Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1346


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Does Boss Jia really not support electric vehicles?

Of course it’s impossible. In 2020, even fools know that electric vehicles are the general trend. In the future, they will surely replace fuel vehicles and become the most important means of transportation. There is no doubt about this.

Moreover, in the future, various technical limitations will be breakthrough, not only the battery life has reached about 700 kilometers, but the charging speed has also been reduced to about one hour.

Of course, these data are still not perfect, and the popularization of electric vehicles is still difficult. After all, there are too few charging stations in China, and there are very few people who have parking spaces. They can install charging piles on their parking spaces. Is even less.

So electric vehicles want to truly replace petrol vehicles. Starting from 2020, I am afraid it will take at least 20 years. But no one will doubt that electric vehicles will eventually replace petrol vehicles. What everyone needs is technology The breakthrough that’s all.

So Wang Chuanfu wants to engage in electric cars, and Boss Jia agrees with his hands and feet.

It’s just that the timing is not right, it’s too early.

Currently, there is no breakthrough in battery and charging technology in the world. Electric vehicles are just illusion. BYD does not have a period of about 10 years. It is impossible for BYD to come up with an electric vehicle that can go on the road and meet the basic needs of the public.

Of course, now BYD can start the accumulation of electric vehicle technology ahead of schedule, then when the time comes, it will be able to take the lead and become the world leader in the electric vehicle industry.

But Wang Chuanfu is obviously not in the state of accumulation of technology. From his appearance, he wants to produce a saleable electric car within 5 years. This mentality is really too impetuous. To explode.

So Boss Jia must beat Wang Chuanfu fiercely to let him understand his naivety and stupidity. Then Boss Jia gave a carrot to Wang Chuanfu and told Wang Chuanfu that electric vehicles themselves are still optimistic, but they have to be practical and technical. Accumulate, don’t pursue speed too much, don’t be impetuous, for now, we should do well in Tesla and battery business and so on.

Hey, our Boss Jia is really well-intentioned. There are not many such good Boss in the world.

Next, as long as Wang Chuanfu admits his mistake obediently and honestly, Boss Jia can start pouring chicken soup.

However, for the next full hour, Wang Chuanfu remained silent on the sofa, still immersed in his own world, which made Boss Jia anxious.

Boss Jia is boring to start playing with 4WD on his desk.

Could it be that Wang Chuanfu’s whole body was broken by his own blows too hard?

Just when Boss Jia was about to take the initiative to speak, Wang Chuanfu suddenly jumped up from the sofa and said loudly, “Chairman, I understand, I know how to overcome the problem!”

“Nani?” Boss Jia was taken aback for a moment, and then suddenly said, “Do you understand that these problems cannot be overcome in 5 years, you need at least…”

“No, 5 years are not needed, as long as 3 years, as long as 3 years, we can put the electric car on the road!!” Wang Chuanfu shouted yelled excitedly, like a girl with a spring heart. , Boss Jia was completely confused.

Why does this guy seem to be even more devilish?

“In 3 years, you will not be playing with me!”

“How dare I play with you, my chairman!” Wang Chuanfu said with a smile, “I said three years, then three years!”

“In fact, BYD now has the electric motor technology that can support four wheels. Although it is a little rudimentary, it is better than the current gasoline engine in terms of acceleration and continuous output. All engines, this is the nature of the gasoline engine being crushed by the electric motor! Innate, it can’t make up.”

“There is only a central control system. I believe BiliBili’s colleagues, and this is not too difficult technology in itself. Three years are enough for them to help us build a central control system!”

“As for things other than the power system, it’s even simpler, we can directly use existing technology!”

“I intend to directly acquire a medium-sized foreign automobile company, so that all the technology and patent licenses in their hands, as well as related talents and production lines, can be directly packaged and obtained!”

“With the help of such a ready-made car company, I am confident that I will complete the design finalization in one year, the production line assembly in two years, and the mass production offline in three years. You can expel me in one more day Drop it!” Wang Chuanfu wailed.


Boss Jia didn’t speak, because what Wang Chuanfu said was the truth. In addition to these things, which cost more money, the rest can be completely dealt with in only three years. There is no problem with him.

“What about battery life and charging?” Boss Jia opened the mouth and said “Others are easy to solve, but these are the two most critical issues. How do you plan to solve these two issues?”

“You not only need to consider battery life, but also battery stability. I believe you know better than me about the issue of ternary lithium batteries. Although both charging and discharging are fast, this kind of battery is the biggest The problem is that it is very unstable, even if it is a mobile phone panel with a ternary lithium battery, there is a 3 in million chance of spontaneous combustion!”

“If you put the ternary lithium battery into the car and become the power of the car, then the spontaneous combustion probability of this battery will increase to 100,000 level!”

“If you want to increase the endurance to 300 kilometers, you need at least 5 batteries in parallel. In this case, the probability of spontaneous combustion will increase to 1/10000th level!”

“In fact, no matter how likely it is, as long as one electric car ignites spontaneously, it will be a devastating blow to the newly born electric car. If there are more lives in this accident, it is not that you are in the United States. Those tricks can solve the problem!” Boss Jia blurted out.

Well, in fact, the safety of batteries is also the main reason that bothers the production of electric vehicles and the street. One of the main reasons why electric vehicles will break out after 2010 is that the safety technology of lithium batteries has been solved. Have a way to use and control large-scale lithium batteries more stably, otherwise everyone can see one or two accidents of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles in local newspapers.

In this era, it is more appropriate to say that electric vehicles are mobile Self-destruction vehicles, or mobile ovens.

“I know!” Wang Chuanfu nodded “So I don’t plan to use lithium batteries as the power source for electric vehicles anymore. We can continue to use the lead-acid battery currently used by Tesla!”

“Lead-acid battery…Wang Chuanfu, is your brain kicked by a donkey?” Boss Jia heard Wang Chuanfu’s words, the whole person was completely stupid, this Wang Chuanfu, how could he just live back?

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