Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1215


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“Xiaomi Computer and Microsoft reached an agreement that 10 million computers in the future will bring their own genuine Microsoft system”

“We do not increase prices! Xiaomi Computer’s Commitment to All Customers”

“Excellent enterprises are user-oriented, Xiaomi Computer announced that it will install genuine win95system for free for all users who have purchased Xiaomi computers”

“How? Any thoughts?” Liu Chuanzhi asked after waiting for Yang Yuanqing to read these reports.

“very difficult to deal with!” Yang Yuanqing nodded “It is not unreasonable that Jia Yapeng and Great-Thousand can become the richest man in China. Their PR response is fast and they are willing to spend money, although it only took three days. We have reached a settlement with Microsoft, and our original plan may not be implemented.”

“More than that, Du Jiabin from Microsoft called me just now. He expressed that he hopes to re-negotiate the issue of genuine authorization with us. At the same time, he said that their authorization is limited to ZF computers and personal computers. If it is an Internet cafe computer, Need to negotiate extra, not within the atmosphere of 30 million!”

“How can they be so shameless!!!” Yang Yuanqing said angrily.

“Normal, Americans have always been like this, nothing is surprising!” Liu Chuanzhi said with a smile.

“What about Du Jiabin? He is always a Chinese, right?” Yang Yuanqing said.

“That’s not true, he is from Taiwan Province!” Liu Chuanzhi sneered. “But you don’t need to worry. I have asked the legal staff to read the contract. We can use the computer exclusively for Internet cafes without any legal risks. Du Jiabin just wants to disgust us.”

“But even if this problem does not exist, it will be difficult for Internet cafes!” Yang Yuanqing said bitterly. “Ordinary users are easy to say, but the Internet cafe bosses are too sophisticated. They only recognize the price. If our price cannot gain an advantage, Then it will definitely not be able to open the Internet cafe market, and sooner or later it will be swallowed by the whale by Xiaomi.”

“And you also helped Xiaomi another favor, that is to cut off the path of assembly machines for these Internet cafe Boss. Originally, the price of assembly machines would be cheaper than Xiaomi, but out of concerns about the genuine system, these Internet cafes I am afraid that Boss will completely abandon the assembly machine and purchase the whole machine of Xiaomi computer!” Liu Chuanzhi lightly saying.

“As a price, Great-Thousand paid 100 million US dollars in copyright purchase fees.”

“This time, Great-Thousand lost 100 million U.S. dollars, and Microsoft made 100 million U.S. dollars! But we lost the entire Internet cafe market!”

“Chairman, this is not what I meant, I didn’t expect…” Yang Yuanqing is anxious

“You didn’t expect Jia Yapeng would really be willing to pay the $100 million, right?” Liu Chuanzhi coldly snorted, “but don’t forget, Jia Yapeng is now the richest man in China, and $100 million is nothing at all. , But it has removed a major barrier in the computer industry, and at the same time it has spread his reputation for attaching importance to genuine products!”

“We will not necessarily lose the market, as long as our price can be lower than Xiaomi…” Yang Yuanqing was interrupted by Liu Chuanzhi before he finished speaking.

“It’s impossible for the price to be lower than Xiaomi!” Liu Chuanzhi shook his head.

“How impossible is this? We have been specializing in the computer industry for more than ten years and have all the contacts in the circle. As long as our production cost is lower than Xiaomi, then our price can be lower than Xiaomi!” Yang Yuanqing said hurriedly, he thought Liu Chuanzhi is reluctant to bear the current profits, so he is unwilling to cut prices.

“Xiao Yang, you have been in the local area for so many years, and your marketing skills are good, but you are a little out of the production line!” Liu Chuanzhi sighed, “I ask you, do you know which memory we are purchasing now?”

“Yes, it’s Kingston’s…”

“Do you know where Kingston’s memory is produced?” Liu Chuanzhi asked rhetorically.

“I remember Kingston is from Taiwan…”

“No, most of Kingston’s foundry has been handed over to another company named Sanghai Memory!” Liu Chuanzhi said, “Soon, I plan to abandon Kingston’s memory sticks and use Sanghai directly. The memory module is cheaper by one third, but the performance is exactly the same!”

“This Sanghai memory is so powerful? This is also a Taiwanese company?” Yang Yuanqing was a little shocked. He had been in the PC circle for so long. How could he never heard of the name Sanghai memory?

“No, he is our own in China!”

“There is also a motherboard, do you know where the MSI motherboard we are using now is?” Liu Chuanzhi asked again.

“Is this also made by Sanghai Memory?” Yang Yuanqing was shocked.

“That’s not true. Sanghai memory only makes memory sticks. Now MSI motherboards are manufactured by a motherboard company called Jijia. The quality is quite good, and we plan to use them too!” Liu Chuanzhi laughed, Then they reported the names of several companies, and Yang Yuanqing had never heard of these names, but they were foundry companies used by many large factories.

And these companies have a characteristic, that is, the price is very cheap, very cheap, and cheap to the extent that those big manufacturers can’t refuse.

“Chairman, these companies, are all the parts purchased by Xiaomi Computer manufactured by these companies?” Yang Yuanqing is smart, and Liu Chuanzhi would not mention these companies without reason.

“Yes and not!” Liu Chuanzhi slightly smiled “Xiaomi Computer, originally a company formed by these companies, they use their own products.”

“What!” Yang Yuanqing stood up from his chair in an instant. “But, isn’t Xiaomi Computer Great-Thousand…”

“Have you heard of the Great-Thousand Group Army? These companies are members of the Great-Thousand Group Army. Each of their companies is controlled by Great-Thousand. The company they jointly established is naturally Great-Thousand. Company!”

“How is this possible? A computer involves countless different technologies. How can a Great-Thousand company produce so many parts? Where is their technology? This is possible!” Yang Yuanqing is all Somewhat silly.

“This is the case, and as far as I know, many of the technologies used by the Great-Thousand Army are unique and unmatched in the industry. Many technologies are not even available in top electronic companies like Kingston and Samsung/Three Star. That’s why their products can quickly occupy a lot of markets. Now in the entire electronic product market, 10% of them are already produced!”

“It’s been less than 2 years!” Liu Chuanzhi sighed said.

In fact, Liu Chuanzhi just learned about this. After knowing that he has an enemy like Xiaomi, Liu Chuanzhi also asked him to investigate the specific situation inside.

Because Liu Chuanzhi’s resources and connections are quite amazing, he investigated a lot of information that Yang Yuanqing had no way of knowing. Only then is it clear what kind of terrifying existence their opponent is.

This is an opponent assembled by upstream suppliers. What’s more terrifying is that these suppliers have the same brain and controller. In the Internet cafe industry, they have no choice.

“How is this possible? How is it possible that Great-Thousand has so many latest technologies. These technologies are not foreigners, but Chinese people. How is this possible?” Yang Yuanqing couldn’t help muttering to himself. In his mind, technologies and productivity like the electronics industry must be mastered by foreigners. China can only import their products. How can it be possible that the country has leading production capacity?

“Am I really wrong?” At this moment, Liu Chuanzhi’s heart was also muddy.

In addition to investigating a lot of the Great-Thousand Group Army’s intelligence, he also knows that these technologies are all developed by the Great-Thousand Scientific Research Center, and the Chief-In- Charge is Ni Guangnan, former chief engineer of Meiliang.

At this moment, Liu Chuanzhi had something steadfast, and began to shake.

He remembered the day when he and Ni Guangnan broke completely. The wind on that day seemed a bit bloody.

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