Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1211


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“What? The boss of an Internet cafe took the initiative to find it!” When Du Jiabin sitting in the office heard the news from the Secretary, at first was a little surprised.

But when I think about it, it’s not surprising. It seems that these Internet cafe bosses have been shocked by their own lawyer’s letter, and now they should come over to discuss with themselves how to solve the problem.

This is a good sign, as long as the first Internet cafe Boss pays the authorization fee obediently, then other Internet cafes will be easy to handle. Microsoft China will have a large income, and it will also have a performance. , Go further in the head office.

So Du Jiabin asked Secretary to bring people into his office, and then met these people in person.

This is also the first one to come to the door, and can receive this treatment. If there are people coming later, Du Jiabin will never see him, so let the people below deal with it.

Du Jiabin mainly wants to directly contact the boss of the Internet cafe, and then form a series of templates and conditions, so that the people below can implement them according to these.

“These three people are the bosses of Blue Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčInternet Cafe?” Du Jiabin was a little surprised when he saw the people coming, because these three people are all very young people, basically around 20 years old, and they look like a student.

Although the third person is wearing a mask, he can’t see clearly, but he should be in his 20s. Are all the Internet cafe bosses so young?

“Hello, Manager Du, we are Chief-In-Charge of Lanjisu Internet Cafe in Xijiang Province, I am Hailong Shen, he is Zhang Zhahui, and this is our legal counsel, Lawyer Li Heavenly Peng!” Hailong Shen took the initiative to introduce The identity of a few of my own.

“Hello, I am Du Jiabin, the general manager of Microsoft China!” Du Jiabin was nodded, and did not shake hands, but gave a weird look at the lawyer named Li Heavenly Peng.

“Mr. Lawyer, why do you wear a mask?”

“Sorry, I have the flu. For your health, it is better for me to wear a mask!” Li Heavenly Peng explained that Du Jiabin was nodded and didn’t think much about it, so he welcomed a few people in.

“It seems that several of you are aware of your infringement, so it is not yes to compensate us!” Du Jiabin directly gave the matter.

“It’s not compensation!” Shen Hailong shook his head. “We are just here to understand the situation. After all, it’s just a lawyer’s letter, and it’s not a court’s judgment. How can compensation be paid!”

“This youngster is quite clever!” Du Jiabin gave Shen Hailong a surprised look. There is no easy cover. Are China’s youngsters so sophisticated?

“Then what do you want to know?” Du Jiabin asked stiffly.

“Simple, that is, if we hope to be able to reconcile now, how much will we need to pay!” Shen Hailong asked cleanly.

“How many computers do you have?” Du Jiabin asked, squinting.

“Not many, 40 in total!” Shen Hailong said with a smile.

“hehe!” Du Jiabin gave a dry laugh. This number made him feel ridiculous. He, the general manager of the dignified Microsoft China, actually accompanied a small Internet cafe with only 40 computers to discuss business.

He thought that the company that had the guts to immediately negotiate with Microsoft would be a big Internet cafe with at least 500 computers.

It’s ridiculous.

“The unified retail price of our Windows95system in China is 1099 yuan per computer license fee!” Du Jiabin said without blinking, “your 40 computers are 43,960 yuan Renminbi!”

“Can’t there be a discount for this price?” Zhang Zhahui frowned. “We bought the license for 40 computers in one go. At least it should be cheaper!”

“I’m very sorry. According to our policy, only the amount of more than 100 computers is eligible for the discount! Sorry, I have something else.” Du Jiabin said very bluntly, and was about to get up to catch people.

“I don’t know, how much discount can I get for more than 100 computers?” Zhang Zhahui asked, regardless of Du Jiabin’s attitude toward leaving.

“According to the company’s policy, you can get a 10% discount!” Du Jiabin said impatiently.

“What if it is 1,000?” Zhang Zhahui asked again.

“That’s 20% off!” After Du Jiabin finished speaking, he just said, “Okay, I really have something to do. If I am annoyed, my Secretary will receive you for the rest.”

“If we have ten thousand computers!” Zhang Zhahui asked again, seemingly not understanding Du Jiabin.

“Enough!” Du Jiabin patted the table, got up and prepared to leave. As a result, Zhang Zhahui, a Hooligan-born fellow, said directly, “General Manager Du, please answer my question. That’s how you treat you. Of your customers?”

“If you have ten thousand computers, then I will give you 30% off. If you can have hundreds of thousand computers, I can give you 50% off. If you can have 1 million computers, then I can give you The price of 30% off, this is always enough!” Du Jiabin was also annoyed.

“Not enough, I also want to ask, what if we have 10 million computers!” Zhang Zhahui laughed.

“You guys are endless? I’m going to call the security guard!” Du Jiabin was really angry. These guys are not here to negotiate their feelings, they are simply playing on their own.

“Why, if a consumer comes to inquire about the price, does he get this kind of treatment?” Zhang Zhahui said with a cold laugh “Well, this is my last question. Just answer me and we will leave immediately !”

“Well, if you can have 10 million computers, how about I can give you a 10% discount?” Du Jiabin said with a smile.

“Then it’s okay!” Zhang Zhahui proudly lifts the head, then took Shen Hailong’s hand beside him and stood up and said, “General Manager Du, we are leaving!”

“You guys are very happy to play with me!” Du Jiabin was extremely angry. These guys didn’t want to pay the license fee for the last computer. They were going to leave. It was so fucking. Like a fool.

“You misunderstood, we are here to inquire about prices, it is not us who really pay for the things!” Zhang Zhahui said with a smile, and then left directly with Shen Hailong, leaving a confused mind Du Jiabin.

“You are not the ones who really buy things, who is that?” Du Jiabin murmured unfathomable mystery, and then returned to his office flustered and exasperated. It turned out that there was another person sitting on the sofa peacefully and leisurely. Playing with mobile phones.

“Why are you still here? Please leave immediately!” Du Jiabin frowns asked, this lawyer who came with Shen Hailong, why is he still sitting here and not fucking with Shen Hailong and the others?

“Don’t worry!” The other party smiled slightly, and then said, “When I catch this ever-changing monster, I will leave!”

“Playing games in my office!” Du Jiabin laughed angrily, and when he was about to rush people again, his mouth suddenly stiffened.

When will the mobile phone be able to play games like Pokemon?

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