Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1340


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On the other hand, the U.S. itself is in great chaos.

The reason is actually triggered by Boss Jia’s BYD.

Although BYD passed the law to preserve the sales rights in absolutely not some states in the United States, Tesla’s exemption from road control regulations was tightly grasped by the Motorcycle Association.

After the failure to prevent Tesla from getting on the road, this became the last killer move of the Motorcycle Association. At least Tesla, like motorcycles, cannot drive on the main roads of American cities, otherwise motorcycles will not be able to drive at all. Compete with Tesla.

However, the environmental protection alliance strategy formulated by Boss Jia is very successful. With the growing concept of environmental protection in the world, Americans have become more and more aware of environmental protection. Therefore, under the prevention of environmental protection organizations, Tesla has become the backbone of Tesla. The prohibition of Tao has not passed.

But soon, God sent a saber to the motorcycle association.

In February of 1998, a young man rode a Tesla on the main road and hit a pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman had just parked her car on the side of the road, opened the driver’s door, and was about to get out of the car, when the hurricane Tesla directly ran into it.

In an instant, the door of the car was directly knocked out, and the scene was killed by two dead bodies. The Tesla rider broke his spine and died on the spot, and the pregnant woman was declared dead in the hospital, and the child naturally did not survive. Go down.

Such a serious and vicious case immediately became the biggest killing move of the Motorcycle Association. They continued to use this case to promote the case, which caused all the people of the United States to have a great change in Tesla, even Many cooperative environmental organizations did not dare to cooperate with Tesla anymore.

This naturally caused Tesla to be under tremendous pressure, and the original ban on Tesla’s ban on the main roads of the United States has also begun to accelerate the formulation and voting, and Tesla will appear on the ban list In it.

Besides, it’s hard to resist. He came with surging public opinion, which made Wang Chuanfu seem to have returned to Beijing two years ago when he was cast aside by all Chinese people.

In panic, Wang Chuanfu could only call Boss Jia for help.

“Have you forgotten what I said to you 2 years ago?” Boss Jia asked lightly after listening to Wang Chuanfu’s report.

“Remember!” Wang Chuanfu will never forget these two sentences for the rest of his life, “Tell me, if you do something wrong, you must stand at attention and be beaten!”

“Yes, if you remember, just stand at attention and get beaten!”

“But the chairman, it’s okay for me to be beaten, but once the main road ban is passed, our Tesla sales will face an epic plunge!” Wang Chuanfu cried.

Last year, Wang Chuanfu sold 2.6 million Teslas in the U.S., and total sales reached 54.2 billion U.S. dollars, of which profit was as high as 10 billion U.S. dollars, which almost matched the annual profit of a mid-sized U.S. car company Up.

This is also the main reason why motorcycle companies in the entire U.S. are chasing Tesla so aggressively. It is the profit that makes people jealous.

However, of the 2.6 million sales, 2 million were born after the people of the United States discovered that Tesla could go to the main urban road.

In other words, if Tesla is banned from the main road, then Tesla will return to the pre-liberation overnight in the United States.

“Remember, it was a heavy electric motorcycle that was beaten, and it has nothing to do with our Tesla!” Boss Jia muttered on the phone. Wang Chuanfu was taken aback for a moment, and then he was very happy. I understand a lot of things.

So, on the third day after the tragedy, Wang Chuanfu announced a press conference, and reporters immediately flocked to see how BYD would respond in the angry environment of the entire America nation. .

However, based on the experience of these reporters, no matter how BYD responds this time, there will be no good results.

First of all, if BYD refuses to admit its mistake, or pushes the pot to the rider of Tesla, saying that this is because the rider is not obeying the traffic rules, and it has nothing to do with BYD and Tesla.

This sounded right, and the truth is true, but the melon-eating people in the US will definitely be very dissatisfied, and then BYD’s reputation will be completely stinking.

What if BYD admits wrong and then sincerely apologizes and compensates?

This is even more finished. Although this attitude can reap the favor of the people who eat melons, it does not seem to be too much compensation. But the problem is that once BYD recognizes this pot, all future car accidents caused by Tesla will go directly to BYD for compensation, and BYD will be completely finished.

Imagine everyone, if all the car accidents in the world can be directly asked for compensation from the car manufacturer, what a wonderful scene the world would be.

I’m afraid that not all the car manufacturers have been sold, and they will definitely not be able to pay such a huge compensation.

So in the eyes of these reporters, BYD’s holding a press conference to proactively respond to this incident is actually a very unwise choice.

The best way is to pretend to be dumb and remain silent, because the car accident itself has nothing to do with the manufacturer, and you have never seen any car manufacturer in the world, and will take the initiative to hold a press conference because of a major accident .

Unless the accident was caused by the quality of the car.

In short, the reporters felt that Wang Chuanfu’s head was not kicked by a donkey.

But it doesn’t matter. Wang Chuanfu is willing to hold a press conference, which is of course a good thing for their reporters, and they can have a lot of news materials.

In other words, Great-Thousand Group is really a company that is loved by journalists and media all over the world. First of all, Great-Thousand Group is proficient in marketing strategies and public relations and public relations. The money spent on the media every year is 1 billion US dollars. It is a lot of media. Of course they like it.

Secondly, the Great-Thousand Group really has no shortage of news. It can produce several big news every year. Unlike some companies, it hasn’t been a fart for more than ten years. -Thousand Group is simply awesome!

However, regardless of what these reporters think, Wang Chuanfu’s press conference was held as scheduled.

While the press conference at first, or when Wang Chuanfu appeared, when reporters were preparing to ask questions, he first stood up, put his hand on his chest, gestured a cross, and said, “I hope we All present here, first of all observe a 30-second silence for the victims of this traffic accident!”

Good guys, who would dare to refuse this suggestion, so the reporters suffocated their stomachs and didn’t ask them, and stayed silent for 30 seconds without mentioning it.

However, after the silence was over, they still did not have the opportunity to ask questions, because Wang Chuanfu said directly, “Our Great-Thousand Group is willing to take responsibility for this time. It is because we have not done a good All customers provided the correct value and usage plan, allowing heavy-duty electric motorcycles to appear on the main roads of the city, causing huge chaos.”

“Therefore, we are willing to provide humanitarian subsidies to the three victims at the scene, each with a compensation of 1 million US dollars, and at the same time apologize to everyone again, hoping to get everyone’s forgiveness!”

“…” All the reporters were stunned, good fellow, this is not a mistake, but kneeling and being beaten.

There is such a conscientious enterprise and company in the world! ! ! !

This is the conscience of the American emperor! !

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