Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1343


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After Wang Chuanfu’s press conference ended, Bob was very helpless to discover that he could no longer control the current public opinion situation.

After all, Bob’s more than ten years of experience is of no use when faced with an extremely hard apology, compensation, and courtesy of users, and finally even proactively proposed to ban manufacturers of his products.

Furthermore, BYD’s public relations department is not a fan. With the vigorous public relations of the public relations department, the videos and press releases on the day of the press conference were distributed throughout American magazines, and 30% of the media published relevant news. The people of entire America also know BYD’s statement.

Then the public grievances raging before, almost instantly calmed down.

After all, ordinary people are also very simple. As long as you take the initiative to admit your mistakes and have a good attitude, you can be forgiven by ordinary people.

If the attitude of apologizing is beyond imagination, then it is even a very simple matter to create a conscientious corporate personality that knows mistakes, can correct them, and has the courage to take responsibility.

For example, after the incident at this time, many people began to applaud BYD. They felt that there were too few companies with a conscience like BYD. Many people even shouted out the slogan that companies from Entire America should learn from BYD.

After all, the attitude of other companies to respond to the crisis is simply a gap between the next door and the child.

But Bob and the others still have another hope, that is, Wang Chuanfu is talking nonsense in the air, and everything he said at the press conference is not fulfilled, just deceiving the audience, then he can kill the pig fiercely.

It’s a pity that BYD is not so stupid. One hour after the press conference ended, Wang Chuanfu of BYD personally went to meet the relatives of the three victims and directly sent a humanitarian subsidy of US$1 million per person. I immediately won the forgiveness of my family members. After all, $1 million is really sweet.

Of course, this news was also released that evening, and the TV station used to record and so on.

Followingly, on the second day, BYD announced that it had reached a cooperation with Senator George Jr. George Jr. took over this task. He submitted an application for the bill to the Parliament of Noxas, and also to the U.S. The Federal Parliament filed a bill calling for the creation of a bill to prohibit these single-person vehicles from being used on city roads.

Wang Chuanfu’s previous promises at the press conference were fulfilled in less than two days, which made all the hopes of Bob and the others fall, and BYD’s reputation became even stronger. Up.

The slogan of the US conscience is no longer just a joke. Many people think that BYD is really a conscientious company that knows its mistakes and can correct it, and it is worth learning from other companies in the entire America.

Never mind it. What made Bob even more depressed was that BYD’s people took the initiative to call him and asked when his 10 advertising columns were published.

This kind of promise made in front of the press conference, Bob of course is impossible to violate, otherwise in the U.S. media circles, and even in the New York Times, those who have long been jealous of his status will immediately wait for him to eat his word. The image of the company is published.

In fact, without BYD’s urging, the editor-in-chief of the New York Times immediately urged him to publish an advertising column.

Because with the development of things, BYD’s corporate image has been reversed overnight, from the previous black-hearted enterprise to the conscience of American imperialism, so at this time Bob is fulfilling his promise and published 10 articles to BYD The advertising column immediately appeared to be perfect, so that the New York Times could also benefit from it and build a perfect image of the conscience of the American emperor working hand in hand with the enterprise.

So this advertising column must be published. If you don’t publish it, the popularity of the existing ones won’t be against people. Isn’t it a fool?

In this case, Bob can only post a column brace oneself.

Posting a column is also that’s all, but it is also an advertising column of BYD. Originally, Bob planned to write some neutral words, try not to reflect the effect of the advertisement, or even hide it black, so he just fooled these 10 columns.

As a result, the editor-in-chief immediately asked Bob to rewrite the column after reading this column. The reason is simple. Now BYD has successfully established a conscientious corporate personality, and this personality is quite perfect, winning the entire United States. The people’s love, if the New York Times were forced to go black at this time, it would be a joke.

So these ten columns must be flattered, and only in fancy flattery, can they truly meet the public opinion and gain the goodwill of the audience for the New York Times.

In desperation, Bob can only follow the editor’s request and Brace Oneself wrote the ad column touted by First Chapter.

However, as soon as this column came out, the Motorcycle Association must have exploded, but they paid Bob more than 100,000 US dollars in public relations expenses, but now it has become an article touting BYD!

The Motorcycle Association ignored Bob’s explanation at all and kicked out his father who was in the association, completely cutting off the relationship with Bob.

But this is good, Bob has no psychological pressure, and the next 9 advertising columns are written very smoothly, fiercely exaggerated.

After all, there is such a saying that the person who knows you best is actually your opponent. Bob collected a lot of information in order to kill BYD, so when it comes to touting BYD, it is also the easiest and easiest. At the same time, it is the most beautiful flower ,very perfect.

As for the Motorcycle Association, there is no better way other than going crazy with anger.

Fortunately, things at this time are not without results. At least BYD did take the initiative to ban their Tesla from going to the main road. Their original purpose has been achieved, and it cannot be said to be too bad.

Only two weeks later, when George Jr. submitted his draft bill to the Parliament for review, the Motorcycle Association discovered that the bill seemed a little different from what he had expected.

As expected by the Motorcycle Association, this is a bill that completely bans electric vehicles like Tesla on main roads.

When the draft bill actually appeared, it was discovered that two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour or more were prohibited.

In other words, as long as a two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicle with a maximum speed below this range, it can still drive on the main road.

In the words of Senator George Jr. who issued this bill, many things cannot be straightforward and one-size-fits-all, and the needs of the people must be fully considered. The main reason why Tesla’s case was so tragic was because it was too fast.

So as long as the speed drops, the risk will be greatly reduced. If the two sides collided with each other at a speed of 40 yards, there would be no mortal danger, at most it would just scratch some skin. The safety of both parties was guaranteed and the people’s right to freely use transportation was protected. Freedom is not violated.

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