Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1357


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“My friend, you speak German well!” Seeing that Boss Jia was asking for three glasses of free champagne provided by the flight attendants, the expression on the face of this German middle age person flashed a little embarrassment, and then quickly reopened He recovered his calmness and said with a smile.

“It’s okay, I learned it temporarily before going out!” Boss Jia said in Chinese.

“hehe” the German smiled slightly and didn’t refute it, but obviously it was when Boss Jia was farting. But the problem is that Boss Jia didn’t lie. He really only learned a little German temporarily when he went out.

After studying for a while, Boss Jia is indeed a genius.

Of course, the most important reason is that Boss Jia’s translator is sitting behind him. The German sentence was told by the translator to whisper to Boss Jia later, and Boss Jia would repeat it again.

“I think you are good in German, do you want to come to work in our company!” This middle age person said with a smile “Our company is exploring the Chinese market, and we need young Chinese who understand German and have knowledge like you!”

“Oh!” Boss Jia nodded, and then asked “I don’t know what your company is?”

“This is my business card, I am very optimistic about you!” The German handed a business card to Boss Jia, and Boss Jia glanced at it, showing a playful smile on his face.

Because it reads “German Bavaria Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Vice President of Greater China: Von Hans Andreit” in Chinese and German.

Well, when many Chinese people first saw the name of this company, they thought it was a German agricultural machinery factory and so on, but in fact, this is the full name of the famous BMW company.

Yes, yes, the famous BMW company does not have the word BMW in the full name of the company in the German headquarters, nor does it contain any meaning of the name BMW. Bavaria is an administrative region of Germany and has nothing to do with BMW. .

And BMW is only called BMW in China.

It is said that when BMW first entered the Chinese market, its name was Bayer. As a result, its sales were very dismal and it was slammed by the public.

However, the president of BMW at the time was a Chinese. He thought that the name Bayer was not grounded enough, nor was it catchy enough to be remembered by Chinese people, so he made up his mind to take another one that could easily be Chinese. I remember the name, but I can’t think of what to call it.

It is said that Microsoft was the last one who contributed to the work. One year, Microsoft just launched Smart ABC. This president naturally used it immediately. As a result, he just entered the German abbreviation of the Bavarian Machinery Manufacturing Plant: BMW’s first two letters BM when.

This smart abc input method is associated with the word BMW.

The president took a look, good guy, isn’t BMW just integrated with the car?

The best BMW in ancient times is not the best car in modern times?

So, China Bavaria Machinery Plant changed its name to China BMW Co., Ltd., and BMW has officially become one of the luxury car brands rampant in China, and it is firmly remembered by all Chinese people.

“This is really a coincidence!” Boss Jia murmured, then smiled and returned his business card to the vice president of BMW China.

“You…” The vice president was a little surprised. Not all young people in China received his business card like a Supreme Treasure, and then put it in his pocket respectfully. This young man will be the first to return it to you tomorrow.

“Young man, you must think carefully about what you are doing. You rejected my business card today, and you will never have the chance again!” Hans was already very upset.

“This is not an opportunity, this is just a piece of poisonous bait that’s all!” Boss Jia saw that the other party did not pick up, and very simply tore the business card in half in half, and then said with a smile “You Just invited me to join BMW, maybe I see your VP status on the business card, and I think this invitation will not be a problem. Then in order to keep this job and become your wage earner, then I will I can’t jump out to stop you from seduce my younger sister. I might even take the initiative to let you and my younger sister get close, let myself please you and avoid losing this job!”

“But in fact, your invitation was just a verbal invitation. There was nothing else. After you harmed my younger sister, I would naturally be impossible to join BMW again and be a wage earner for you!”

“Of course, maybe you keep your promises and let me join your China BMW company, and then accompany them with a smiling face every day to engage in sales. But if this is the case, why don’t I apply for BMW As for sales, this position only requires a high school degree. Didn’t I read Tsinghua for several years for nothing?” Boss Jia spoke with a smile all the way, but Hans looked at Boss Jia’s expression more and more It’s ugly, like seeing a ghost in the end, with sweat on his forehead.

It is the first time in the life of this Mr. Hans that all the filth has been exposed so simply, let alone a young man in China.

“If this is the case, then it will be missed!” Mr. Hans said immediately, and he was pierced to this point. Naturally, Mr. Hans was not easy to strike up a conversation anymore, so he ran to the business class in a desperate manner. Went to his seat.

“Old Brother, you are so amazing, you can see through the mind of that foreign devil in one fell swoop. It’s really amazing!” Jia Jiafeng said excitedly.

“It’s nothing terrible, I just know that these on the surface are polite, but in fact, that’s all, that’s all of the thoughts of male thieves and female prostitutes, after all, we are all men!” Boss Jia knocked his younger sister on the head , And then said, “It’s not all to blame you, if we don’t take our own private jet, we must be a passenger plane!”

“It doesn’t matter if you are a passenger plane, you still have to be in economy class, otherwise, how can you provoke such an old bastard!” Boss Jia said angrily.

“Old Brother, I am doing this for your own good!” Jia Jiafeng immediately retorted, “I recently read a lot of history books and discovered a truth, that is, being an official and an emperor must not be separated from the masses. Otherwise, it will perish!”

“You are now the richest man in China. Everyone you see is rich or powerful, and you have private jets every day. How can you have time to contact ordinary people? After a long time, you will become a fool. The family business is dead!” Jia Jiafeng said with a serious face.

“Jiafeng, you can actually think of these principles!” Boss Jia looked at his younger sister in a little surprise, and could see these principles clearly. When did Jia Jiafeng be so intelligent?

“Brother, don’t listen to her nonsense, she just has never been in economy class and wants to take the opportunity to experience it!” Jia Jiayue on the side ruthlessly exposed her elder sister’s true face.

“Nothing, Old Brother, don’t you let her talk nonsense, watch me not tear her mouth!” The two sisters fought together in the next second, and Boss Jia had no choice but to find the magazine. At first glance, it was actually in German, which was uncomfortable for the thief.

Hey, it would be great if it were his own Wandering Earth. Boss Jia just got on a lap with a young beautiful stewardess who has just joined the crew. If you fly to Germany today, you may be able to exercise in groups.