Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1212


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“It’s a Pokemon!” Du Jiabin is not a game blind. On the contrary, he knows better about games. After all, Microsoft was also a game company. Du Jiabin was also in charge of games. The game industry is quite familiar.

Du Jiabin still knows well about Pokemon, a top-level game in the world, and even the title of one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings in the game industry.

In fact, I also have several GBs, and a thousand machine changes, even “Pokemon”, Du Jiabin also played for a long time, after all, working in Microsoft China is actually a very leisurely thing, I have to give myself Have some fun.

So Du Jiabin just took a look today and determined that the other party is not at all lying, and it is true that “Pokemon” is running on the phone.

Although it is the first version of Pokemon, which is “Pokemon Red · Green”, there is no doubt that it is Pokemon.

A mobile phone can run games like Pokemon!

This discovery made Du Jiabin extremely shocked. Du Jiabin has never heard of such a mobile phone. Now the mainstream mobile phone brands are Motorola, Nokia, and Great-Thousand, as well as Ericsson and Sony.

In 1997, they all launched mobile phones with game functions, but they have never heard of the ability to transplant “Pokemon” into mobile phones.

“What cell phone is this?” Du Jiabin couldn’t help curiously asked.

“This is Great-Thousand phone 3” the other party played the game again and again, and replied faintly.

“Great-Thousand Phone 3! Hasn’t this phone been released yet?” Du Jiabin was even more shocked.

For the mobile phone industry, Du Jiabin is also very concerned, because Du Jiabin has realized that in the future mobile phones will become a market no weaker than PCs, and even Du Jiabin actively suggested to Microsoft that he should start entering the mobile phone market, but there is no surprise Was also rejected by Microsoft.

After all, PCs are so fragrant nowadays, who would like a mobile phone with a market of only a few million?

Although his suggestion was rejected by Microsoft once again, Du Jiabin’s concern for the mobile phone industry remains undiminished, and he also treasures the current mainstream mobile phone brands, especially for the next Great-Thousand mobile phone. Du Jiabin is looking forward to it. .

Starting from Great-Thousand mobile phone 1, Great-Thousand has been called a disruptor in the mobile phone industry, because Great-Thousand can always make some disruptive designs on mobile phones, allowing the entire mobile phone industry to follow They change.

For example, the address book function launched by Great-Thousand mobile phone 1. After Great-Thousand 1, no mobile phone launched by any company will lack the address book function.

The game function launched by Great-Thousand mobile phone 2 is once again in the Peak market. Although there are still some newly released mobile phones without game functions, these phones are not surprisingly sold badly. On the contrary, those with game functions Other brands of mobile phones sell very well.

It is said that Nintendo has made a lot of money because of this, because many mobile phone companies do not have the ability to develop games at all, so they directly ask Nintendo to buy some game copyrights.

This allowed Nintendo to accumulate games for more than ten years. The seven-80-year-old game actually began to play its second spring, sold a lot of prices, and stabilized Nintendo’s stock price.

So Du Jiabin is also a very popular audience for Great-Thousand 3 mobile phones. According to Du Jiabin’s understanding, Great-Thousand mobile phones will generally release their new phones around August.

It hasn’t been July yet, Great-Thousand 3 may have been developed, but it is absolutely impossible to disclose to the outside world, and even more impossible has been played by someone in the hand!

The counterparty is definitely not a Great-Thousand 3 mobile phone.

The question is, Great-Thousand 3 mobile phone, and which mobile phone company can advance to the point where it can run Pokemon in the game field.

even more how “Pokemon” is the prohibition of Great-Thousand games. In addition to Great-Thousand mobile phones, which mobile phone company can obtain Pokemon game authorization?

Who is this lawyer in front of me?

Du Jiabin looked at the lawyer with a mask in a daze, and began to guess the identity of the other party, but he didn’t have a clue, so Secretary hurried in and said, “General Manager, the people from Xiaomi Computer are here, they said they want See you right away and have a business to discuss with you!”

“Xiaomi Computer? What did they come to me for?” Today Du Jiabin had a climax. He was surprised. The surprise of the Great-Thousand 3 mobile phone had not been digested. The news that Xiaomi Computer came to the door again made Du Jiabin was extremely shocked.

For Xiaomi Computer, Du Jiabin didn’t even know the company’s name a few days ago.

Until Meiliang Computer came to the door, Du Jiabin sent someone to investigate the reasons, only to realize that it was Xiaomi that pryed the market of Meiliang Computer, and the other party wanted to use his own knife to kill.

So when Du Jiabin heard that Xiaomi Computer came to the door, he was immediately happy.

It seems that Xiaomi Computer also wants to learn Lenovo Computer and pays a large license fee to Microsoft in exchange for the authorization of the genuine windowssystem of Xiaomi Computer. In this case, Microsoft China will start to make a lot of money again!

Thinking of this, Du Jiabin immediately said to Secretary, “Invite these guests to my office!”

“This…” Secretary glanced at the lawyer who was still playing the game.

“Hurry up and invite them over, I will deal with it here!” Du Jiabin said, Secretary took the order, Du Jiabin said to the lawyer, “Lawyer Li, you also heard, I now have other business matters Talk, can you please leave first?”

“If you have anything else you want to tell me, you can also wait for me in the rest room not far away. When I finish talking, I will come to you!”

“No need, I’m talking about it here too!” The other party said without looking up while playing the game, which made Du Jiabin a little annoyed.

“Mr. Li, since you are a lawyer, you should know the etiquette during business negotiations. Please don’t make it difficult for me, and don’t let me call the security guard over!” Du Jiabin said.

“Trust me, I’m here, your negotiations will go smoother!” The lawyer put down the phone in his hand, and said with a smile “I’m not here, you can’t talk about the outcome!”

“This guy…” Du Jiabin felt that he had encountered mental illness today, and then he called directly and asked the security guard to come up to catch people.

It’s just that the Secretary moves faster. Before the security came up, the Secretary had led five or six middle age persons in suits and leather shoes to walk in. The leader was really Leng Xuxin, CEO of Xiaomi Computer.

Well, after the establishment of Xiaomi Computer, a group of bosses finally elected Leng Xuxin as the CEO of course after discussion. After all, Leng Xuxin is the number two person in the entire Great-Thousand army, and he is fair and controls With a huge portion of the resources within the group, he will be the CEO, and others will not be dissatisfied. This company with multiple companies can also operate normally.

Of course, in fact, this position is more suitable for Boss Jia to sit, but Boss Jia said that he has too many positions for the CEO to not participate, which allows Leng Xuxin to sit in.

In fact, Leng Xuxin didn’t want to do it, but Boss Jia said, “Comrade Leng Xuxin is very suitable. If he doesn’t pick it up, no one will be suitable.”

So Leng Xuxin took office.

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