Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1355


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“This Rover car, please introduce it too!” Because I have never heard of this brand, Boss Jia was very curiously asked.

“This Rover car is the last choice!” Wang Chuanfu said with some regret. “This company is actually a Legendary company. This company has a history of 120 years. They were the first to make Bicycles. Yes, a small engine was added to Bicycle groundbreakingly, creating the first motorcycle in the world!”

“Although the general view is that the motorcycle invented by the German Daimler Group is now the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, they are actually the first car to mass produce motorcycles! According to Rover Motors’ announcement According to the data, as early as 1982, they tried to install a small engine on a Bicycle, and they also succeeded in the test. It was only because that small engine was very difficult to manufacture and had the capacity for mass production. The result was a step ahead by Daimler!”

“But they launched a motorcycle in 1903, which was the best motorcycle sold in the country at the time, and later switched to producing cars. Later in the war years, Rover responded to the government’s call and switched to Producing aircraft engines.”

“As a result, after the war ended, this company installed aero engines directly on the car, creating the most wild horsepower car at the time, shocking the entire market.”

“Followed by the golden age of Luofu Motors. They successively launched the P3, P4, and P5 models, which became the best-selling model in Europe at that time and once ranked as the world’s number one car manufacturer.”

“It’s just that since the 1960s, Rover Motors has fallen into a trough, and at the same time cheaper Japanese cars entered the market, Rover was beaten to a halt. By the Early-Stage in the 1980s, it basically fell into a state of suspension Among them!”

“Later, the Rover car was sold to China Airlines, but there was no success. In 1994, the Rover was sold to BMW!” Wang Chuanfu said, “In fact, from the traditional history of car manufacturing, Rover is actually much stronger than Volvo and Citroen, but Rover has been discontinued for nearly 20 years. The current engineers and designers of this company, and even the production line, are all BMW’s!”

“They only borrowed the brand Rover Motors. Apart from the brand, Rover itself does not have any physical production lines!”

“However, Rover Motors’ patents seem to be under the name of Rover Motors, and their various technologies are also present. This is the only place where Rover Motors has the value of being acquired!”

“But these technologies and patents are also Old Antique more than 20 years ago. Buying it back can’t complete the technology upgrade. It makes much sense to buy!”

“Furthermore, after BMW bought Rover cars, it once tried to borrow the reputation and brand of Rover cars to open up the high-end luxury car market. However, they found that customers no longer eat the Rover brand. The brand value of Fu is not as high as the recognition of BMW 7 Series!”

“So after a short recovery, Rover soon announced that it would stop production, and BMW also wanted to sell Rover!”

“Rover is just a helpless choice, after all, their technology is no longer enough, far inferior to the current Citroen and Volvo! But the price should be quite cheap, it is estimated that the price of hundreds of millions of dollars can be won.” Wang Chuanfu finally said.

“Okay!” Boss Jia nodded “But I have a question, why are the three brands you selected are all European car brands? The United States and Japan, aren’t the world’s largest car producers now? How about you Do not consider these two countries?”

“Because they will not buy!” Wang Chuanfu helplessly said “Japan’s auto industry is booming and dominates the global market. Now Japan is making money almost outside of Mazda, and it’s still making money. They are absolutely Won’t sell it!”

“As for Mazda, this company is very hard-core. It is difficult for us to buy. In the future, even if we buy it, their engineers will be troublesome. Buying will only increase the trouble. Moreover, Ford has already bought Mazda. A lot of shares.”

“U.S. companies are because their industries are too concentrated!”

“Although there are many car brands in the United States, in fact, these car brands are actually concentrated under the names of two group companies, namely the Ford Group and the GM Group.”

“Ford has three brands: Ford, Lincoln and Mercury”

“GM has even more, well-known ones include Buick, Chevrolet, Cadillac, GM Daewoo, GMC, Opel, Hummer, Saturn, Pontiac, Saab, Holden, etc…”

There are so many brands under the names of these two companies, but in fact it is just a brand change. The original patents and property rights of these brands have all been transferred to GM and Ford headquarters.

Even if we can buy a brand from them, we can only buy the brand. We can’t buy any technology, let alone the production line and engineers, which is worse than Rover.

“Moreover, these two companies are used to being proud. They speak, and they are less than 1 billion dollars, and fools will find them!” Wang Chuanfu explained.

Boss Jia nodded, did not speak.

Well, in fact, our Boss Jia didn’t understand these at all. He had only heard of these car brands in his previous life, and didn’t understand the things behind these car brands at all.

So when he heard that GM had so many car brands that occupy a large domestic market, he couldn’t help cry out in surprise “These are all GM brands!”

“Chairman, it should be sooner rather than later, you see…” Wang Chuanfu said cautiously.

“You guy, it doesn’t hurt to spend my money, right?” Boss Jia coldly snorted, and then said, “You go back and give me a good night’s sleep, clean up your image, and then go home to accompany your parents and family. After half a month, start with me to go to Europe!”

“Yes!” Wang Chuanfu shouted immediately. This time he went to Europe. Obviously, he was going to buy a car. The speed was fast enough.


“Wife, do you want to accompany me to Europe next month?” Boss Jia returned home and asked Zhu Qiushui smilingly.

“The child is still breastfeeding, what will he do in Europe?” Zhu Qiushui whited Jia Yapeng.

“Buy a car!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“Brother, what car can’t you buy in China? You actually have to go to Europe to buy a car. Do you want to buy the legendary, the most expensive car in the world, Rolls Royce Silver Charm?” It’s Jia Jiafeng. This guy doesn’t know when he will go home. He looked at his Old Brother and asked with a smile.

“Well, it’s almost the same, I will buy it for you if I know!” Boss Jia didn’t explain to his younger sister that what he wanted was not a car…

“By the way, do you want to go to Europe with me, and the big brother will take you on vacation?”

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