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In the next week, Hans was negotiating with Ott Martin very seriously. Of course, Great-Thousand was impossible to accept the expensive value of $6 billion. The two sides were almost surrounded by everything. The details opened up the giving tit for tat debate.

So after a week, the price dropped to the bottom line of $5 billion given by Billed.

Here, Hans is impossible to lower the price anyway, but Great-Thousand also made it very clear that they are only willing to pay 4 billion US dollars at most, and there is no more money!

This time made Hans very uncomfortable. He was racking his brains every day to figure out how to negotiate on the second day and how to get the other party to accept the price of 5 billion yuan.

As a result, when Hans was at a loss, Berid suddenly called Hans over, and then screamed, “Look at you, idiot, you were fooled by those Chinese people!”


“What?” Hans started, and after being scolded by Bi Rui De, he realized that it was Bi Rui De who had received the news that the French logo car was negotiating to sell Citroen, and this company was actually a Chinese company. The leader is Wang Chuanfu, the president of BYD!

Besides received the news, of course, he was very angry. Calling Hans over was a curse.

After being scolded by Bi Ruide, the angry Hans naturally found Ot Martin immediately to ask what was going on?

What didn’t expect was that Ott Martin’s face as it should be by rights said with a smile “Mr. Hans, even the little child knows that we should shop around when we buy things. Of course, you have to walk around more and get in touch with different car companies, and you can still buy the desired products!”

“Mr. Hans, it is very normal for our company to have contact with many car companies at the same time. There is nothing wrong with it. What can you be angry about!”

“You are lying to me, you said that your Chief Wang is back to China!” Hans angered.

“Yes, our Chief Wang did return to China, but we flew to France again on the second day. I’m not at all to lie to you!” Ot Martin’s words are completely fart, and Hans also I know, but he can only accept this explanation.

“Mr. Hans, let’s speak frankly. Our negotiations with Citroen are very smooth, and we have also reached the level of drawing up the final price. But we can only buy one company from BYD, so on both sides of us, whoever reaches it first If you sign the agreement first, the negotiation on the other side will end naturally. I say so, you understand!”

“You are threatening me!” Hans angered.

“No, this is just a little bit of business skills, we just want to buy the best quality goods at the most suitable price!” Ot Martin’s words made Hans want to beat people, but Hans also Understand that what Otter Martin said is not wrong. This is also a tactic used in business negotiations. There is no other way to his anger except for losing the purchase case.

On the other hand, Hans is even more convinced that the other party wants to buy, otherwise he would not make this kind of two-side bet and two-side negotiation. The other side is bound to a car company. The difference is only where to buy. Home that’s all.

“5 billion U.S. dollars, we will sign it now!” Hans helplessly said, “In addition, I can give you more engineers and a production line. How about this production line can be used to produce Land Rover SUVs?”

“Thank you very much for your concession, but this concession is meaningless to us!” Ott Martin shook his head and said very simply, “China’s mainstream market is the car market, and SUVs are in the Chinese market. It cannot be sold. We have no plans to produce SUVs at all.”

“In fact, instead of adding a Land Rover production line and selling us US$5 billion. It’s better to remove the name of Land Rover and all related products from the list and sell us US$4 billion!” Ott Martin said with a smile .

“How can this be? These are all under the name of Rover Motors, and they must be packaged and sold together!” Hans subconsciously refused, and Otter Martin counseled his shoulder, so he didn’t say anything more. Up.

However, after returning home, Hans thought about it, the more he felt that Ott Martin’s words might be the key to breaking the game.

If I remove the Land Rover and sell it for US$4 billion, it would still be more profitable than selling it all at 5 billion. But the question is, if you leave the Land Rover alone, where can you find the 1 billion dollars saved?

“Unless… someone is willing to buy a Land Rover alone!” Hans muttered. But just to think about it, it is too difficult to find a vendor that buys Land Rover alone.


However, Hans did not give up this idea even after he died, so on the 2nd day, he let people continue to negotiate with Ot Martin, and at the same time he began to ask people about which company in the international market plans to buy a car. Qi came.

As a result, Hans has really discovered something. Someone told Hans that there is an Indian company that is currently in contact with GM and wants to buy the Chevrolet brand, but the price is too low, only 1.5 billion. Dollars, GM ignored them!

“1.5 billion U.S. dollars!” Hans’ eyes shined, if you can sell Land Rover to this Indian for 15 U.S. dollars, and sell the remaining 4 billion U.S. dollars to Great-Thousand Group, then The entire Rover car has also been sold, and it can be sold at a price of 5.5 billion US dollars, which is 500 million more than the bottom limit of Brit, and I have made a great contribution!

So Hans immediately asked his friends to contact the representatives of this Indian company. As a result, they were not willing to come at first. Hans repeatedly invited the Indian talent to fly to Germany to meet Hans.

As soon as we met, Hans was blinded by the Indian.

Because this Indian seems to want to wear all the gold on his body, all of his body is made of gold jewelry, and the clothes are also dotted with various diamonds, which makes me rich. Written on the face.

At the same time, this Indian has the best food and lodging. He lived in the best hotel in Munich, and he went down 3 floors in one breath.

In addition to himself, there are drivers, chefs, personal maids, etc. with him. There are more than 30 people. According to the person who Hans sent to pick up the plane, they directly packaged a plane. The special plane came, and the one that arrived with the special plane was also a golden Rolls Royce. It was simply a local tyrant to the extreme.

The attitude of this World can surpass this Indian, and it is estimated that only those Princes in the Middle East are the only ones.

According to this Indian’s narrative, he is really a Prince, a Prince from Haryana, India, and his ancestor is an extremely sacred king!

The reason why he wanted to buy a car company was because he found out that his home country did not have a company capable of producing high-end brand cars. This made him feel very ashamed, so he determined to build India’s first modern The high-end self-owned brand car factory seems to be a very patriotic person.