Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1220


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For a financial market, whether it is short or long, the most feared thing is actually the confidence of the market.

As long as the market is confident, A shares can also reach 6000 points.

If the market is not confident, it will instantly fall back to 1,000 points.

When Soros took his proud record and took the initiative to admit that he was shorting Thailand’s secret mastermind, his confidence had actually begun to collapse.

And Soros is also very aware of the routines inside, so he will announce his identity at the most critical time and directly attack the already anxious battle situation with the most vicious attack.

The facts are as planned by Soros.

After Soros announced his identity, the 18th day of the contest started with an unimaginable advantage.

In just an hour, a huge empty order of more than 25 billion baht was thrown out. However, only 5 billion baht was prepared by Soros Foundation itself, and the other 20 billion had nothing to do with Soros.

So where did the 20 billion baht come from?

“They are finally here!” Seeing the arrival of the 20 billion, Soros finally showed a smile on his old face.

Because Soros understands that the international hot money who has always liked to follow him to grab meat has finally entered the arena.

Actually, at first, Soros hated these international hot money very much, because they always followed Soros to eat meat. It was obviously Soros laid down the country, but these international hot money was full of Plenty, but divided most of the profits.

So at the beginning, Soros hated these international hot money, but there was no way.

But over time, Soros suddenly discovered that these international hot money is actually not a bad thing.

Although they will eat meat behind their backs, there is only so much capital, and international hot money really does not cut much meat from their plates.

On the contrary, these international hot money can contribute to their own momentum, and they can use 10 billion to short a country, and these international hot money can use 20 billion or even 30 billion to eat meat behind their backs.

This is equivalent to three times or even four times more than his own capital out of thin air. For Soros, this is actually an incomparable gigantic advantage.

When he sniped the pound sterling in 1992, although Soros later said in an interview, the 12 billion US dollars he prepared only used 10 billion, and 2 billion was useless.

But in fact, Soros knew that he was once in a very dangerous situation, and ZF was about to swallow all his funds, and his 12 billion was not enough.

In the end, it was the international hot money who contributed their efforts. They followed Soros to eat meat, and Soros’s funds were enlarged to about 40 billion U.S. dollars. This directly became the last straw to crush the camel and let the country. The government gave up resistance and let the pound dropped a thousand zhang in one fall. Soros finally reaped more than $3 billion in profits from the country, which became the most prominent battle in his life.

This is the power of international hot money, and now is the time to let this power come on stage.

With the arrival of 20 billion baht of international hot money, the Thai financial institutions that have been holding on to it, finally can’t hold it.

Actually, international hot money has long been here. Those who have a good relationship with Soros, or have a sharp eye, have long understood that it is behind Soros’s international hot money.

They have been shorting the market with Soros a long time ago, otherwise Soros would have that many baht and swallow the previous 15 billion US dollars.

The 20 billion baht that is pouring in now is international hot money with hindsight. They came to have the last sip of the soup.

Although Thailand’s ZF finally managed to eat these empty orders with the remaining US dollars in its hands, this was only the beginning. In the afternoon, more than 50 billion baht of empty orders were sold into the market.

The Thai institutions hesitated. If they want to eat the 50 billion baht, they need to spend a huge amount of US$2 billion.

Thailand is a small country, and their foreign exchange reserves are only 30 billion.

In the past half month, in order to stabilize the market, they have invested 15 billion U.S. dollars to stabilize the exchange rate of the Thai baht.

If you lose another 2 billion U.S. dollars, more than half of the country’s foreign exchange reserves will be used within a month. This is a problem that requires careful consideration for any organization and the ZF behind them. .

So these institutions stopped, they need to ask the top leaders to let the top leaders make a decision.

As the state machine stopped and lost the Gold Coin for the order, the Thai baht began to slumped. Within 20 minutes, it broke through the 27:1 bottom line that it had bitten before, and it went straight to the 28:1. .

Finally, when the market closed, the breakthrough even reached 29:1.

Although at this time, the senior officials in Thailand have made a decision to maintain the exchange rate at all costs, even if the US$30 billion foreign exchange reserves are used up, the exchange rate must be maintained.

This decision is correct and there is nothing wrong with it, but it shouldn’t be done forever. This decision is too late, and it interrupted the process of maintaining the exchange rate that was already somewhat rigid.

In the course of the previous 18 days, Thailand has been sticking to the 27:1 bottom line, making everyone believe that 27:1 is the bottom line of the Thai government.

Now that the bottom line has been breached, that is, Thailand has insufficient funds, or simply intends to give up resistance, and the Thai baht will be decimated!

Most people don’t know the truth. They will only analyze it based on intelligence, and then analyze the result of as it should be by rights.

After that, the market panicked completely.

And Soros wanted to seize this opportunity and began to continuously use the media to propagate, saying that the Thai government had completely surrendered and that they would give up maintaining the exchange rate. The value of the Thai baht would have to be reduced more than ten times. Will quickly depreciate, and eventually become worthless waste.

The effect of these rumors is scary, especially when these rumors are not directed at all financial institutions, but are told to all the people in Thailand, everything will be over.

In the 19th year, when the Thai institutions decided to continue to save the market with high-level at all costs, they found that it was not their opponents who started going crazy first.

All the banks in Thailand were crowded overnight. The people who flocked to blocked all the bank gates, and these people only had one request, that is, to exchange the Thai baht in their hands for US dollars.

“We can’t change it, we will have no money if we change it!” Thailand’s Minister of Economy shouted.

Then Thailand announced that it would temporarily stop the exchange of Thai baht to US dollars.

The original meaning of Thai institutions was goodwill, must be in order to preserve foreign exchange, and further battle against international airdrops in the market.

But this order completely destroyed the confidence of all citizens.

People in Thailand saw that the government ordered the stop of the exchange of US dollars, which means that the government is really out of money, and the devaluation of the Thai baht has become a matter of as it should be by rights.

For a while, the exchange rate of the exchange has not changed, but in the market, the Thai baht is worthless, and even many shops and companies have directly displayed signs of rejecting the Thai baht. On the black market, the exchange rate of the Thai baht is , Plummeted directly below 50:1.

This time, all Thai domestic capital that originally held a large amount of Thai baht could not bear it. In order to preserve their own interests, these capitals also began to sell the Thai baht in their hands, and the market surged hundreds of billions. The size of the Thai baht empty order.

When Thai officials saw so many huge empty orders, the whole person was stupid.

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