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Boss Jia was mad by Wang Chuanfu.

This Wang Chuanfu is simply stunned. Doesn’t he understand what is the general trend and what is the inevitability of the future?

This guy actually planned to use lead-acid batteries as the source of electric cars, and this kid survived completely.

Although lead-acid batteries are indeed the mainstream now, because the technology is very mature, and the production cost is low, and the most important thing is the high safety. Anyway, even in this era, it is rarely heard that lead-acid batteries catch fire. News.

Looking at it this way, the lead-acid battery does seem to be very suitable for powering electric vehicles, but even Boss Jia, who will be mixing P stations in the future, knows that the ternary lithium battery and the more advanced iron Lithium batteries are the mainstream power source for electric vehicles, and lead-acid batteries are destined to be eliminated.

Because the performance of lithium batteries also crushes lead-acid batteries, just like electric motors crush gasoline engines.

First of all, the energy density of lead-acid batteries is only 13 of that of lithium batteries. That is, under the same goal of 300 kilometers, the volume and weight of lead-acid batteries are three times that of lithium batteries. In this way, an electric A car, half of its volume and weight, has to be used for batteries.

Secondly, the lifespan of a lead-acid battery is far inferior to that of a lithium battery. The number of recharges is only about 13 of that of a lithium battery. An electric vehicle based on a lead-acid battery may need to be replaced in less than three years. Up.

But the lithium battery can be used for 10 years.

Finally, and most importantly, the charging speed of lead-acid batteries is extremely slow. Previously, Wang Chuanfu said that it would take 25 hours to recharge, which refers to the charging technology of lithium batteries.

If it is a lead-acid battery, it will take more than 40 hours.

Moreover, the charging and discharging technology of lithium batteries is only the primary stage. After all, lithium batteries have only been developed for five years. With the invention of various fast charging technologies in the future, the charging time of lithium batteries can be compressed to one Within hours.

But the lead-acid battery is compressed to about 20 hours at most to reach its limit. This is limited by battery materials and there is no way to overcome it.

So if Wang Chuanfu uses lead-acid batteries to build electric vehicles, such electric vehicles will definitely become bulky and heavy, with extremely short battery lifespan and extremely long charging time.

In the actual use process of such an electric car, it is basically an ancestor. Whoever sees his car needs to change the battery every three years, then drive for 4 hours, and charge for 40 hours. Be furious.

Otherwise, I really think that all auto companies in the world are short-sighted ghosts. They can’t see that electric vehicles are the trend of the future industry. Do they still cling to petrol cars?

In fact, as long as these auto companies are willing, it can take up to three years for electric cars to land. It’s just that no one will want to buy such a car. The market prospect is almost the same as the universe. It’s dark, full of 1 billion. Time of year.

Don’t say it’s now 98 years. Even in 2020, many car owners in China will not look down on electric vehicles at all, and they are full of mileage anxiety and charging anxiety. Electric vehicles are subsidized in China. There is also a license policy. Under the preferential purchase tax policy, it is still difficult to increase sales. This is the root cause of the subsidy fraud!

Boss Jia’s original purpose was to allow BYD to start accumulating lithium batteries and iron-lithium batteries, as well as electric vehicle technology. It is too early to really want electric vehicles to go online.

But now Wang Chuanfu is doing well. He just drove the history back and ran back to build an electric car with lead-acid batteries. Even if this kind of car is built, it will definitely not be sold.

“Chairman, listen to me, I know that iron-lithium batteries are the future, but lead-acid batteries still have advantages. First of all, they are cheap. Although the energy density of lithium batteries is three times that of lead-acid batteries, lithium The production cost of the battery is more than ten times that of the lead-acid battery. In this calculation, even if the volume is larger, the lead-acid battery is more cost-effective!”

[PS: It is the current cost, and the cost of lithium batteries in the future will be at most three times higher. 】

“Secondly, the stability and safety of lead-acid batteries are incomparable, and our newly developed new generation of lead-acid batteries has a stability that surpasses that of the old model by 10 times. I will give you a package here, even if 1 million electric After driving for 10 years, at most only 2-3 electric vehicles will have spontaneous combustion problems!”

“Moreover, we also have technology to control the spontaneous combustion speed of the battery to ensure that the driver has enough time to escape from the spontaneous car, without risk of life!”

“In addition, we can also design an automatic fire extinguishing device to immediately extinguish the flame in the battery compartment.”

“Finally, the recyclability of lead-acid batteries is better. We are developing a recycling technology for lead-acid batteries, which can recycle 70% of the raw materials in lead-acid batteries to re-manufacture new batteries and further reduce battery costs. Manufacturing costs and recycling costs. On the contrary, it is difficult to recycle lithium batteries after their lifespan is exhausted, at least in terms of current technology!”

“I don’t want to listen to you for these reasons!” Boss Jia shook his head, “I admit that what you said may be advantages, but if the most critical problem is not solved, all advantages are meaningless!”

“I know, the problem you are talking about is the charging of lead-acid batteries!” Wang Chuanfu nodded.

“Yes, do you want to tell me that you Wang Chuanfu got Einstein’s dream. The fast charging method of lead-acid batteries that people told you in the dream can shorten the charging time of lead-acid batteries to less than one hour? “Boss Jia said irritably.

“hehe, no, absolutely not. Even if I dream, I also dream of Tesla. Whatever Einstein does in the dream, he doesn’t care about electricity!” Wang Chuanfu laughed “And I also know that fast charging of lead-acid batteries is difficult Unless God changes the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, about 20 hours will be the limit of lead-acid batteries. Even if I don’t want to break this limit for the rest of my life!”

“Since you know this, you still…No, you brat, do you have another idea to solve this problem?” Boss Jia was halfway through, and suddenly realized that he seemed to be speaking according to those old stubborn scripts. , And Wang Chuanfu took the protagonist’s script and was digging a hole waiting for him to jump in!

But then again, if Wang Chuanfu really has a way to solve the problem of charging, then the lead-acid battery is not useless!

The question is, how does Wang Chuanfu solve the problem of charging speed?

“Chairman, my idea is very simple. Since the charging speed is difficult to break through, then we simply don’t study how to increase the charging speed. Even our electric cars don’t need to be charged!” Wang Chuanfu said loudly I thought “Let’s not charge, let’s change the battery!!!”

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