Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1214


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“When did I say such a thing!” Du Jiabin directly refuted not even think, and then recalled the incident about Shen Hailong and the others. He looked at the lawyer who was speaking, and then looked aside. Leng Xuxin, then suddenly realized “You two groups are in the same group!”

“What two calls?” Leng Xuxin looked blank. He really didn’t know anything. He received a call from Boss Jia last night, asking him to come to Beijing tomorrow to negotiate with Microsoft on behalf of Xiaomi Computer and purchase Xiaomi Computer Genuine windows95system authorization.

Then Leng Xuxin came, but he never thought that Jia Yapeng was here, and he arrived one step earlier.

Although I don’t know why I am wearing a mask and pretending to be a lawyer, it is clear that my chairman is playing his heart.

As long as anyone who has followed Boss Jia for a long time knows, in fact, Boss Jia is a very playful person, otherwise he would not start his business with toys, so Boss Jia often does things that seem unreasonable.

So Leng Xuxin wisely chose to cooperate with Boss Jia in acting, let him alone, anyway, just follow Boss Jia’s orders.

“Yes, we are in the same group!” Boss Jia under the mask admitted very simply, “But General Manager Du will never deny what we said before, you really promised us a 10% off authorization fee!”

“I promised Internet cafes, not your Xiaomi computers!” Du Jiabin couldn’t help roaring.

“No, I was the one you promised!” Boss Jia slightly smiled “In fact, Blue Speed ​​Internet Cafe is my property and I wholly own it!”

“So what?” Du Jiabin asked grimly, “Isn’t that an Internet cafe?”

“But I am also the actual controlling shareholder of Xiaomi Computer!” Boss Jia said with a smile “So in fact, if you agreed to the Blue Speed ​​Internet Cafe, you agreed to me. If you agreed to me, you agreed to Xiaomi Computer. This logic There is no error!”

“You are the timing controlling shareholder of Xiaomi Computer!! Who are you?” Du Jiabin looked at this guy wearing a mask in shock, and Boss Jia stopped acting and took off his mask very simply. Showed his true face.

“You are Jia Yapeng!!!” Seeing the true face of Boss Jia, Du Jiabin almost jumped out of his chair. He never thought that this lawyer would be the richest man in China.

I actually met the richest man in China, one of the biggest Legendary characters in this World! !

Du Jiabin felt that something was wrong with his whole person.

Be aware that Jia Yapeng’s name may not be loud enough on the entire world.

But in the whole of China, and even in the whole Chinese circle, Jia Yapeng’s name is indeed like thunder piercing the ear.

Because Jia Yapeng is now not only the richest man in China, but almost also the richest man in China, but also the richest man in China emerging from the mainland.

Although there are still people arguing about whether Li Ka-shing and Boss Jia are more wealthy, the fact that Boss Jia is only 26 years old directly kills everyone.

So Boss Jia is very well-known in the entire Chinese circle. Everyone is very curious about this young richest man. As a Chinese, Du Jiabin is naturally no exception. He looked at our Boss Jia deeply, and finally He shook his head helplessly, “Unexpectedly, Mr. Jia would actually play such a trick with me!”

“It’s not that your Microsoft system is too expensive!” Boss Jia laughed “Okay, I just made a joke for you. You can deny you what you promised me before, but you get 10% off this few , We have to get it!”

“It’s not saying nothing!” Du Jiabin spit out, then shook his head and said, “Impossible, I absolutely promise the price!”

“Then why did you agree to an Internet cafe Boss before!” Boss Jia asked with a smile.

“Didn’t you get into the corner of the wall, didn’t it?” Du Jiabin said angrily. “Moreover, Mr. Jia, they agreed to 10 million units before getting 10% off the price.”

“You only have 200,000 units, and the 10% discount itself is not valid! is it possible that will you really buy 10 million computers without authorization?”

“Why not 10 million units?” Boss Jia smiled and said, “If we get a 10% discount, we will sign an agreement now. We can purchase 10 million copies of genuine Windows95system licenses. What do you think? ?”

“This is just talking about that’s all!” Du Jiabin was not fooled. Coldly snorted said, “There are 10 million copies in the mouth. Actually I buy a few hundred thousand copies every year. I can do this promise!”

“Then I will directly purchase 10 million copies of the Windows95system license at one time, there is no problem at all!” Boss Jia added faintly.

“…” Du Jiabin’s body trembled and looked at Boss Jia in surprise. “Mr. Jia, what you said is true?”

“Yes, it is true. The 100 million dollars of genuine, as long as the contract is signed, I can now pay for 10 million copies of genuine Windows95system.”

“Suck!” Du Jiabin sucked in a cold breath, then stood up, and walked around the office for several steps, apparently caught in a huge psychological struggle.

And Boss Jia doesn’t say a word, just watching Du Jiabin make a decision.

“No, the discount is too low. Even if I agree, the headquarters will not agree!” Du Jiabin finally shook his head and refused.

“I believe in Mr. Du’s ability, you can convince the headquarters!” Boss Jia said with a smile “After all, this is 100 million US dollars in cash. If Mr. Du refuses, then there will never be this money! “

“Not necessarily!” Du Jiabin laughed “Your Xiaomi computer must install our Win95system!”

“Haha, it’s ridiculous!” Leng Xuxin on the side laughed. “Our Xiaomi Computer is just a computer manufacturer that’s all, and we randomly give away the system, which is simply not a matter for our computer manufacturer.”

“It is normal that our computer does not have any system installed, why do we have to install your win95system?”

“Because if you don’t install it, all Internet cafes and computer markets in the future will be snatched away by Meiliang. You can’t afford this loss!” Du Jiabin said with a smile, he has already grasped the culprit of Xiaomi computers As long as you still want the Internet cafe market, Xiaomi Computer cannot refuse Windowssystem.

“That’s right! If you don’t install windowssystem, then our Xiaomi computers will indeed drop a lot!” Boss Jia smiled and actually recognized Du Jiabin’s words.

Only the next second, Boss Jia said with a smile “But poor Microsoft just gave others a weapon for nothing, and offended us Great-Thousand, but couldn’t earn anything. Isn’t it too stupid?” /p>

“What do you mean?” Du Jiabin was taken aback.

“You have just said that Mirian and your company are firm on the overall licensing agreement. The US$30 million authorized is for all Mirian computers. And this agreement is not like you said, it will be in this year It expires at the end of the year, but at the end of 1999. The annual authorization fee of 30 million US dollars. This figure cannot be changed. Am I right?”

“yes and how?” Du Jiabin’s heart suddenly felt cold.

“Simple, according to my estimation, by the end of 1999, the Internet cafe industry will add at least 10 million computers. According to your agreement with Meiliang, if all the 10 million computers in the market are Occupied, then all the systems used by the Internet cafes are genuine, but you can’t make any extra money.”

“Because whether or not Meiliang has the 10 million Internet cafe computer market, they must pay you 30 million US dollars every year.”

“So in the end, there will be a scene where there are obviously more than 10 million genuine Windowssystem computers in the world, but you can’t make a penny!”

“How much loss is there, do I need to say more?” Boss Jia said coldly, and Du Jiabin was cold all over.

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