Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1351


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Next, Wang Chuanfu talked about many more methods, which are basically solutions to problems from a technical level. In these aspects, Wang Chuanfu is always very agile.

Besides, these methods are very reliable except for a few exceptions. Apart from the cost, there are basically no shortcomings.

However, for the remaining non-technical issues, Wang Chuanfu has nothing to do.

“Chairman, I have been thinking about the problem of new and old batteries for a long time, but there is no way to solve the problem. And the more I think about it, the more I find that this problem doesn’t seem big, but it’s actually very important and will seriously affect customers’ Views on changing the power station!” Wang Chuanfu said depressed, “After all, there is still a big difference between the old and new batteries!”

“No matter what kind of rechargeable battery, with continuous use, the amount of electricity that can be accommodated inside will continue to decay. According to our current lead-acid battery, if the battery is charged and discharged once a day, at the same time If the energy of the first discharge of a new lead-acid battery is set to 100, then the energy of the second discharge is actually only 90 left.”

“In the next three months, it will drop to 80”

“It will drop to 70 in a year”

“It will drop to 55 in two years!”

“After three years, there will be less than 30% of the original energy. Such batteries are basically useless and must be replaced!” Wang Chuanfu said.

“Therefore, the old and new batteries have a great influence. Even if the two batteries are charged and discharged only 10 times, the performance will be different!”

“But in a substation, it must be no matter what kind of battery is old or new, as long as it is within the scope of use, then directly change the battery. Because we are impossible to replace the new battery with the new battery, the old battery with the old battery, one is This is very expensive to use, and customers may not believe that we will do this!”

“If I am a buyer of an electric car, then I am absolutely impossible to accept the new car I buy. The new battery has only been used once, and after the replacement, it becomes an old battery that has been used for one or two years. This is something I can’t accept anyway. I would rather recharge by myself, and would not go to a power station to change electricity. This is obviously a big loss.”

“Of course, those old car owners who have used the battery for two or three years, they certainly don’t mind changing the battery, but even when the old car is a new car, if it can’t pass the new car, there will be no old car! “Wang Chuanfu said incessantly, with one point of view anyway, the new impossible can be replaced by the old one, and no one can do it!”

“Apart from this, the battery problem also derives a new problem, that is the charge for battery replacement!”

“To refuel a car, you can run as many kilometers as you need, but the battery change is different. As I said before, because of the different battery usage times, two fully charged batteries are likely to run 300. Kilometers, the other is only about 150 kilometers left.”

“If this is to replace the battery at the same price, it is obviously a loss to the old battery, but we are also impossible to retire the battery that is clearly still in the use range. Then it would be too much money. !” In the blink of an eye, Wang Chuanfu threw a new question out.

He spent a whole night in meditation, but these two problems couldn’t be solved at all. He can only look forward to Boss Jia.

“Yes, there is indeed no customer willing to accept such things as replacing old batteries with new ones!” After listening to Wang Chuanfu’s complaints, Boss Jia nodded said.

“However, the solution to this problem is also very simple. When selling cars, only sell cars, but not batteries. If customers simply don’t have their own batteries, then they will naturally not mind what It’s a question of replacing the old with the new!” Boss Jia’s words made Wang Chuanfu opened wide, and the whole person was stunned.

To sell cars but not batteries, did the chairman create a new idea to pit money?

“Why? I think this is incredible?”

“Actually, there is nothing too complicated in this, that is, when buying a car, the battery is removed. We only sell an empty car without a battery to the customer. After all, when the customer buys a fuel car, the fuel tank is also There is no oil!”

“And in this way, because our electric cars do not contain batteries, the price can be drastically reduced by about 10,000 Yuan, which further activates customers’ desire to buy!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“But the chairman, if the electric car doesn’t have a battery, it simply won’t move! Is anyone else buying this?” Wang Chuanfu said with a dazed expression.

“It’s okay, we can rent batteries to them next!”


“Yes, it’s renting!” Boss Jia said with a smile “In my design, the 4S shop where we sell cars will also be directly tied to a power station. The 4S shop itself has power station replacement. Functional part.”

“Customers who bought an electric car without a battery only need to turn their heads next to the 4S shop…No, you can even go through the battery lease procedures directly at a counter!”

“According to the number of battery packs that a car needs to use, the customer pays a different amount of deposit to the swap station, and then the new car is directly replaced with an old battery!”

“Remember, old batteries must be used, and new batteries are definitely not allowed, lest these guys are reluctant to change the battery at the power station!”

“Do you think that when all new car owners have a few sets of old batteries in the battery compartment, do you still feel reluctant to change the battery at the power station?” Boss Jia said with a smile ” Anyway, what they pay is a deposit, and the deposit is refundable, so the customers will not have any psychological burden or discomfort. How about this method?”

“Chairman, I have nothing to say, just a word of service!” Wang Chuanfu really has nothing to say. Boss Jia’s solution can be said to have the ultimate insight into people’s hearts.

Since I don’t want to replace my battery with a new one, it doesn’t matter if I rent an old battery. In this way, the previous psychological barrier will disappear instantly.

What’s even better is that although the battery is no longer sold, the money for the battery is still earned. Although the deposit for an electric car can be refunded anytime and anywhere, unless an electric car is scrapped, who will return it? Deposit, and then remove the battery in the car. Do you want to drive this car?

So although Boss Jia doesn’t make money on batteries in name, he actually still makes money on batteries and sells old batteries to new car customers. This method is indeed extremely subtle, not like Boss Jia. Business genius is absolutely unthinkable!

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