Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1358

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“By the way, should you two really think about it and bring me two brother-in-laws?” Boss Jia looked at his younger sisters and sighed.

My younger sister is also 25 this year, and it has reached the standard of late marriage and late childbirth, but she has no intention of marrying, not even her boyfriend.

The so-called eldest brother is like a father, Boss Jia should also care about the personal problems of his younger sister.

“It’s not attractive at all!” Jia Jiafeng heard it, sighed, and said very depressed, “Or Old Brother, think of a way to help us arrange a wealthy or political marriage and so on ?”

“Ah…” Boss Jia was taken aback. Shouldn’t his two younger sisters pursue free love, the man they like, and their true feelings?

He even maintained a break with the family at all costs.

Why don’t you ask yourself to marry a rich family?

“Is this weird?” Jia Jiafeng gave Boss Jia a blank look and said, “Our two sisters now spend more than 10,000 Renminbi per day. In this world, except for the rich and wealthy, who can carry our sisters? Two such waste of money?”

“Furthermore, if the status is not worthy of us, this kind of person will be very uncomfortable to live together in the future, and feel that you look down on him all day. We are not as stupid as Li Fuzhen’s stupid girl. Ordinary employee of my own company!” Jia Jiafeng said grimly.

“You still know Li Fuzhen!” Boss Jia was surprised, when did this Samsung/Three Star Princess Zhang come into contact with his younger sister?

“Yeah, at the end of last year, she wanted to invest in our entertainment industry in China, and invested in our TV series “Love Through Time”. Big brother, didn’t you say that Samsung/Three Star has a cooperation with our company, it is a friend Did we give her a 10% investment opportunity, and by the way, we got a few female artists from South Korea to come and play Zhu Yuanzhang and Zhu Di’s side concubine and so on, and they got acquainted later!” Jia Jiafeng casually said.

Well, originally Jia Jiayue wanted Boss Jia to continue to play Zhu Di, but Boss Jia refused.

Just kidding, this Zhu Di is the second male in “Love Through Time”. The drama is very heavy, and Boss Jia has no time to soak in the crew.

“Later, this Li Fuzhen had to pull us into some of their circles. We found it troublesome and didn’t bother to pay attention to them, but there was still contact with Li Fuzhen!”

“Does this Li Fuzhen have any purpose?” Boss Jia thought involuntarily after hearing his younger sister’s words.

But I thought for a while, but couldn’t help laughing. I really thought too much. The dreams of wealthy princesses like my younger sister and Li Fuzhen would naturally gather together.

The plots of giant Eldest Miss and ordinary women being girlfriends are all played on TV, and basically they don’t exist in reality.

Otherwise, a bottle of nail polish from the wealthy Young Lady is worth all the equipment of a girlfriend. This kind of girlfriend is impossible for a long time, and the gap is too big to play with one piece.

However, this Li Fuzhen is a special case.

She is the heroine plot in genuine idol dramas. She is just the heroine of the harem heroine. She fell in love with an ordinary employee of Samsung/Three Star, and finally forced her family to agree with her. The marriage of ordinary employees shocked the entire South Korea and made many South Koreans believe that the world has its own true feelings.

But what is even more bloody in the back is that after the two people got married, the gap between the two sides quickly became apparent, and the red light was quickly lit up between the two people.

In the end, the man cheated and got divorced. In the divorce lawsuit, he had to pay more than 10 billion won in the break-up fee, which is a myth of a generation of scumbags.

At this time, it was the time when Li Fuzhen was in love with this man. Boss Jia thought that his younger sister would be infected by Li Fuzhen, and went to fall in love with an ordinary person, but did not expect to see it more clearly.

“Li Fu is so stupid, that man knows plot against too much, they can’t grow up!” Jia Jiayue finally made her own comment, and then the plane began to descend and they had arrived at Munich Airport.

“Wait, do I seem to be urging them to marry? How come I suddenly become Li Fuzhen?” Boss Jia touched his head, his younger sisters are very powerful, it seems that he is Don’t worry about their safety.

“That’s all, it’s the same whether they get married or not. Do they still worry about old-age care? As long as they have a happy life!” Boss Jia said to himself like this, and let go of the rare marriage reminder idea.


On May 2, 1998, at Munich International Airport in Germany, an ordinary-looking large passenger plane landed on the runway of the airport. Then several of them were dressed in very ordinary clothes. The first one just wore one. An ordinary casual shirt.

This is Jia Jiayue bought from a roadside stall in Yuzhang for 12 yuan, and gave it to Boss Jia as the first gift after making money.

“Old Brother, you are not short of money anyway, no matter how expensive clothes are in your eyes, I will buy the cheapest clothes for you, which is the most interesting!” Jia Jiayue said at the time. .

Boss Jia didn’t know if this outfit was interesting, but it was unexpectedly comfortable to wear, so he joined Boss Jia’s daily wardrobe.

As for everyone other than Boss Jia, they are all suits and leather shoes, and all of them are Versace suits. One can buy 500 pieces of Boss Jia.

Several ordinary guests came out directly from the VIP passage of the airport, and then at the exit of the VIP passage, there were 5 all-black Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles in the early morning, waiting in a long line for Boss Jia .

Before and after the convoy, there were a dozen bodyguards who also wore suits and sunglasses, surrounded the convoy, looking at everyone indifferently.

And those travelers who passed by here by accident were shocked by this posture.

“Which country’s prime minister came from?” Someone couldn’t help but whispered.

These are naturally the bodyguards that Boss Jia hired. Now Boss Jia is already a top VIP customer of Black Liquid, and he has to pay tens of millions of dollars in VIP fees every year.

As remuneration, Boss Jia can get the highest security work from Black Liquid Company in any place and any country.

However, the black liquid is actually only responsible for the security work of the outside circle. The one who really protects Boss Jia personally is still a security team composed of several Chinese people. These all are Boss Jia and hundreds of thousands of Renminbi are provided every month. The relatives and family members of the adults work in Great-Thousand, and the minors attend classes in schools recommended by Great-Thousand.

These people are 100% safe, the kind who can block bullets for our Boss Jia at critical times.

Otherwise, Boss Jia would not dare to hand over the security to the black liquid company, otherwise, what if the black liquid company wants to assassinate itself? After all, black liquid is not only a top international security company, but also a top international employment company, and privately, it is also a top international assassination company.

Although the black liquid company has not assassinated its VIP customers, anything can happen this year, Boss Jia still has to make the most complete plan.

In fact, in addition to Boss Jia, Wang Chuanfu and the others who arrived in Germany together, but they came here on the Wandering Earth, and they had already gone to the hotel one step in advance to wait for Boss Jia.

Yes, in fact, the Wandering Earth has arrived in Germany 4 hours earlier. Although Boss Jia was on a civil airliner when he came, it was just to give his younger sisters a taste of something new, so I had to be myself when I returned It’s a special plane, otherwise the aircraft is not bought for nothing. How many hundreds of dollars a month the crew and aircraft maintenance costs are also spent for nothing?

Furthermore, special planes are far more comfortable than civil airliners.