Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1217


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“But, we can’t always pay like this!” Leng Xuxin whispered “We have signed a 10 million computer agreement now, but China has 300 million families, and there will be at least tens of millions of computers in the future. . And the current update speed of computers is very fast. The computers 10 years ago are now completely unusable.”

“So I estimate that at a normal rate, computers across the country will be replaced in a 10-year cycle. Old computers are sold and computers with newer capabilities are replaced. In this case, I am afraid that after ten years, A market for hundreds of millions of computers!”

“If this is the case, don’t we have to pay 1 billion US dollars to Microsoft within 10 years, which I can’t accept, there are 1 billion US dollars, not equal to me, we develop our own system!” Leng Xuxin finally loudly Said.

“Oh, you have grown abilities, and you know that you have developed the system!” Boss Jia listened and couldn’t help laughing heartily.

“Isn’t this what you taught us? What we want, then make it yourself! Don’t make cheap foreigners!” Leng Xuxin laughed.

“I want to correct your two mistakes!” Boss Jia snorts and said, “First of all, in the next 10 years, China will not sell 100 million computers in 10 years, but after 10 years, there will be 100 million every year. Computer market!”

“100 million units per year!” Leng Xuxin was stunned, and smashed himself in the mouth. It’s not this too ridiculous!

“Secondly, how did you know that Great-Thousand does not have our own computer system?” Boss Jia gave Leng Xuxin a blank look.

“Chairman, what do you mean, you have…”

“BiliBili is already preparing!” Boss Jia laughed “You only see that I gave 100 million US dollars to Microsoft today, but I don’t know that BiliBili has already taken 200 million US dollars from the company since last year. Research and development expenses.”

“The chairman, when can our system come out!” Leng Xuxin immediately asked excitedly.

“Didn’t I order a system for 10 million computers? This is the first and last copyright fee Microsoft received from us!” After Boss Jia finished speaking, he ignored Leng Xuxin and went to I took my own car and left.

“The chairman is simply too wise!” Leng Xuxin couldn’t help but sigh. Jia Yapeng’s last sentence is very clear. When will the authorization of these 10 million computers run out, when will we arrive at Great-Thousand It’s time for my own computer system to debut.

This is when will the 10 million computers be sold? Will it be too long?

“The time is still too short!” Sitting in the car, Boss Jia couldn’t help but fell into thought.

Fighting against Microsoft on the system, this is about the most uncertain battle that Boss Jia has fought.

Because of other things, Boss Jia can use his foresight and experience learned from the future to seize opportunities and defeat opponents.

But after defeating Microsoft, Boss Jia has no experience, because Microsoft has never been defeated, but instead built his empire stronger and stronger.

Although there will always be Apple and Apple’s systems in the future, Apple is playing a way of enclosing and self-advanced, which needs to be used in conjunction with Apple’s high pressure.

This routine is not suitable for Great-Thousand and Great-Thousand systems.

So in the future war with Microsoft, Boss Jia will lose all his halo and plug-ins, and really fight against Microsoft as a normal person. Boss Jia himself does not know whether he can win.

But because of this, this battle has become particularly interesting. Boss Jia is looking forward to the story of the real beginning of this war. It will definitely be very exciting!


【PS: The following economic descriptions and the financial plots that follow are all misunderstood by individuals. There are many fallacies. You are welcome to complain and correct me. The author will modify it if he sees it! 】

Let us turn our attention to Thailand, which is not too far away, where people are going on a carnival.

At this time, Thailand is living the most wonderful time in history.

Since the end of the Second World War, the trend of capital globalization has been unstoppable.

With this wave of craze, Thailand has developed rapidly.

Because of the globalization of capital, high-tech industries in the world have begun to transfer to developed countries, while resource production and export industries have transferred to underdeveloped countries.

For example, Southeast Asia.

Because of the unique diligence of Asians, and the favorable climate conditions and abundant resources in Southeast Asia, after the end of the Vietnam War, that is, since the 1970s, the economy of Southeast Asia began to develop.

Especially in the 1990s, as the western economy experienced a recession and saw the global hot money in the crisis, it began to move towards the relatively stable Southeast Asia.

The so-called hot money can probably be understood as money that is not usually used and is used exclusively for investment.

The amount of this money is quite huge, enough to exceed the gross product of a superpower. Anyway, it is very huge.

Where the hot money flows, the economy will develop.

Of course, if the hot money leaves, then the economic collapse will become inevitable. The economic collapse of Japan is such a result.

In the 1990s, Southeast Asian countries realized the “Asian economic miracle” with their advantages in raw material exports

So how amazing is this economic miracle?

As the four small dragons in Asia, Singapore, China Taiwan, South Korea, and China Hong Kong and Hong Kong will not be mentioned. These four countries are not universal. Two of the four small dragons are China dragons.

The Asian economic miracle that is truly universal in Southeast Asia is actually Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries. The economic conditions, resources, and social structures of these Southeast Asian countries are similar.

Take Thailand, which has the best development among them, as an example. Its annual GDP growth rate is as high as 8%. Since 1995, the per capita annual income has exceeded US$2500, and it has entered the ranks of middle-income countries very honorably.

At this time, China is still an underdeveloped country and a low-income country. The poor Chinese people will not become one of the middle-income countries until 2010. It is really pitiful.

This makes the Thai people very proud. The waist is straight and the neck is stiff. The rich are really spending time and drinking and enjoying life.

People who have no money… continue to have no money.

Well, in a somewhat abnormal middle-income country like Thailand, their poor people still have to be poor. After all, two people with an annual income of $100 and an annual income of $4,900 are put together, and then averaged, it can be considered a middle-income country. Income level.

For things like the gap between the rich and the poor, China is actually considered good. Most Asian countries will be even more unimaginable and unimaginable.

But at any rate, people with no money have a better life, at least they don’t have to worry about starving to death, so the whole country is still very stable and happy. All kinds of tall buildings are rising, everyone feels like they are. The future of the country is bright.

No one noticed that behind this, there was already a huge crisis, and a vicious poisonous snake began to slowly reveal his snake letter.

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