Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1349


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“You go back, I have to think about it!” Boss Jia couldn’t make up his mind, so he let Wang Chuanfu go home. He will come to the company as soon as he returns to China, and he should reunite with his family.

“Yes!” Wang Chuanfu was nodded, leaving with some confusion, while Boss Jia sat in the office until after get off work and went home silently.

Boss Jia is really hesitant to do a power station replacement.

Future generations do not engage in power station replacement. The reason is just like what Wang Chuanfu said. The cost is too high and the safety is too bad. If you do a power station replacement yourself, I am afraid that at least 100 billion Renminbi will be invested in it. Covers only major cities in China.

If all electric vehicles are refueled and replaced like gasoline vehicles, then the investment in the replacement station is probably not trillions.

In fact, don’t be afraid of investing too much. The key is that you can’t make money back!

In this era when gasoline vehicles dominate the world, electric vehicles have not been able to rise completely for more than 30 years. If you switch to power stations before then, you will lose as much as you can.

In short, another world of China has never lacked smart people, as well as top smart people like Ma Yun and Ma Huateng, they will never fail to see the existence of power stations.

But everyone did not choose to replace the power station, it means that it is impossible to switch the power station. Maybe in another world, someone has already done the power station replacement, but the last example of losing money is only Boss Jia. I don’t know it.

Since the predecessors have already failed, why should I step in, be able to pick up people’s teeth in advance, and know the future trend, this is the biggest plug-in of transmigrator, how can I go against my own plug-in?

But, what if this road really works?

Boss Jia didn’t remember how he got home. When he came back to his senses, he saw his son Jia Changtian sitting in front of him, looking at him seriously!

“My baby!” Boss Jia hugged Jia Changtian in his arms, and said with a smile “Are you looking for dad?”

“en!” Jia Changtian nodded said, “Dad, I want to go to a place!”

“haha, little things!” Boss Jia haha ​​smiled, “Let’s talk, dad can take you wherever you want to go!”

“Dad! I want to go to Mars!”

“puchi!” Boss Jia almost spit out water, his son is really confident in his father.

But Boss Jia is quite relieved in his heart. At least Jia Changtian already knows to ask for something. This is for a child who is only three years old and speaks neatly, and never asks anything, immersed in his own life within the realm. For the child, it is really worthy of joy.

I just want to go to Mars. Boss Jia can’t do anything about it, but he doesn’t want to reject his child like that. After all, this is the first time he has asked himself for it, so Boss Jia said, “Let’s do it, dad find a way How about buying you a meteorite? This can be considered the stars in the sky, when you have been to Mars!”

“But that’s not a rock on Mars!” Jia Changtian shook his head.

“…” Boss Jia was speechless for a long time, and then said with a bitter smile “Well, how about dad find a way to buy you a rock on the moon?”

Our Boss Jia has done his best to Jia Changtian’s request. Meteorites can still fall from the sky, but the only rocks in the world that come from the moon are those brought back by the moon landing plan of the United States several decades ago.

Except for some of these stones for research in various top laboratories around the world, a large part of them are in the hands of the Americans themselves and are strictly protected. At most, they are going to the museum to have a look and want to spend Money is impossible to buy.

Of course, if you are too rich, it is not without probability. With Boss Jia’s current contacts in the United States, as long as you spend hundreds of millions of dollars, you should still be able to find a way to get a rock on the moon.

Just to satisfy his four-year-old son’s little wish, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Boss Jia is really willing!

“I don’t want it!” didn’t expect Jia Changtian still shook his head and said, “That’s still not Mars’ stone, I don’t want it!”

“Then Dad really can’t help it!” Boss Jia spread both hands, and then curiously asked “Baby, it’s great, what do you want to do in Mars?”.

“Because it is the hometown of the younger sister!” Jia Changtian said.

“How could the younger sister’s hometown be Mars!” Boss Jia became more curious.

“Because of what she said yiyiyaya, that is the language from Mars!!” Jia Changtian raised her head and said childishly.

“cough cough…” Boss Jia almost didn’t laugh. This child was only able to speak at the age of three. Now he actually says that his younger sister speaks Mars, which is so cute!

“Well, then, but with my father, even with the whole world, there is still no way to go to Mars, so if you want to go to Mars, you have to wait a long, long time!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“I know!” Jia Changtian nodded vigorously “Dad, I want Teacher!”

“Oh…Please Teacher…” Boss Jia felt that his son was crazy, and there is no child in the world who would ask for a Teacher for himself.

“Well, I want to learn Mars’s knowledge, Dad, I want a Teacher!”

“Okay, then dad will help you hire an astronomical teacher!” Since his son took the initiative to ask for a teacher, Boss Jia naturally refused, and Boss Jia was happy from the bottom of his heart. It seems that his son is not stupid, but That’s all mature later.

Boss Jia gave the order, the country’s best astronomical Scholar was naturally invited to the home by Boss Jia immediately and became Jia Changtian’s Teacher.

This first-class expert in China who had a salary of less than 500 yuan a month at the university, suddenly got a salary of 20,000 Renminbi a month, and a student who was only four years old felt like he Dreaming unreal!

In the evening, Boss Jia and Zhu Qiushui were lying on the bed. Boss Jia stroked Zhu Qiushui’s delicate and firm skin even after giving birth to two children, while telling his wife what happened today.

“I said, our son must not be a fool. He is a normal child. Our child is not stupid at all!” Zhu Qiushui cried with joy, “Look how innocent and cute he is. I want to go to Mars and I want to take the initiative to find myself a Teacher. This is a cute idea that only the most naive child can have!”

“Yes, our child is not only innocent and cute, but also very courageous!” Boss Jia slightly smiled, while muttering to himself, “I am also the richest man in China anyhow. My child dares to join Mars. I But I didn’t even dare to do a power station swap. Didn’t I be compared to my son?”

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