Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1219


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“Chairman, as you might expect, someone has already started targeting Thailand!” Thais would not know that in Yuzhang City, which is thousands of kilometers away from Thailand, people are always paying attention to the Thai market. A network cable immediately reported the latest situation in Thailand to our Boss Jia.

“The details!”

“Yes, starting at 9 o’clock this morning, the first order worth 400,000 US dollars was thrown out, and within an hour, there were a total of 20 million US dollars, or 5 billion baht. The list was thrown out!”

“Now, 12.6 billion baht orders have been thrown out, all of which are required to be converted into U.S. dollars.”

“Now the entire Thai trading market is in chaos. The exchange rate of the Thai baht to the US dollar is about to break through the 25:1 range!” Boss Jia’s Secretary said.

“I remember Thailand’s exchange rate policy is to lock up the U.S. dollar, right!” Boss Jia licked his lips and said, “They will control the exchange rate of the Thai baht to the U.S. dollar within the range of 25:1. Now that it is about to After breaking through this restriction, the Bank of Thailand should make a move!”

“Yes, although the speed has been slower, the Bank of Thailand has begun to buy those empty orders. It is estimated that the Bank of Thailand will collect all the orders soon. When the time comes, the exchange rate of the Thai baht may be again It will stabilize.” Secretary said.

“It won’t be stable!” Boss Jia touched his nose. “Since Soros has already made a move, then all this is not so easy to end.”

“Chairman, do you say that Soros is behind this?” As the Secretary of Boss Jia, his knowledge is still very extensive, at least not like the current Chinese, even the name Soros is not heard Said.

He knows at least that Soros is the capital giant who forcibly broke the pound sterling.

“Look… we just need to watch the show. I think it won’t be long before he will jump out by himself!” Boss Jia said with a smile slightly.


June 12, 1997, this was a thrilling day for the entire Thai financial community.

Because on this day, the exchange rate of the Thai baht has undergone extremely drastic changes.

First, in the morning, a large number of empty orders appeared, causing the exchange rate of the Thai baht to drop sharply, almost falling to a 26:1 exchange rate.

However, at a critical time, Thailand’s financial management agency made a timely move and used the reserve dollars to eat these empty orders, and the exchange rate of the Thai baht was pulled back to around 25:1, which is considered to have successfully defended this wave of offensive.

According to statistics after the close, in one day today, the Thai baht has reached a transaction volume of more than 200 million US dollars, equivalent to normally one week of transactions, which makes all Thai financial professionals very addicted.

Yes, these people are still screaming, and they never thought that the crisis of terror was coming.

In the 2nd day, empty orders continued to drop continuously, and the exchange rate of the Thai baht began to fall again.

Of course, the Thai government once again used reserves to maintain the baht exchange rate. This invisible battle between the two sides lasted for another day. On this day, there was a full 500 million US dollars, which is The 12.5 billion baht empty order fell, and the entire Thai financial market was a bit sluggish. Only then did they understand that they had encountered a vicious opponent!

In the next half a month, the Thai market is competing with this mysterious force. Everyday all has more than 1 billion U.S. dollars, which is a huge amount of 25 billion baht. It also received all orders. The contest between the two sides was very intense, and the funds used had exceeded the level of tens of billions of dollars.

The exchange rate of the Thai baht has also been stable between 25:1 and 27:1. It has been declining and pulling back. The entire Thai market has attracted the attention of everyone in the world.

Everyone is wondering, who is the winner of this battle?

Whether the short side wins or the long side wins.

“Who is this short-selling Thailand?” All Thai people, even people from all over the world, are asking curiously, but they don’t have to guess if it’s not too long, because this short-selling Thailand The person jumped out by himself.

When the battle was closed on the 3rd day, the financial magazine published an interview with an old man named Soros.

In this interview, Soros talked about Thailand’s economic issues.

In an interview, he said that behind Thailand’s high economic growth is a single export model of low value-added agricultural products and labor-intensive industrial products.

The inflow of international capital has also invested in speculative projects such as the real estate stock market, and has not upgraded in the field of science and technology and production technology. The quality of labor has not been improved, and productivity has remained low, but economic growth has pushed up wage levels. As labor costs have risen, export advantages have gradually declined.

So Thailand’s current economic growth is not caused by the increase in GDP, but because of various foreign exchange speculations, the influx of international hot money, and the pathological development of real estate and the stock market. Economic Growth.

Now, with the recovery of the Western economy, international hot money should gradually leave Thailand, and without the support of these investments, Thailand will be beaten back to its original state, economic growth will be broken, and even directly hit negative.

And the exchange rate will drop crazily, and the Thai baht will become worthless.

In the end, Soros suggested to all those who only had Thai baht to exchange all the Thai baht in their hands for U.S. dollars so that they could maintain their value.

“It’s Soros. It’s Soros who is shorting us. This bastard found us!” After reading this report, countless people in the Thai financial industry made such a cry of fear.

Although Soros’s article is about Thailand’s economic problems, it seems that it has nothing to do with shorting the Thai economy.

But Soros published such an article at this time, isn’t the purpose of messing up the entire Thai market and making investors in the Thai market lose confidence?

Otherwise, why would he jump out and be a birdie and take the initiative to watch Thailand’s economy. Isn’t this erecting an enemy?

What’s more terrible, Soros said that these all are really, Thailand’s economy is simply a bubble, the kind that bursts with a poke.

In fact, one of the more important purposes for Soros to publish this article is to show his identity and tell the whole world that it is not someone else who is shorting the baht, it is Soros?

Such behavior sounds stupid, and there is a reason to take the initiative to reveal your identity when fighting.

But in fact, this is Soros’s usual routine, because Soros has a huge reputation in the international financial market, or notoriety.

Actually, most people in the financial world, especially the basic golden scripture theory like Soros, don’t like to show their faces, they like to hide in the dark. At every turn, it pulls the entire country’s economy into the water and takes away all of the country’s more than ten years of wealth accumulation. Once their identity is revealed, Heaven knows how many people want to kill them.

But Soros is different. This is a guy who likes to be high-profile and the guy who likes to be interviewed by the media. He even writes his great achievements and heroic deeds in the financial war into a book for publication.

Especially the classic cases that he sniped the pound sterling in 1992, which eventually caused the pound sterling to fall sharply by 30% and had to decouple from the European Community.

This has caused Soros to be hated by others, but it is also a fearful trend in the global market and a weather vane for global airdrops.

Because once Soros decides which country to go short, the country’s economy is likely to collapse. Soros wants to make a lot of money. These practical cases have made people in many countries hear Soros’ After quasi-self, I was scared on the spot.

More importantly, international capital will follow Soros. Their original purpose is to eat meat behind Soros and short these economies together, but this also increases Soros’s power from the side.

The final result is that when Soros announced that he would short Thailand, the Thai baht had not collapsed, but many Thais were already terrified, and they had decided that the Thai baht could not be sustained.

And international capital, like a shark that smells blood, began to flock, following Soros to short Thai meat, and even shame many local financial institutions in Thailand, also shorting, intending to eat the country’s human blood buns. .

For a while, the entire financial market in Thailand was turbulent, and everyone was afraid of the arrival of the 18th day after the war began.

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