Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1218


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“The reason why we in Thailand can maintain such a high economic growth rate is because we Thai people are hardworking and hardworking. Our people are always full of wisdom and a gift from the great Buddha!”

“So our great country will continue to prosper, and the future will be greater and more prosperous. Therefore, our financial industry and our real estate industry will also develop at the same high speed!”

“As financial practitioners, we must figure out these things ourselves and we must firmly believe, otherwise how to make your customers believe and how to make our customers give us the money with confidence?”


After listening to a passionate internal training class, Bala Shinawatra returned to his job.

Bala Shinawatra is a staff member of Bangkok Bank in Thailand.

The name is correct. It is Bangkok Bank. Because Thailand mainly exports agriculture, many of their domestic banks are also related to agriculture. China’s Agricultural Bank is still one of the largest banks!

Since 1992, because Thailand’s exchange rate policy was a policy that killed the U.S. dollar, as the U.S. dollar’s ​​exchange rate increased, the exchange rate of Thailand’s baht also continued to increase, which caused Thailand’s exports and industries to be hit hard. The economic development of Thailand has gradually shifted from industry to the development of real estate and financial industry. In just four years, the average real estate price in Thailand has increased by about four times.

A fool can see that the moisture inside is too high.

But even if this is the case, institutions and even ZF continue to send funds to the real estate or financial industry. In the case of exports in October, they can only rely on the real estate and financial industries to continue. Maintain the development of the country.

Just as Bala Shinawatra was about to continue to fool his next customer and put money into a fund of their bank, Bala Shinawatra realized that the person in front of him seemed to be not Want to invest money to buy funds.

Thinking, the other party seems to want a loan.

“Sir, are you sure you want to mortgage your loan for this factory in Bangkok?” Bala Shinawatra asked repeatedly.

“Not bad” the other side said.

“Are you planning to borrow money to invest in stocks?” Bala Shinawatra asked with a smile. Now Thailand’s stock market is booming. Numerous rumors of gaining wealth through the stock market are wandering throughout Thailand, so the market appears Many people take their various assets to mortgage loans in exchange for capital to invest in stocks.

So when he saw that the other party wanted to use his company for a mortgage, Bala Shinawatra asked with a smile.

“Almost!” The other party laughed, don’t know why, Bara Shinawatra always felt something was wrong once, but he didn’t know why.

After that, Bala Shinawah reviewed the other party’s various procedures and documents, and after confirming that there were no problems with these things, he signed a one-year loan agreement with the other party.

The other party uses this property as a mortgage to borrow 12 million baht, while Bangkok Bank charges 6% interest. This is a very normal loan transaction without any problems.

But I don’t know why. After an hour, a second person came to handle the loan business. He also took an asset in Thailand as a mortgage, but this time was a loan of 60 million baht.

Bala Shinawatra also assisted the other party with the loan procedures after checking that there was no problem.

As a result, after the end of the day, Bala Shinawatra was surprised to find that he actually handled four loan businesses in one day. This is the most loan business handled by Bala Shinawatra in the past year. Day.

However, thinking that there were more times before and now that the stock market is hot, Bala Shinawatra didn’t think too much, but thought all the money was invested in the stock market.

Knowing that when I was off work, my colleagues were chatting in the rest room. Bara Shinawatra knew that my colleagues had also received a large amount of loan business, and the total amount was more than a week.

Moreover, these are all short-term loans, only for a few months.

But not at all people take these things seriously. After all, although such things are rare, they are not uncommon.

And the bank is also very happy. If you borrow the money, you can receive a profit. If there is no profit, there will be a mortgage of the property. How can this be a matter of not losing money!

In this way, about a month or so, Bara Shinawatra, who was handling a loan for a new customer, did not uncommonly fail to approve the report when he submitted the report to the head office.

The loan with complete procedures and complete mortgages was not approved. This is a situation that Bara Shinawatra has never seen before. After Bara Shinawatra asked curiously, he got it from the head of the strange bank I know that all the Thai baht of the head office has actually been lent out. After all, the funds are reserved, so the head office requested to tighten the borrowing business. To put it simply, the head office does not have enough baht to lend.

“There is a problem!” The president touched his head, then clapped his hands suddenly, “I understand!”

“What do you understand?” Bara Shinawatra asked puzzledly.

“This is because there is a huge amount of money pouring into the stock market. The stock market is going to continue to skyrocket. I will buy stocks quickly!” After the president said, he rushed to sell stocks, and Bala Shinawatra It makes sense at first, don’t be busy, put all your funds into the stock market, looking forward to the day when you get rich overnight.

What these people absolutely don’t know is that a few days ago, a Foundation borrowed more than 100 billion baht from the central bank of Thailand by collateralizing more local assets.

What’s even crazier is that some people don’t even have anything as collateral. They just borrowed a large amount of Thai baht from some banks and many banks’ Thai baht funds with their own Foundation’s signboard and a higher short-term exchange rate. The pool was even borrowed.

Some banks can’t even stand the temptation of high short-term benefits, and even use their own U.S. dollars to buy some Thai baht from the currency market to lend to the other party, which causes the Thai baht exchange rate to rise a lot.

Everything seems so hot, it seems that another financial boom is coming.

Unfortunately, it was not the prosperity that came, but Soros and Soros’s Quantum Fund.

In June 1997, when another morning in Thailand came, in Thailand’s currency exchange market, a selling order of 10 million baht appeared on the market.

This order was quickly eaten with 400,000 U.S. dollars, but when the order was eaten, another 10 million baht order was thrown on the market.

Of course, all this looks very normal. No one can guess that a huge storm that will sweep across Southeast Asia has already arrived.

In history, Thailand’s smash hit started in February 1997, this World was postponed to June because of the small butterfly Boss Jia.

But the one who should come is coming after all.

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