Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1353


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“Everyone says that transmigrator is full of advantages, but to a certain extent, transmigrator is also completely trapped by the mindset. They only believe in the future development direction they see, but not From other probability!”

“Like me, because there will never be a large-scale swap station in the world in the future, I always think that the swap station is impossible, and it restrains my hands and feet!”

“I know that many things in this world have better choices, but they are obscured by the stupidity of human beings!” This is what Boss Jia said to himself in his mind. A summary of things.

After discussing with Wang Chuanfu, Boss Jia found that, in fact, the switching station is the best solution for electric vehicles. It is just another world because the electric vehicle market is too messy and the battery models are not uniform, so The switch station system has no established probability at all.

If a unified battery rule is established before electric vehicles become popular, the battery used in the world will have one shape, one charging data, and one charging interface. No matter how many manufacturers produce the battery, the battery produced has the least appearance It is the same as the input and output data, and the power station can be constructed naturally.

However, this is almost an impossible false proposition, because only when the replacement station is built first can the battery be unified. But if the battery does not have a uniform specification, it is basically impossible to give birth to a replacement station.

Of course, if battery manufacturers and electric car manufacturers from all over the world are willing to sit together and negotiate and formulate a unified rule, then it is not without probability, but it is too difficult. The previous life has not been done until 2020. To accomplish this, even the idea of ​​substation replacement has not become popular.

So Boss Jia of this World can only build the replacement power station by himself singlehanded, which requires a huge amount of funds that make a country feel scared.

Of course, if it is built, then the electric vehicle industry is Great-Thousand. A company that has the absolute right to speak, and even control the entire electric vehicle industry in one fell swoop is not impossible.

Just like the current e-sports industry, it is completely controlled by Boss Jia. In fact, although companies can also enter the e-sports industry, they can run clubs and engage in competitions.

But the rule-making power of the entire e-sports industry is firmly in the hands of Boss Jia. If Boss Jia one day suddenly has a thought and wants all the players to play in women’s clothing, then all the players will have to play in women’s clothing. , They have no choice.

cough cough, get back to business, after the discussion, Wang Chuanfu immediately invested in the development and production of electric vehicles. But within a few days, Wang Chuanfu found Boss Jia again, saying that he might have encountered some difficulties.

“What’s the difficulty?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“We don’t have a decent car company in China!” Wang Chuanfu said helplessly, “Although we have the experience and technology to make Tesla, these things are not enough for cars, so I want to find some traditional Car companies come to help.”

“But I asked, all the hot-selling models in China are imported from abroad, or are joint venture car companies, they don’t have their own core technology!”

“The only domestic companies that can build their own cars are only a few companies such as FAW and SAIC, but when we asked for their help, they simply ignored us.” Wang Chuanfu said with a bitter smile.

“Nonsense, if you ask for the technology of others’ trump card, might they promise you?” Boss Jia said angrily.

“I know, so I said later that we, BYD, are willing to invest and establish a joint venture with them to produce cars together, but they turned down even more smoothly. And they also said…”

“What else did you say?”

“They also said that only foreign automobile companies can establish joint ventures with them. One of us who builds Bicycles has too many ideas. It is better to build Bicycles obediently and honestly…” Wang Chuanfu said here, his nose is a little smokey.

“These guys!” Boss Jia shook his head at hearing, but he can understand the ideas of these domestic auto companies. After all, the domestic auto industry, whether it is technology or manufacturing capacity, is far away from foreign counterparts. We dumped them to the Himalayas.

Domestic car companies and officials also understand this, so the development path they designed for domestic car companies is joint venture!

It is to use the domestic market and productivity to bring in international car companies, acquire the technology in their hands, and then develop the domestic independent car manufacturing capabilities.

Although this plan sounds a bit frustrated, after 20 years, the domestic car manufacturing capacity has indeed caught up with the international second-rate level. This policy itself is not a problem.

So naturally, in the eyes of domestic car companies, joint ventures can naturally only go to foreign car companies for joint ventures. Now a domestic company still sells bicycles (in the eyes of car companies, electric cars are bicycles. ) To come to a joint venture, I’m afraid it’s not because my head was kicked by a donkey.

“Chairman, otherwise you will come forward for us, your face is great, in one word, which domestic car company dare to refuse you!” Wang Chuanfu said with a smile.

Wang Chuanfu’s words are not wrong. Boss Jia is now the richest man in China, and he is famous throughout China. Among the two people in China, one has heard of Boss Jia’s name.

In the eyes of all domestic companies, Boss Jia is almost like a big brother. After a call from Boss Jia, no matter how ridiculous things are, any domestic company will consider it carefully.

However, Boss Jia still refuses very simply. He doesn’t want to enter into joint ventures with domestic companies. After that, who will sell electric vehicles nationwide?

It’s not good to say that the current domestic automotive technology is really terrible, and Boss Jia really looks down on it.

“Then what shall we do?” Wang Chuanfu asked helplessly when he heard Boss Jia’s refusal.

“Since people don’t give technology, then we can just buy a car company. Didn’t you say everything before, do you want to buy a medium-sized car company?” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“Really! Chairman, you really agree with us to buy a car company!” Wang Chuanfu jumped up excitedly, then thought for a while, then sat back and said, “Otherwise, it’s too expensive to buy a car company. In fact, I think the technology of electric vehicles is not too difficult. We at BYD gather a group of people and we can develop it ourselves in time. There is no need to spend this waste of money!

“Then it’s too late!” Boss Jia shook his head, “Wait for you to gather people and develop independently, then you don’t want to bring out an electric car within 3 years. And I am not asking you BYD to buy a car company , Great-Thousand is responsible for the acquisition. This company will continue to operate normally in the future. I just transfer all the car-making technology to you that’s all!”

“Yes!” Wang Chuanfu’s nodded vigorously, as far as this was concerned, he would be a fool if he refused.

“Give you three days, you go to research, which international car company you want to buy!” Boss Jia said.

“Internationally…” Wang Chuanfu’s breathing became faster.

“Nonsense, domestic technology, can you catch your eye?” Boss Jia rolled the eyes, and Wang Chuanfu was so excited that he almost turned somersault on the spot.

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