Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1221


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Although the remaining US$13 billion in hand can indeed eat up the 100,000,000,000 Thai baht short order, there was a direct order from the high-level party to give up maintaining the Thai baht interest rate.

It’s not that the top executives have voted in, but the top executives are too smart. They understand that the confidence of the market is completely gone.

Although it is now a 100,000,000,000 baht list, in the past, Thailand ZF printed a lot of baht for profit, and the total size was about 2 trillion baht.

All these bahts were spent by the Thai ZF. Although a lot of economic benefits were obtained in exchange, all these bahts remained in the market.

This is a bubble, a bubble without real economic support.

Now, it’s time for these baht to detonate. All those who hold baht can’t help but sell the baht in their hands to stop the loss. I am afraid that most of these 2 trillion baht will return to the market. Above, the remaining US$10 billion in their hands is absolutely impossible to buy 2 trillion baht.

If it is forced, the final result is only one, that is, while the exchange rate of the Thai baht cannot be maintained, all the remaining US$13 billion in foreign exchange reserves in ZF’s hands have also been wiped out.

So, a high-level order was issued to stop the rescue. Although this would surely cause the market to collapse, it would be able to save at least 13 billion U.S. dollars in foreign exchange reserves. After the storm passed, Thailand still had the power to start again.

There is no problem with the consideration of the senior management, but all the Xiaomins are completely finished.

On June 28th, Thailand formally announced that the mechanism of pegging the Thai baht to the United States was lifted and the exchange rate of the Thai baht was no longer restricted.

And this announcement is the announcement that ZF gave up directly.

All of a sudden, the Thai baht fell crazily, directly from the original 30:1 to 72:1 in one day.

By the 29th, it fell directly to 128:1.

Finally, the entire Thai baht transaction stopped completely, because no one was willing to spend money to buy the Thai baht at this time, but the Thai baht stopped the price drop because there was no transaction.

June 29 is a day for everyone to lament, because this day is the day when many financial institutions in Thailand settle accounts.

That is to say, that many empty orders before, must be settled today.

And this is also the harvest day of the international airdrop led by Soros.

Before, in order to harvest the bullets that attacked the Thai economy, Soros used various real estate projects and even directly used US dollars. He borrowed more than 300 billion baht from various financial institutions in Thailand as his bullets.

In the early stage of Soros’s continuous smashing of the market, the more than 300 billion baht, at an average price of about 27:1, was eaten by Thailand’s ZF rescue funds, and a total of 11 billion was exchanged in the market. Profits around the dollar.

On the day of delivery on June 29, because the Thai baht exchange rate has plummeted to 130:1 at this time, Soros only needs to spend 2.3 billion US dollars to buy 3 in the market. , 25 billion baht, change to various financial institutions in Thailand, and get back various assets that you use as collateral.

In the final statistics, Soros did not spend a penny, but only used 300 billion baht borrowed from others in exchange for 11 billion US dollars.

Although $2.5 billion was returned to financial institutions, the remaining $8.5 billion became the profit of Soros and his Quantum Foundation.

This is the way to recoup profits by short selling.

Many people understand how long is to make money, because this is the easiest way to buy at low prices and sell at high prices.

But many people don’t understand how to make short money, and Soros is the best example.

In the exchange rate market, I first use US dollars or actual assets to exchange other people’s money, and then suppress the exchange rate of this currency, and finally only need to use extremely low US dollars to harvest the same amount of currency, and then This currency is returned to the borrower, and the difference in the dollar price during the period is the profit of shorting.

The same is true in the stock market. Let’s take the Agricultural Bank as an example. I first borrowed 10 million shares of Agricultural Bank of China from a financial institution, and agreed to settle and return these shares in one month.

I first sold all of these stocks in the stock market. Assuming that each share is 1 yuan, then I have received 10 million.

As long as the Agricultural Bank’s stock price drops during this period and drops to 50 cents per share, then I only need to spend 5 million to buy 10 million shares of Agricultural Bank again, when the time comes again Return these 10 million shares to the securities company and pay a few hundred thousand interest at most, and I will be able to make a net profit of more than 4 million.

In short, the 18 billion U.S. dollars used by Thailand’s ZF to rescue the market, and the funds used by many small and medium-sized investment institutions and retail investors to speculate in currency, add up to more than 30 billion U.S. dollars. In this way, they are all used by Soros and international shorts. They were all eaten in.

They shared the 30 billion US dollars together and made a lot of money, but it is the Thai ZF and the people who are bad luck.

Thailand has lost more than half of its foreign exchange reserves, and the people in Thailand are even more pitiful. Their currency has shrunk to the original 16th level in less than a month.

And this is not the end, just the beginning. Although Soros and the others are gone, the confidence of the Thai baht is impossible to return. And the Thai baht that has lost confidence can only become rubbish, and the exchange rate will continue to fall in the future. , It’s normal to even drop to 200:1.

In the end, the assets of all the people in Thailand will shrink by more than 8 times, and the GDP will shrink by 8 times. The economic development achievements of the Thai people for 20-30 years of hard work will be looted overnight.

Thailand, which has already embarked on the path of a middle-developed country, will also become that poor country again.

The same is true of the facts. After 1997, Thailand’s most developed industry has changed from industry to service industry to a tourism industry led by ladyboys.

The ordinary person has completely lost the means of making a living. Whether it is a man or a woman, they can only rely on showing off their ass and earn a little pitiful money from foreigners.

Japan has been taken away for 10 years, but in fact, Thailand has lost not 10 years, but entire generations, as well as the foundation and foundation of the development of a country under the operation of so-called financial predators such as Soros. Emboldened.

If Thailand wants to rise again, it will have to wait at least 50 years or more. In these 50 years, most of the Thai people will have to live in dire straits and poor people as chickens.

But what about Soros?

He is still a financial crocodile, and he is also respected by many people as the godfather, financial myth, the greatest person in the world and so on. Anyway, various titles can be worn on his head, especially Chinese people. He is so sought after, almost like a myth.

As everyone knows, because of this big financial crocodile, there are millions of people in Thailand who live in poverty, and he robbed them of their life savings.

The number of people who died directly or indirectly in his hands is as many as thousands. This is a fierce executioner, a speculator, and he committed enough crimes to live in hell for ten thousand years.

Of course, some people will say that this is finance. There is no right or wrong here. As long as you participate in the game of finance, you will be responsible for your own profits and losses.

It seems that there is nothing wrong with this sentence. Since you choose to join this game, you must be prepared to be cut.

But those ordinary surnamed people in Thailand are innocent?

They have never even heard of the term finance. What they do all their lives is to eat from the soil, and exchange their mood and sweat for a little bit of poor Thai baht.

As a result, these Thai bahts instantly depreciated eight times because of Soros’s lack of good and evil finances. Did these farmers participate in finance?

Of course, it’s useless to say these things, but some people have done bad things, don’t even think about carrying good names, and you have to bear historical condemnation, otherwise it’s really disgusting.

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