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“Chairman, Mr. Hans has arrived.” That afternoon, at the headquarters of the Bavarian Machinery Plant in Germany, which is the global headquarters of the BMW Group, BMW’s Chairman Secretary reported to BMW’s CEO and Chairman Bill Ruide.

“Call him in!” Bi Ruide said. After a while, Mr. Hans had already appeared in front of Bi Ruide.

Yes, it was the German Jia Yapeng saw on the plane.

Actually, when he saw Hans’s business card, Boss Jia knew that he might still have to meet him again.

“Do you know why I called you back?” BMW Chairman Bi Ruide asked directly.

“I’m very sorry, I don’t know very well!” Hans wanted to scold his mother. He stayed well in China. Although that place was a little behind, as a foreigner, he was really Extremely popular, in life and spirit, while enjoying the life of a master, Hans does not even want to leave China.

As a result, Bi Ruide called him back from China. He was squashed on a young man on the plane, and Hans was also very upset.

But he didn’t dare to say these, but he was sorry that he didn’t know.

“Because you are the person in our group who knows China best, our group needs your opinion to help us make decisions!” Bi Rui De said with a smile.

“Chairman, does the company have any major actions aimed at the China market?” Bi Ruide is a little pleased. If this is the case, as the vice president of Greater China, he has a lot of rights and opportunities.

“No!” Bi Ruide shook his head, making Hans half cold.

“About five days ago, the company received a call from a Chinese company, and they expressed their intention to acquire the Rover brand, and at the same time inspect and negotiate with Rover!”

“So I want to ask about your opinion, after all, you are the one who understands China best among all of us!” Bi Ruide said.

“Acquisition Rover Motors!” Hans was also taken aback. “This is impossible. As far as China’s auto market is concerned, there is no company that can afford to buy Rover Motors!”

“But this is the fact, we did receive such a letter of acquisition!” Bi Rui De said.

“Which company is this company? FAW, SAIC, or BAIC?” Hans burst out several names in a row. This is his perception that China, which has the strength to buy Rover Motors, is already It is China’s largest state-owned automobile company.

“Neither! They are Great-Thousand Group!”

“Great-Thousand Group?” Hans froze for a moment, as if he had never heard of this company.

“Why? You don’t know this company?” This made Bi Ruide glanced at Hans with some confusion, and couldn’t help but wonder, what exactly did this guy do during his two or three years in China? Do you want to check him?

“Of course I know that this is China’s largest private company, and it is also China’s only one of the world’s top 500 private companies! It’s just that this company has never been involved in the automotive industry. I didn’t expect them to be interested in cars! “Hans quickly remedied that Great-Thousand is so famous in China, Hans has heard the name more or less, but for Great-Thousand, he also knows something like this.

Just let him say that this is not a car company, and Hans doesn’t bother to pay attention.

“It’s good if you know it, do you think this company sincerely wants to buy Rover, or is it teasing us?” Bi Ruide asked with some worry. He also sent someone to investigate the Great-Thousand Group and found Daxian The main business of the group is in electronic products, and it has never been in contact with the automotive industry. This makes Bi Ruide very confused and uneasy, afraid of what crafty plots and machinations are hidden behind Great-Thousand.

Or simply teasing them.

“I think they just want to try the water! Maybe they just want to enter the ranks of auto parts production” Hans said immediately. “The Great-Thousand Group is a labor-intensive company to squeeze Workers’ blood and sweat is profit, but the electronics market is so big. Great-Thousand does not have its own top-notch technology. It is estimated that they will not see a growth point in the electronics industry, so they want to try the water in the automotive industry. Cars have tens of thousands of different parts. If they can enter the auto parts manufacturing industry, then the company’s performance will naturally have new growth points.”

“If this is the case, they only need to be obediently and honestly engaged in production. Why do they want to buy a Rover car?” Bi Ruide asked puzzled.

“Maybe they just want to use this as an excuse to contact us! I know Chinese people very well. They are stupid and stupid, but they are very face-saving. If they come directly to the door to order, they will definitely be very face-saving. Therefore, it is an excuse to buy Rover Motors and establish a relationship with us, and then ask for orders!” Hans showed his understanding of Chinese people.

“Or, they want the production technology of auto parts. The Chinese people are like this. Under the name of joint venture, they steal a lot of technology from our BMW hands!”

“If this is the case, then there is no need to talk about it!” Bi Ruide shook his head. He originally had some expectations for the sale of Rover cars, and wanted to sell this hot potato.

Because Rover Motors is the biggest taint in Bi Rui De’s heart, and it is also his biggest loss in BMW.

At the time, the acquisition of Rover Motors was completed by B Reid. At that time, B Reid’s idea was to borrow Rover, a high-end brand, to open up the high-end markets in Europe and the United States for BMW.

But he found that he overestimated the charm of Rover’s brand.

When Pyreide was young, it was the most glorious time for Rover as a whole. At that time, Rover’s position in Europe was similar to that of Porsche in China. A proper high-end brand was even close to Rollsley. Si put together.

It’s a pity that Bi Rui De is old. Now the main consumer, those 30-40 years old middle age person, when they grow up, it is when Rover fell into the clouds. In their eyes, Rover is Believe oneself infallible rubbish and idiots, how can they look at the Rover brand.

The result is that Rover, a high-end car brand, is far from selling as much as its own BMW 7 Series. The difference between the two is as much as 30 times. Facts have proved that Bi Rui De advocated the acquisition of Rover is a huge mistake. And losses, now this mistake has made B Rui De a little breathless, and many people in the company want to use this as an excuse to drive B Rui De off.

If Bi Rui De can sell Rover at this time, then of course Bi Rui De’s urgent need is solved.

Unfortunately, this guy is a little too trusting in Hans’s judgment. At the same time, in the bones, he also feels that the Chinese company simply does not have the probability of his own creation. Besides, he also has a very important acquisition case in his hands. Once it succeeds in changing the brand influence of the entire BMW, Bryder thought for a while and said, “Mr. Hans, you will be solely responsible for the acquisition at this time. After all, you have been in China for so long, and you can speak Chinese. Well said, you can better see through the minds of those guys.”

“If Great-Thousand Group is really interested in acquiring, you can start negotiations with them. If the price is set, you can first quote 1.4 billion US dollars, and then pay the rest!” Bi Ruide explained.

“Yes!” Hans said immediately, and Bi Rui De nodded, let Hans go out, and then he continued to ponder another important acquisition in his hands.