Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1360


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Mr. Hans accepted the task, but he didn’t care. He didn’t stay in the company to check the information that day, but went home directly.

After all, I haven’t been home for nearly a year, and I haven’t seen my child. Family is more important!

As a result, Mr. Hans’s wife was thirsty, so Mr. Hans worked harder at night. He was late for a long time on 2nd day, and it turned out that the representative of China had already arrived, and he had waited for half a time. More than an hour.

“I’m very sorry, there are too many cars in Munich. I was stuck on the road for half an hour, sorry!” As soon as Hans entered the door, he said with a smile, justifying and apologizing for his lateness .

As a senior at BMW, although Hans looks down on China from the bottom of his heart, he will never forget his basic courtesy.

It’s just that this apology is really unwilling.

“Hello this gentleman, I am the president of BYD and the Chief-In-Charge Wang Chuanfu of this time!” Wang Chuanfu stood up and introduced himself.

“BYD? Isn’t the Great-Thousand Group talking to us?” Hans frowned.

“Yes, our BYD is a subsidiary of Great-Thousand Group. I am also a senior manager of Great-Thousand Group. The acquisition at this time was indeed made by Great-Thousand Group. I just acted as this time The Chief-In-Charge that’s all of the delegation!” Wang Chuanfu explained.

“What, they only sent a senior manager to negotiate with me!” Hans was angry. He is the vice president of BMW dignified. Although the title of vice president needs to add a Greater China region, the official position is undoubtedly vice president.

Then he should at least wait for the upper hand, negotiating with a vice president of Great-Thousand and negotiating with the senior manager is what the hell, it is really shameful.

Hans originally wanted to walk away, but thought that this was the task given by Bill Ruide himself. If he left directly, he would not be able to explain it to Bill Ruide, so he could only endure the uncomfortable heart and sat down.

As a result, it doesn’t matter if you don’t sit down. As soon as you sit down, Hans sees a guy wearing a mask behind Wang Chuanfu. Although this guy’s face is hidden in the mask, Hans’s cunning eyes are impossible to forget. .

“The smelly brat yesterday was from the Great-Thousand Group!” Hans was crying out in surprise in the heart, but after thinking about it, it seemed normal.

After all, in this era of China, not many people are lucky enough to go abroad. On the international flights from Beijing to Munich, to-and-fro passengers are basically foreigners, and Chinese people rarely appear.

So the Chinese people I met yesterday should be the Great-Thousand group delegation that came to negotiate with me. For the same purpose, the two sides took the same flight and flew from China together, which is actually a high Probability of events. “”

On the other side, Wang Chuanfu has an unfathomable mystery. He is not stupid. At a distance of seven or eight meters, he can feel the anger on Mr. Hans. Wang Chuanfu doesn’t know how he offended Mr. Hans. .

“Mister Wang, we are a formal business negotiation. Please respect business etiquette and don’t cover your face!” Hans said unceremoniously, and Wang Chuanfu suddenly realized that the German was angry because The man wearing a mask behind him.

If it were an ordinary subordinate, Wang Chuanfu would directly scold him.

But the question is, who is your own boss, how dare you scold your own boss?

“I’m very sorry, I have some cold today!” Boss Jia took off the mask very simply.

Since the guy didn’t recognize his identity yesterday, he certainly doesn’t know his identity now. So Boss Jia does not need to wear a mask.

“hmph!” Hans coldly snorted, and then said “mister Wang, let’s start as soon as possible. Rover Motors is a luxury car brand with a long history. The name of Rover Motors is well-known in the world. The side by side brand of Silly.”

“You want to buy Rover Motors. This is a very wise decision. At the same time, we will give you a very fair price.” Hans said directly. “In 1994, some companies in Bavaria Machinery Buy the entire Louvre car for a full price of 1.8 billion US dollars.”

“Now, after 4 years of operation of our company, Rover Motors has not only resumed production, but also launched 5 successful models. It has achieved huge sales in the market and its brand value has doubled. If you If you are really interested in Rover Motors, then our offer is no less than 3.6 billion US dollars!”

For such a long list of words, Hans finished speaking in one breath. During the period, Wang Chuanfu wanted to interrupt several times, but was ignored by Hans. As soon as he finished the offer, he looked at Wang Chuanfu as if waiting for Wang Chuanfu for the next second. He directly agreed to buy Hans.

“At this price, killing pigs doesn’t care about it!” Wang Chuanfu cursed in his heart. In his heart, the Rover car is worth about 300 million US dollars at most, and it must include a full set of technology and production lines. , Engineer and so on.

Now the other party directly opened the mouth for 3.6 billion US dollars, which made Wang Chuanfu feel that there was no need to talk about it, and he almost got up and left.

“I don’t know, the price of 3.6 billion US dollars includes all the value of Rover Motors’ technology patents, car brands, production lines, and engineers?” Boss Jia asked behind Wang Chuanfu, who heard his Boss Words, suddenly closed his mouth.

Yes, then I only need to go with my boss.

“Yes, it is all the assets of Rover Motors!” Hans said as it should be by rights, but he didn’t actually answer any questions.

“We need a detailed list of assets!” Jia Yapeng said.

“This still needs time to sort out, we can’t provide it in a short time!” Hans glanced at Jia Yapeng, a young man who was very clever, and he saw through his trap with a right glance.

“Sir, providing a detailed list of assets is a necessary condition for any acquisition negotiation. If you cannot even provide the list of assets, then we can only withdraw from this negotiation. At the same time, we will protest to your board of directors. You His attitude is very problematic!” Jia Yapeng said calmly, and Mr. Hans was silent for a while.

He is not afraid of other things, but if the board of directors adopts this attitude and process when negotiating, they will really kill themselves, and they still need to pretend.

“I understand, please wait for one morning. I will send someone to sort out the list of assets for you in the afternoon!” Hans said, and the negotiations that morning came to an end.

“I can’t think of Rover, the most sure company, but the first one to fail!” After Hans left, Wang Chuanfu said with a bitter smile.

He originally thought that Rover cars would be very easy. After all, he was in the hands of BMW, and it was a pile of shit, and BMW wanted to sell it immediately.

Wang Chuanfu originally thought that he would be warmly received by BMW. The other party could not wait to sell Rover to him by various means, and he had full choice, didn’t expect the other party to be so arrogant and the attitude so bad. .

“It doesn’t matter, anyway, our most important target is Citroen, Rover is just an attempt!” Boss Jia said.