Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1345


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“You did a good job this time!” Boss Jia said with a smile. Wang Chuanfu did a good job. After learning from the previous lessons, he already has half of his own level in dealing with public opinion crises.

After ending this huge war of public opinion, Wang Chuanfu returned to China to report to Boss Jia. By the way, this guy hasn’t returned to China for more than a year, and all this time has been in the United States.

“Thank you for the exaggeration, chairman, but chairman, I also want to understand one thing this time!” Wang Chuanfu said happily first, and then said with a gloomy expression.

“What do you want to understand?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“That’s two wheels but four wheels” Wang Chuanfu sighed “I tried my best. In the end, I just put the ultralight Tesla on the road. Other Teslas still can’t get on the road, but four On wheels, you can run anywhere on the main road without any restrictions!”

“Obviously the four wheels are more dangerous!” Wang Chuanfu’s expression was very resentful.

“Tell me about your specific thoughts, don’t complain to me here, I don’t eat this set!” Boss Jia glanced at Wang Chuanfu, then lightly saying.

“Hehe, Chairman, my idea is, can we also build four wheels!” Wang Chuanfu glanced at Boss Jia, then said with a smile to hehe.

“Oh…” Boss Jia’s body paused for a while, and he sighed in his heart. In this World, under his spoil things through excessive enthusiasm, Wang Chuanfu unexpectedly appeared five years in advance and wanted to create Car idea.

“Specific ideas, please tell me!”

“Chairman, it’s like this. I think we are made of two wheels and four wheels are also made, but we just add a layer of tin box that’s all on the outside of the electric car, so we can also make four-wheel cars. !” Wang Chuanfu said aloud his thoughts.

“Naive!” Boss Jia coldly snorted said, “Do you think building a car is so simple? How much technology is involved in it, are those established car companies really joking?”

“Let me tell you, don’t say anything else, just the technology on the engine and the clutch, even if you give you 30 years, you will not be able to catch up with the current level of those established companies!” Boss Jia is right. However, China’s cars have been domestically produced for many years, and they are still stuck by the clutch.

All the so-called domestic high-end cars actually use foreign clutches, let alone some professional-grade engines. These gaps, another world of China, have not caught up in 30 years. .

“Yes, Chairman, you are right, I know all of these, and let alone 30 years, even if you give me 50 years, I will definitely not catch up!” Wang Chuanfu said with a smile hehe.

“Since you know this, you still fart here!” Boss Jia said with an unhappy expression.

“I am the chairman. Since we can’t catch up with these gaps, we won’t catch up. Fuel vehicles have indeed been unable to catch up to foreign levels for 50 years. They simply don’t make fuel vehicles. Cars!” Wang Chuanfu became excited. “Chairman, I have all thoughts out. Electric cars and traditional fuel cars are two completely different vehicles. Fuel cars need engines, while electric cars need electric motors!”

“We can’t catch up with the technology of fuel engines, but the technology of electric motors is our strength. Now BYD’s electric motors are the world’s first-class electric motors. On the contrary, almost all auto companies now have Without any technical reserves of car motors, we are leading here!!”

“As long as you give me 5 years, I will have the confidence to come up with the world’s leading electric motor technology!”

As for the gearbox, no matter how complicated your gearbox technology is, how high the requirements for materials and processing technology are, but I’m very sorry, our electric cars don’t need that stuff at all, we only need a small current The regulator, by adjusting the current and voltage, can easily change the output power of the motor. For us, the gearbox is destined to sweep into the historical garbage dump!”

“Currently, the only restrictions on the development of electric vehicles are the battery and the electronic control system of the car. The former is our strength. I am willing to make a military order to allow the car to reach more than 300 kilometers in 5 years. , And at the same time guarantee a certain safety and reliability of lithium batteries!”

“As for the electronic control system, it is up to our comrades in the Great-Thousand Group, especially the BiliBili side. If they can pull out their power to help us develop the car’s central control system, then it’s a deal! “

“Chairman, as long as our electric cars can go online, I am confident that in 50 years, we will completely sweep out all the old fuel cars. The future must be the world of our electric cars!!!” Finally Wang Chuanfu patted his chest to help Boss Jia enjoy the future.

“You brat, where is such a high level of confidence?” Boss Jia asked angrily.

“Chairman, don’t all scientists now say that the earth’s oil is only enough for us to use for 50 years? 50 years later, when the oil dries up, oil trucks are a dead end. Apart from using our electric cars, What kind of car can I use!” Wang Chuanfu said with a smile.

“Stupid!” Boss Jia did not give Wang Chuanfu a good face. “Experts say that the earth’s oil is only enough for 50 years. Is it really only 50 years old?”

“Ah…” Wang Chuanfu was stunned for a moment. “It is said in those famous international magazines!”

“That’s because these magazines collect all the money from the oil companies, and the oil companies are trying to create an atmosphere of tight global oil supply, so that they can increase prices globally!”

“The current international oil price is only US$9.75 a barrel, which is one third drop from the previous highest peak of US$28 a barrel. Do you think those countries and companies that use oil as their lifeline will accept this price willingly? ?”

“If you want to increase prices, then you have to reduce production, but you need reasons to reduce production. Therefore, the earth’s oil resources are tight, so saving oil, reducing production and raising prices are the reasons to do well.”

“I tell you the truth, according to our intelligence, let alone 50 years, even 500 years or 5,000 years, according to the current oil consumption rate, the earth’s reserves of oil can still be supported, and there is no exhaustion. These all are lie to you fools that’s all!” Boss Jia said angrily.

“Ah…” Did Wang Chuanfu froze for a while? He obviously didn’t know this.

“Also, I do admit that electric vehicles have huge advantages over traditional cars in many aspects. The battery capacity and central control issues are indeed very important, but this is not the main factor limiting electric vehicles at all!”

“There is always only one key factor that limits the popularity of electric vehicles, and that is charging!”

“Electric cars are not like fuel cars. It only takes one minute, or even a few seconds, to fill a car’s fuel tank.”

“The battery of an electric vehicle needs to be charged, and the charging time is a long time. Tell me, according to our current technology, if you give you the most advanced lithium battery with a range of 300 kilometers. , How long does it take?”

“25…25 hours…” Wang Chuanfu’s expression turned pale.

“hehe! 25 hours, do you think how many people in the world are willing to wait for 25 hours at the power station to charge their car? Even if the people in the world are willing to wait, the power station can stop How many cars do they have? How many parking lots do they have to build and how many charging piles should they install?”

“We can…recharge at home…do not need a gas station…” Wang Chuanfu’s expression became paler, but he was still unwilling.

“Oh, charging at home, it sounds good. But how many households in a modern building, do all of them have parking? At the same time, can all parking spaces be equipped with charging piles?”

“Have you considered these questions?” Boss Jia asked loudly again, Wang Chuanfu completely collapsed, he collapsed on the sofa and stopped talking, and Boss Jia also sat back silently , Looking at Wang Chuanfu on the sofa.

He must figure out whether this Wang Chuanfu is now suddenly having a thought or really wants to do it!

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