Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1354


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Wang Chuanfu’s speed was very fast. Boss Jia gave him three days, and he was looking for him on the 2nd day, but his eyes were flushed with bloodshot eyes. Obviously, he didn’t sleep in a day.

In fact, Wang Chuanfu has not slept for almost 4 days, and he is tossing about building a car.

“Have you thought about it?” Boss Jia asked.

“Yes, chairman, this is my list!” Wang Chuanfu handed a list to Boss Jia. Boss Jia took a look and found that there were only five companies on the list.

“Why are these 3 companies?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“Because I asked someone to inquire, among the major global auto brands, there are currently only three companies that have the ability to be sold, and also have the ability to build cars, a large number of engineers, and related patents .”

“Only by buying one of these three companies, we can have the ability to build cars in a short time!” Wang Chuanfu said tiredly.

“Then you introduce one after another, and talk about your thoughts!”

“Yes, first of all, Volvo! This is my most recommended acquisition, and it is also the most suitable company for us!” Wang Chuanfu said excitedly, “Volvo is a company created in Sweden and is known for its safety throughout the world. , The first company in the world to invent child safety seats, and also has many unique patented technologies in terms of safety. It is currently the top 20 car brand in the world!

“Volvo has everything we need, has a large number of safety patents, has a complete car production line, has a large number of skilled functions and professional engineers, and according to a friend of mine, Volvo actually did the same last year They have also begun the research and development of electric vehicles, and they have accumulated a certain amount of technology in electric vehicles.”

“Finally, and most importantly, the Volvo Group also intends to sell Volvo Cars. They are actively contacting major car manufacturers around the world to try to sell Volvo Cars!”

“As far as I know, the Volvo Group sells Volvo cars because the company’s major shareholders are in an economic crisis. They urgently need cash to tide over the crisis, so they have the idea of ​​selling Volvo cars. So they won’t There are too many demands on buyers, they only need to give money and they will sell Volvo!”

“Now, Volkswagen Group, Ford Group, BMW, etc. are all in contact with Volvo. If you are also interested in Volvo, this is the best opportunity!” Wang Chuanfu’s eyes lit up, his eyes lit up. Can’t wait to swallow Volvo right now.

“Why do Volvo’s major shareholders lack funds?” Boss Jia curiously asked.

“I heard that there was a huge loss in GG investment, and the only way to fill the funding loophole was to sell Volvo!” Wang Chuanfu said.

“Eh…” Boss Jia paused, but he didn’t think that the culprit was his own.

However, Volvo was sold to the Ford Group in 1999. This should not be regarded as its own butterfly wings!

“Chairman, let’s take action, this is the best opportunity!” Wang Chuanfu couldn’t help but urged.

“No, this is not the best opportunity!” Boss Jia shook his head and refused very decisively. “I read the Volvo data on your profile. His global sales reached 180,000 vehicles. This is Volvo’s At the highest level in history, it also created a profit of 120 million US dollars. This is a company with very good performance!”

“Volvo is now in its at the peak period, so the price is bound to be a premium. Although Volvo’s market value is only 4.2 billion US dollars, the real purchase price is definitely more than that.”

“You also said that Ford, GM, and BMW are all trying to acquire Volvo. There are so few large companies competing with each other. I don’t know how far the price will be. Let’s go in now instead of waiting. Do you want to be taken advantage of?” Boss Jia’s words were very straightforward, and Wang Chuanfu moved his mouth and had nothing to say, because what Boss Jia said was the truth.

Volvo is good, but it is too expensive to buy now.

Historically, the Ford Group finally bought the Volvo Cars business under the Volvo Group at a price of US$6.45 billion in 1999, making Volvo Cars a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ford Group.

This price is a full 2.8 billion US dollars higher than the total market value of Volvo Cars at that time, which is almost double the premium.

But what about the result?

In 2010, Geely Automobile from China bought the entire Volvo car from Ford for only 1.8 billion US dollars.

This means that in the ten years since the acquisition, Volvo itself suffered a very serious loss. If Boss Jia bought Volvo at this time, he would really be a World’s First fool.

Even if you really want to buy it, don’t you buy it after 2010?

“The chairman said, then I would recommend Citroen cars second!” Wang Chuanfu actually knew that Great-Thousand’s purchase of Volvo was impossible, after all, it was too expensive, so he took out his second goal , But also the most feasible goal!

“Citroen…Will they be willing to sell?” Boss Jia nodded, Citroen is not bad, it is known as the car Apple, dare to try various new technologies, of course, and finally because of the new technology and the successful Self-destruction, with As for it was later acquired by the Mark Group.

Citroen is not much compared with Volvo in terms of technology and production capacity, but the price is very cheap. The current total market value is more than 2 billion US dollars, half cheaper than Volvo.

It’s just that Boss Jia had never heard of Citroen being sold in his previous life. At most, in 18 years, Dongfeng Motor and Citroen held each other’s shares, and Dongfeng Motor finally owned 30% of Citroen.

But this is because Dongfeng and Citroen have established a joint venture factory very early, and the relationship between the two parties is very deep, so there is the probability of this mutual shareholding. It seems difficult to buy Citroen from the Peugeot Group.

“Probability is still great!” Wang Chuanfu said, “Although Citroen was acquired by the mark, Citroen was forced to sell itself. However, the object of selling cars was Michelin, which is the company that sells tires.”

“But later they learned that Michelin was actually just a cover, and it was the iconic car that really wanted to buy them. Not long after Michelin bought the Citroen, it sold it to the iconic car, which made Citroen all over the world. Very angry, the two sides planted a contradiction at the beginning!”

“However, Michelin also left a hole for the logo, that is, in order to acquire Citroen as soon as possible, during the negotiations between the two parties, Michelin promised to give Citroen a lot of autonomy. This resulted in the logo being basically unable to acquire Citroen. Controlling Citroen is just a nominal Owner.!”

“Later, although the company was renamed Logo-Citroen United Automobile Group for a while, Citroen increasingly looked down on the logo internally and wanted to part ways with the logo, but it has always been difficult to have equity in the hands of others.”

“The logo is also a headache for Citroen now, because Citroen did not produce great benefits in their hands, but a lot of contradictions have arisen. Now the two companies are at odds with each other, and they are eager to sell Citroen. , In exchange for a sum of cash!”

“Therefore, there is a prerequisite for acquiring Citroen. As long as we show our intentions and talk about it, I think Citroen’s probability is still very high!” Wang Chuanfu said.

“Okay, then Citroen is set as the priority acquisition target!” Boss Jia nodded, I think Citroen is indeed good, but there is another company on the list. This is the first time I saw the brand name of this company, Boss Jia.

Before this, Boss Jia had never seen the name of this car brand.

This car is called: Rover Cars

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