original , Otherwise Great-Thousand will regret it in the future.”

“So Great-Thousand and Xiaomi need to actively negotiate with Microsoft to purchase the same genuine license fee as Lenovo, and then license it to all Internet cafes for free.”

“This child is really naive. He doesn’t know. Isn’t this just sending his own meat to others for cutting?” Dong Mingzhu shook his head.

“No, your son said a lot!” Dong Mingzhu’s words stopped abruptly. He looked at our Boss Jia with some confusion, and then listened to him saying “Let’s go, I’ll fly to Beijing tomorrow and see this Microsoft General Manager of China.”

“By the way, if your son is fine, just follow me. This child will be very great in the future!”

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