Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1361


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“Is BMW crazy? With just these three brands, I actually want to sell it for $3.6 billion!” In the afternoon, Hans’s list was sent over, but Wang Chuanfu just took a look and it exploded.

Because on the list sent by Hans, there are only three car brands under the Rover Automotive Group. Apart from this also has three factories, one in Kuinguo, one in Germany, and one in the United States.

This seems pretty good, but according to Wang Chuanfu’s previous investigation, these three factories were actually built in the 1960s and were built in the old Rover era.

If placed 30 years ago, this might be the more advanced car factory at that time, but after 30 years, these three factories have not changed. The production lines inside are still the production lines of 30 years ago, which have long been abandoned by the times. Up.

In fact, the three factories themselves have been abandoned. There is no worker in them. It is just that as the Rover Group has been packaged and sold, the only valuable thing is about the land under the factory.

But the three plots of land are impossible to sell for a crazy price of 3.6 billion US dollars anyway.

Someone asked, didn’t Rover produce a new car? Where are these cars made?

Of course, these cars were produced on BMW’s own production line. They just affixed a Rover logo, so Rover has actually lost its ability to produce cars.

These are also that’s all. After all, what Wang Chuanfu values ​​most is the various technologies, patents, and engineers under Rover Motors.

But since the factory is empty, the engineers naturally ran away, leaving only the administrative staff. The most frustrating thing is that the technologies and patents are not on the list.

Wang Chuanfu ran to ask, but Hans arrogantly said that these technologies have been integrated into BMW’s technical library. If you want to buy it, you need to add money separately.

This Wang Chuanfu had no interest in talking, and he announced that he would not buy it. Mr. Hans laughed, as if he was very happy because of the deal.

“hmph” Wang Chuanfu panting with rage left, and Hans gave his Secretary a look, and this Secretary sent Wang Chuanfu away.

“Mister Wang, don’t be angry. In fact, the negotiation failed at this time, and the main responsibility lies with you!” Secretary suddenly opened the mouth and said while seeing off the guests.

“Why, have we offended you in any way?” Wang Chuanfu asked angrily.

“It’s a little bit!” Secretary slightly smiled.

“Oh, please also Secretary Young Lady’s advice!” Wang Chuanfu was stunned for a moment, feeling that he really offended this guy, but he didn’t know it at all!

“I just heard that too!” Secretary whispered, “Our vice president came back from China on a special plane this time, and met one of your employees on the plane. He was rude to our president. , And even molested women. Our president couldn’t understand him, so he spoke to stop him, but he scolded him!”

“As a result, during the negotiation yesterday, our president happened to see that guy, the young man wearing a mask, and he was naturally in a bad mood. Our chairman felt that such a young man staying in the automobile industry would be harmful to the entire automobile industry. Industry insults…hehe, I also heard that, as for whether this is the case, I don’t know, you can think about it yourself!” After Secretary said, he sent Wang Chuanfu out of BMW’s headquarters, staying in the same place, a little confused Forced Wang Chuanfu.

Emotions are such a thing. It seems that as long as I fire that young man, everything will be discussed. But the question is, do I have the courage to fire Jia Yapeng?

Even if you have the courage, do you have this ability?

Wang Chuanfu returned to the hotel with a weird face, and found that Boss Jia was still looking at the list.

“Chairman, is there anything interesting on this list?” Wang Chuanfu curiously asked. He only glanced at this list, and he was not interested in seeing the second one, but didn’t expect Boss Jia. with keen interest pleasure!

“Nothing, I just didn’t expect Land Rover to be a brand under Rover Motors!” Boss Jia said with squinting eyes.

Like many auto companies, Rover Motors naturally has many of its own sub-brands to take on different markets.

There are a total of three brands under Rover Motors. First of all, Rover itself is the largest brand.

Next is Land Rover, an off-road vehicle brand, and another sports car brand.

If it weren’t for this list, Boss Jia really didn’t expect that Land Rover and Jaguar, the two well-known brands in the future China market, are actually brands under the Rover Motors name, but now they are only small packages sold in packages. Brand only.

Later, the Rover car was dismantled and sold, and the Rover was re-sold to the Chinese people, and Land Rover was sold to the Ford Group for $2.9 billion.

It’s just that Land Rover continued to lose money in Ford’s hands, and was eventually bought by India’s Tata Group for US$2.3 billion, so that it became India’s most famous car brand, and later went to the Chinese market Indians make money, really what the fuck.

Boss Jia has no interest in Rover cars, but he is very interested in the two brands Land Rover and Jaguar.

Especially Land Rover Range Rover, it is the world’s first real urban SUV, which is able to adapt to urban roads as well as off-road.

Thinking of the popularity of urban SUVs in the future generations in the Chinese market, so if you can buy the related technologies and patents of Land Rover and the urban SUV in his hands, Boss Jia will really get a little enthusiastic.

At present, the urban SUV is still an undeveloped virgin land in the former world. Now the mainstream of private purchase of vehicles is either good-looking cars or larger commercial vehicles. Urban SUVs can only be regarded as scraps.

So when the Indian Tata Group bought Land Rover, the price was quite cheap, only 2.3 billion US dollars, but now, the total market value of Land Rover has exceeded 20 billion US dollars.

Looking at it this way, Hans actually sold three brands of Rover, Land Rover, and Jaguar for US$3.6 billion, which is quite a bargain. After all, Ford later sold Land Rover and Jaguar for US$3.9 billion.

However, Hans’s list contains only brands and basically abandoned factories, engineers, technologies, etc., but they are not on the list. If you buy this way, you will obviously suffer a lot.

“Chairman, something like this happened just now!” Seeing that Boss Jia gave up the list, Wang Chuanfu hurriedly forwarded the information that Hans Secretary told him to our Boss Jia.

“This guy, he molested my younger sister and bit me back. This kind of guy…” Boss Jia shook his head, he didn’t care about this guy anymore. This guy actually wanted to avenge himself. Sure enough, these villains Are they all going to be demoted?