Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1213


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“Mr. Leng, how are you!” Du Jiabin was shocked when he saw Leng Xuxin!

The Great-Thousand Group Army, now the entire electronics industry is very famous, especially the Great-Thousand Group Army’s business development speed is extremely amazing, because the price is too cheap, although only two or three years, It has already occupied nearly 10% of the world’s electronic market.

That is to do OEM for 10% of the world’s electronic products. This group army is very scary.

It’s just that Du Jiabin couldn’t understand why he came from Xiaomi Computer and suddenly became Leng Xuxin.

“I am the CEO of Xiaomi Computer!” Leng Xuxin said with a smile “Why, don’t you know?”

Du Jiabin really doesn’t know that Leng Xuxin is behind Xiaomi Computer.

There is no website such as Heavenly Eye Check in these days. You can find the boss behind all companies directly on the Internet.

Now even if you want to find out who the chairman and CEO of a company are, without asking the other party directly, you have to go to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce to check and file, otherwise there is no other way to get the information behind these companies. Power.

Du Jiabin just learned about Xiaomi Computer as a company. Naturally, it is impossible to know that behind Xiaomi Computer is Leng Xuxin, the Great-Thousand Group Army.

“No wonder, it’s no wonder that Meiliang can crash in an instant. It turns out that there is such a huge headband behind the Xiaomi computer!” It was not until this time that Du Jiabin understood why the Meiliang computer was so frightened. They also know what power is behind the Xiaomi computer.

This is the consortium of China First Channel!

But after a little shock, Du Jiabin quickly cleared up his mood.

Even if the computer behind Xiaomi is very awesome, Microsoft behind Du Jiabin is also awesome, even better than Xiaomi.

Leng Xuxin is behind Xiaomi Computer, and Jia Yapeng is behind Leng Xuxin. Jia Yapeng is the richest man in China.

But what about?

Behind Microsoft is Bill Gates, and Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He is now the well-deserved king of the entire PC field and monopolizes the entire computer system market. In the PC industry, who can compete with Du Jiabin? !

So Du Jiabin quickly regained a confident smile, and then invited Leng Xuxin and the others to sit down, and then Leng Xuxin saw the lawyer wearing a mask who was already sitting on the sofa!

“This is…” Leng Xuxin looked at the lawyer curiously. Why does this man look so familiar?

“Sorry, a little problem! I’ll solve the problem right away!” Du Jiabin laughed in embarrassment, and then called the security guard to come up again.

And during this time, Leng Xuxin has been staring at the lawyer. The more I look at it, my heart gets more and more hairy, and his expression becomes more and more wrong. Finally, he tentatively called out “Chairman?” /p>

“hmph!” The opponent snorted gently, and Leng Xuxin instantly brow beaded with sweat.

At exactly this time, the security finally arrived slowly. Just as Du Jiabin was about to drive the security to carry the lawyer out, Leng Xuxin suddenly opened the mouth and said “Forget it, there is no need to be so troublesome, just keep him Come here!”

“What?” Du Jiabin was taken aback for a moment, and Leng Xuxin repeated it again. Although Du Jiabin was puzzled, he could only let him run gasping for breath because of the upcoming huge license fee. The security guards went back again.

This makes the security very dissatisfied. Wouldn’t it be okay if you don’t bring people like this? Besides, they are not your Microsoft security, but the security of the entire building. They are the security of Baidu Real Estate. I will be too lazy next time. is you!

The security guards left full of resentment, leaving Du Jiabin who felt more and more wrong.

However, there is still not much time to think about it. Leng Xuxin quickly said directly, “General Manager Du, I am here this time to represent Xiaomi Computer. I hope to reach a cooperation agreement with Microsoft to purchase the genuine license of Windows95system. In the future, we All Xiaomi computers will install genuine windows95system. What do you think?”

“This is naturally no problem!” Du Jiabin laughed when he heard it, and then said, “There is no problem. We are very happy that Xiaomi Group can actively support genuine products and support our work. Xiaomi is really a great company!”

“Okay, there is no need to say more about these words, let’s just talk about the most critical price issue!” Leng Xuxin said quite simply.

“Eh…” Du Jiabin, who was born in Taiwan, was a bit uncomfortable with Leng Xuxin’s directness. After thinking about it for a while, he quoted his own price, “How about the $30 million licensing fee for a year?”

At the same time, in order to prove the fairness of his price, Du Jiabin added “Meiliang Computer is also at this authorized price!”

“No, I think the price is too high, and it is seriously unfair to us!” Leng Xuxin categorically refused, “Meiliang Computer sold 1.4 million computers last year. As of June this year In the past, the sales of Meiliang computers have broken through 1 million units, and this year it is bound to move towards 2 million units, or even 2.4 million units.”

“But so far, the total sales of our Xiaomi computers have only been less than 150,000. Is it fair that you let us pay the authorization fee for the sales of 100,000 units?”

“This…” Leng Xuxin was stunned by Du Jiabin. However, it was an analogy with Meiliang Group based on the current sales of Xiaomi, but it was too much.

“Then what do you want?” Du Jiabin asked.

“Our current market sales volume is 110 of Meiliang Computer, so we also pay at the price of 110. What about the annual licensing fee of 3 million US dollars?” Leng Xuxin said.

“Absolutely not” Du Jiabin shook his head violently three times, and then said, “Mr. Leng, your Xiaomi computers are experiencing amazing growth. Maybe there is only a minimum of 120, but by the end of the year, I am afraid it will only be around 15!”

“And in the future, no one knows how big a market you can have. So the licensing fee of 3 million a year is absolutely impossible. And now Lenovo’s annual licensing fee of 30 million US dollars is too low Now, this will definitely not work. Tomorrow’s authorization fee will definitely continue to increase.”

“So I have to charge you at least 15 million US dollars in licensing fees, and this is only for this year. Starting next year, I will re-negotiate the licensing fees with you and Meiliang!” Du Jiabin said.

“US$10 million is absolutely impossible. We have to cover all the profits from selling computers to you!” Leng Xuxin also refused without the slightest hesitation.

“…” The office fell into silence for a while. Both parties have their own interests, which are obviously impossible concessions.

However, Du Jiabin obviously hopes that this transaction can be concluded, so Du Jiabin thought “Why not do this, don’t count the overall authorization fee, so no one can count it, just calculate it directly according to the computer installation cost. Come on!”

“You pay for as many machines as you sell. It’s fair!”

“This is fine, but what is the license fee for each computer?” Leng Xuxin nodded, and then asked.

Seeing that the two parties had reached the first consensus, Du Jiabin sighed in relief, and then said, “Miracle sold 1.4 million computers last year and paid a license fee of 30 million US dollars, equivalent to 21 US dollars per computer License fee.”

“This price is also applicable to Xiaomi computers. Each computer also needs to pay a license fee of 21 US dollars, so that finally can guarantee the fairness between you and Meiliang!” Du Jiabin thought he gave an extremely perfect price come out.

“This…” Leng Xuxin thought about it. Just when Du Jiabin felt that the overall situation was set, a voice suddenly said with a laugh, “But how do I remember that General Manager Du just now promised to give a 10% discount Discount, that is, the license fee for a unit of 9.9 US dollars?”

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