Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1339


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After the film failed, Stan Lee felt that he could still discuss with the American Priority Foundation. After all, he was Stan Lee and the person who knew Marvel best. Even if the film failed, the American Priority Foundation would not take him. kind.

But what Stan Lee did not expect was that Harry Potter, without the slightest hesitation, threw two options for him.

One option is that Stan Lee still serves as the editor-in-chief of Marvel Manga/Comic, but the president is replaced and appointed by the American Priority Foundation.

In this way, Stan Lee will lose most of the control of the company, and only has the control of Marvel Manga/Comic. As for Marvel movies and other derivative products and IP, Stan Lee Li Du will lose control.

The advantage is that the American Priority Foundation can give Stan Lee a 20-year time buffer for the debts caused by the failure of the movie. After 20 years, Nestan Lee can find a way to clear the money.

Well, Stan Lee is almost dying after 20 years, and there is no need to pay back the money. This basically cancels Stan Lee’s debt.

The second option is that Stan Lee must repay the money within three months, otherwise all Stan Lee’s equity in the company will be frozen and liquidated, others will be cleared from the board of directors, and will also lose All the duties, until it is clear that he will pay the money.

Harry Potter’s intention is very obvious, that is, he wants to use this time opportunity to remove Stan Lee from the position of president of the company, and let him obediently only be in charge of Manga/Comic of Marvel. !

When I just took over Marvel, because American Priority Foundation didn’t know anything and didn’t know anything, I could only borrow a piece of Stan Lee to control Marvel.

With the passage of 5 years, the American Priority Foundation has been full of chess pieces inside Marvel. Many editors glare like a tiger watching his prey on Stan Lee’s position. Their salary is cheaper and they are obedient. So Stan Lee, the president, doesn’t need it.

But the problem is that Stan Lee is very high inside the company. If Stan Lee is forced to drive off, there will be huge fluctuations in Marvel, and Stan Lee still has a lot of shares in Marvel. This will also increase unnecessary trouble.

So the first choice is what the American Priority Foundation wants to see, and it is what they think is the best. Stan Lee has kept the position of editor-in-chief, but also kept the shares, and also forgave the debts. The company continues to stay.

As for the second option, burn both jade and stone, normal people will not choose.

But what didn’t expect was that Stan Lee broke out. He expressed angrily that he would never accept the humiliation of the first choice, so Stan Lee simply chose the second way and took all his shares. I threw it all to the American Priority Foundation, and then patted my butt and left.

This is really something Harry Potter did not expect, because the instructions given to him by Boss Jia only demanded to take away part of the power in Stan Lee’s hands, not at all meant to drive Stan Lee out of the company .

So Harry Potter immediately called our Boss Jia to ask for instructions. After receiving the call, Boss Jia pondered for a while and directly stated, “Marvel is Marvel, not Stan Lee’s Marvel. Now that Stan Lee is gone, let him go, don’t let him come back! At the same time, we must clean the interior of Marvel to completely remove Stan Lee’s residual poison.”

So, after Stan Lee left, Marvel set off a major internal cleansing. All the people who had been unfair to Stan Lee were kicked out of the company very simply. In a short time, Marvel had The people around the one third were lost. All traces of Stan Lee in Marvel were completely removed. Even all things related to Stan Lee were thrown out. Marvel seems to have never had a president like Stan Lee. .

merely this, Marvel inevitably entered a complete silence. In the next few years, Marvel seems to have become a small and transparent, except for the release of Manga/Comic every month. , There will be no other actions. Many people in the industry can’t help but sigh that Marvel is dead. This once Manga/Comic giant no longer exists.

On the other side, Stan Lee is very prosperous. He soon established the Stan Lee Entertainment Group named after himself, and then announced its entry into the entertainment industry such as Manga/Comic and movies. At the same time, Stan Lee It is announcing that the world’s first online Manga/Comic magazine will be launched to cope with the wave of future networking.

Stan Lee also pointed out in an interview that with the continuous development of the Internet, traditional paper media will decline in the future, and the future of Manga/Comic will be on the Internet. Everyone can watch directly through the PC in the future. Manga/Comic, the online Manga/Comic magazine, will completely overthrow the empire of traditional paper media, and he will become the founder of the new empire!

Because the United States is at the highest stage of the development of the Internet economy at this time, the stock prices of various Internet concept stocks have soared to an unimaginable level.

For example, 51 search, because in October last year, 51 search announced a new mechanism for paid advertising and bid rankings.

According to the report published by 51search, they will first be on the right side of the search page. If there is a row of advertisement columns, click on the advertisement column to enter the advertisement-oriented website, achieving the purpose of website drainage!

As for the bidding ranking, it is even more simple and rude, that is, 51search no longer determines the final search ranking based solely on website clicks, but will adjust the ranking according to the payment situation of the target website.

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