Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1210


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“Damn, I actually came out with the chairman of Great-Thousand, and I took the chairman of Great-Thousand’s private plane to go to the background!” Different from Shen Hailong, who is sitting in a serious position, Zhang Zha Hui is like Monkey Sun in the sky. It’s quiet here, and looking there, it’s almost like turning the whole plane over.

This made Shen Hailong a very headache. Why didn’t he hold back all of a sudden, he brought this guy over.

Shen Hailong was only going to go by himself, but he didn’t expect an order delivered by Great-Thousand Boss Jia himself, saying that if it is convenient, he hopes to bring him and the cooperating Internet cafe Boss with him.

Then Shen Hailong reluctantly brought Zhang Zhahui over, and then Shen Hailong felt that his face was about to be lost by Zhang Zhahui.

“Old Shen, this plane is really too awesome. I went to the toilet just now. Good fellow, there is actually a bath and sauna in it. It’s bigger and more stylish than those in the bath center. , I don’t know if these flight attendants are working part-time as Young Lady bathers or not!” Zhang Zhahui said with a mean smile, making Shen Hailong want to slap her over.

Just when he was about to be collapsed by Zhang Zhahui, the door of the living room opened, and Boss Jia in casual clothes walked in, said with a smile “Let you two let go of things , Help me take a trip, I really feel sorry!”

“Where and where, Boss Jia, you are the idol of all our Yuzhang people. It is a great honor to meet you! My father is also an employee of Great-Thousand. He is grateful to you for prostrate oneself in admiration Yeah, I also specially invited you a longevity card and put it in our side hall. Everyday all will give you incense or something!”

“Hehe, this is really a good employee!” Boss Jia smiled dryly, and he shared the memorial tablet with the incense. Did he go to another world?

“By the way, even in my Internet cafe, there is a bronze statue of you, and it is made of pure copper!!” Zhang Zhahui added.

“Bronze statue for me?” Boss Jia was really a bit silly this time. “What are you doing for my bronze statue?”

“Of course I gave you as a God of Wealth!” Zhang Zhahui said with a smile “Our husband said, you are the reincarnation of God of Wealth, otherwise how could you make so much money. And not only Making money will also make all the areas around our entire Yuzhang City prosperous!”

“So you must be the reincarnation of the God of Wealth. Instead of enshrining the God of Wealth Zhao Gongming, who has never heard of the name, we might as well enshrine you as a living God of Wealth!”

“You don’t know how popular the first batch of your bronze statues released by Xijiang Copper Industry are. I lost the strength of the boss before grabbing such a bronze statue!” Zhang Zhahui said endlessly. .

“Is this true?” Boss Jia turned his head and looked towards Shen Hailong, who had nothing to say and could only ask, with a face full of shame.

“It’s really right!” Shen Hailong was nodded, saying that the true God of Wealth was invited by him and Zhang Zhahui together. The first time I went to the Internet cafe every day, I could see this God of Wealth.

“Damn, Xijiang Copper, do they know that my portrait rights are authorized? Isn’t this a nonsense?” Boss Jia was angry and asked the Secretary on the side.

“Chairman, we are actually authorized to Xijiang Copper!” said Secretary cautiously.

“When is it? Why don’t I know?” Boss Jia asked quickly.

“This is last year’s event. The relevant personnel of Xijiang Copper found us and said that they planned to create a set of small bronze statue souvenirs of the top ten richest men in China’s history as a commemorative sale!”

“Then you were selected. You happened to be in Japan at the time. We reported it to the lady. The lady said yes, and we agreed.”

“It’s just that they said what they wanted to do was a small bronze statue, which was about the size of a fist. They didn’t expect that they made a 1:1 bronze statue…” Secretary whispered.

“What’s this all about, isn’t it killing me?” Boss Jia sighed “You immediately tell the people at Xijiang Copper, the authorization ends here, and I will not be allowed to produce any avatars about me in the future. Yes, from now on, my portrait rights are not allowed to be authorized, let alone any bronze statue souvenirs. Do you think your boss my life is too long, do you want to cut my life for a few years?”

“Yes!” Secretary nodded and said again and again.

The portrait right of Xijiang Copper was indeed taken back after the incident, and no company dared to violate Boss Jia’s order. It was just that the first batch of 1,000 bronze statues produced by Xijiang Copper became an absolute orphan. , The more valuable it goes to the back.

Finally, it is said that by the 100th anniversary of our Boss Jia’s birth, the price of this bronze statue has risen from 3,500 yuan at the time of sale to 35 million Renminbi, and it is still a priceless one, after all. This is the only bronze statue of Boss Jia that is publicly and legally released.

By the way, 200 years after the birth of Boss Jia, all kinds of bronze statues, statues, posters and other portrait rights items of Boss Jia will be completely flooded. Because the protection period of personal portrait rights has passed, you can do whatever you want used.

“By the way, who is among the top ten richest men alongside me!” Boss Jia suddenly asked curiously.

“Started from the Warring States Period, the top ten richest people in my country’s history!” Secretary introduced, they were “Qi State Prime Minister Guan Zhong in the Spring and Autumn Period, Tao Zhugong Fan Li, the Yue state doctor in the Warring States period, Qin Country Prime Minister Lu Buwei, Deng Tong in the Western Han Dynasty, Shi Chong in the Western Jin Dynasty, Qianyu Wang of Wuyue, Shen Wansan in the Ming Dynasty, Heshen in the Qing Dynasty, and Hu Xueyan, a merchant with a red roof, the last one is you!”

“Unexpectedly, I was lucky enough to be side by side with these sages!” Boss Jia couldn’t help but sigh after listening.

“Yes, but you are much better than the other nine!” Zhang Zhahui heard it, and quickly followed flattery.

“Oh! Why do you say that?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“Because the other 9 are dead, only you are still alive. You are not awesome!” Zhang Zhahui said with a laugh, and everyone around except Boss Jia himself I was so scared, where did this goddamn guy come from? Is there such a flattery in the world?

Even Boss Jia himself was stunned for a moment, and then laughed heartily, “Yes, they are all dead, but I am still alive, and I am only 27 years old, it seems that I can live a long time!” /p>

“hehe!” Everyone laughed awkwardly with Boss Jia.

“But you have to pay attention to one thing. Among the nine sages in front of me, except Guan Zhong, Fan Yu, and Qian Miao, none of the other six people are holy death!”

“Furthermore, people like Heshen, Shi Chong, and Deng Tong don’t leave a good reputation, but traitors who have been stinking for thousands of years. They will not be let go in the book!”

“So my position as the richest man is the second volcanic cave in the world. You must be cautious and remind me of every behavior in order to prevent me from going astray and leaving me stinky for thousands of years!” Boss Jia finally said with emotion, the success has been sublimated. Your own thoughts and feelings.

This passage was also firmly remembered by the Secretary. Later, he wrote an autobiography called “I am in Great-Thousand 30 Years” and wrote this story in, and then it was completely The spread went on and became one of the famous quotes of Boss Jia.

The kind that later generations of elementary school students often seduce when they write essays.

It usually starts with “China’s famous richest man Jia Yapeng once said that you must be trembling with fear, and be cautious…”

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