Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1352


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“The number of recharges and power issues…”

“This problem can be better solved. Since the mileage of different batteries cannot be synchronized, then we simply don’t charge according to the number of battery replacements. Let’s sell the mileage directly!” Boss Jia quickly, With confidence, “Customers buy mileage directly in our swap station.”

“And our mileage is sold at a minimum of 100 kilometers. Within the purchased mileage, the customer can replace the battery an unlimited number of times until his car runs out of the corresponding mileage position!”

“Of course, we can also set a minimum mileage replacement limit. If our minimum mileage for a set of batteries is 30 kilometers, then we limit it to 10 kilometers, and each battery replacement must be at least 10 kilometers apart. Avoid Some people obviously didn’t run a long distance, they had to run over to change the battery, wasting our time.”

“But I also believe that, except for some SBs, no one will run a power station swap every day to change the battery. After all, a special trip to a power station will also consume mileage!”

“At the same time, we also have to be stricter on the battery capacity used in the swap station. Once the battery’s capacity falls below the 50% limit, it will be decommissioned and returned to the factory to recover the raw materials and recycle it. .”


“Chairman, if these two problems are solved, then the last two problems will remain. As long as the last two problems are solved, there will be no obstacles to our electric vehicle business!” Wang Chuanfu said here His expression was full of expectation and hesitation.

“You mentioned two problems, the battery model, and the construction cost of the replacement station!” Boss Jia said directly.

“Yes, the chairman of the board has already considered it carefully!” Wang Chuanfu sighed. “I have calculated it. I have calculated it for one night last night. Regardless of the land, the basic cost of building a power station is now about 200,000 Renminbi. But if we add the fully automatic battery replacement we just discussed, For charging vacuum boxes and other equipment, the construction cost of that replacement station may reach around 500,000 Renminbi!”

“If you count the necessary battery reserves for a swap station, the actual opening cost will be around 700,000 Renminbi!”

“Now there are 68,000 gas stations nationwide, so we have to switch stations to at least the same scale. If we consider that the current battery life is about 300 kilometers, the number of stations will be more, I am afraid it will take 10 Ten thousand to complete the basic national coverage.”

“In this case, it would be a huge investment of 70 billion Renminbi!”

“This is not counting the cost of land, as well as the cost of personnel and gas station operation. If these are counted, we, BYD, will absolutely not be able to bear it. We can only take care of it by the head office.”

“And this is only the cost invested in the country. Our car will inevitably move towards the whole world in the future. Then the whole world will have to build our gas stations. I am afraid that the capital required will be even greater. Hundreds of billions of dollars in funds.”

“I originally thought about introducing a franchise system, introducing local capital, and letting them build our standard swap stations, so that we don’t need to invest too much money.”

“This idea is feasible in the future, but not now. Unless half of the roads are now electric vehicles, otherwise there is no capital that will be willing to enter the game. This power station replacement is an absolute loss of money in the early stage. We have our own funds to support!”

“But once our business fails and the sales of electric vehicles are not as expected, all the funds invested will be lost!” Wang Chuanfu said, while peeping at Boss Jia’s expression.

It turned out that even when I said that the total construction cost would cost 70 billion Renminbi, Boss Jia’s face didn’t move a bit. Wang Chuanfu couldn’t help but sigh. The chairman is the chairman, and this attitude of not being surprised is that he has to learn for a lifetime.

It’s just that Wang Chuanfu didn’t know. Boss Jia was very surprised when he heard the number of Renminbi 70 billion, deep in one’s heart.

“What! Only 70 billion Renminbi, even less than 10 billion U.S. dollars, can make the replacement station cover all of China, this is too cheap!” This is Boss Jia hearing the 70 billion figure When, the true thoughts of deep in one’s heart.

“Chairman, what do you think?” After Wang Chuanfu finished speaking, he asked in a low voice.

“Nothing to look good!” Boss Jia waved his hand. “We don’t need to invest such a huge amount of money in the early stage. I think we will use Xijiang Province as the test base first. After the first batch of electric vehicles are manufactured, only It is sold in Xijiang Province, and at the same time it is only built in the expressways of Xijiang Province and the main cities of Xijiang Province.”

“In this case, about 4,000 replacement power stations are enough. Let’s test in Xijiang Province now to see if electric vehicles really meet the needs of the people of Xijiang Province. If the results are good, it will not be promoted nationwide. Late!” Boss Jia said with a smile “Borrowing a famous saying from a great man, let’s start an experimental field and cross the river by feeling the stones!”.

“What you said, chairman!” Wang Chuanfu nodded, hesitated for a moment, and then said “but chairman, what if the future battery myriad cannot be replaced in a unified way?”

“This is also simple, as long as we are fast enough!”

“Fast enough?”

“Yes, after the successful experiment in Xijiang Province, we can’t have any hesitation. We will immediately start the construction of swap stations in all major countries in China and even in the world.”

“In three years at most, all major countries and cities in the world must build a large number of power stations, so that power stations can stand in great numbers in the world instantly!”

“Such an exaggeration, how much does it cost!” Wang Chuanfu was stunned. How many zero dollars it cost to build replacement power stations globally!

“Because this is the only way to solve the previous problem, that is, the problem that all types of batteries in the world are disordered and in a mess and cannot be used in a unified way!” Boss Jia said with a smile “Once our electric car succeeds , Other car companies in the world, they will definitely understand that electric vehicles are the future, and they will also manufacture their own electric vehicles.”

“For up to two or three years, mainstream car companies across the world will launch their own electric vehicles. At that time, we must make our battery standards the standard of the world. All mainstream car companies , We must use our standard car battery!”

“If you want to achieve this goal, you must take the first step and establish swap stations in the whole world, and then the swap station can only replace our only one standard battery.”

“Once this goal is achieved, even if the world’s car companies are reluctant, they can only obediently manufacture rechargeable batteries according to our standards.”

“What if they refuse?” Wang Chuanfu asked stupidly.

“Simple, then don’t switch into our power swap stations. They can build their own power swap stations!” Boss Jia laughed “Our standards are the standards of the world. Who doesn’t follow our standards No one is even qualified to enter the market!”

“This is like the USB interface of a computer. Whoever has a computer without a USB excuse will not be bought by anyone at all!”

“The power station swap is held in our hands, and we are equivalent to holding the lifeblood of the world’s electric vehicles. Who dares not listen to us!!”

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