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As for the identity of the Indian Prince, Hans still maintained a certain degree of caution, and he immediately sent someone to investigate.

Immediately’s investigation result is that the identity of this Prince is authentic and reliable. There is indeed such a Prince who has the same given name and family name in Haryana.

It’s just that these are simply collected by BMW. Because of the bad market in India, BMW has only a few dealers in India. It has never had its own people stationed in India, so it is not clear about the real situation in India. how is it.

Secondly, Haryana is a very remote area in India. At the same time, because the roads are very bad, Haryana is a bit mysterious in the eyes of Indians, and the news is very scarce.

However, the Indian Prince’s family and identity are real. The predecessor of Haryana was a small country in India. Later, although India was colonized by the Dali Empire, the Dali Empire did not at all revoke these kings. Identity, instead let them continue to rule, they only need to pay taxes to the Daqi Empire on time.

Later, thanks to the efforts of the great hero Gandhi, the Great Empire promised to let India be independent, but because at this time India is still in Zhou State stand in great numbers, in order to allow the country to be immediately recognized by various local forces and unite and become independent .

So India adopted the federal system, although the following kings were abolished, and the original kingdom was changed to a state province. But in fact it was only a nominal reform. The original king is still a king, but the name is changed to a high official. These kings still enjoy their huge wealth and great dominance over their people, even including certain military weapons. .

As everyone knows, in order to maintain their own rule, kings must engage in deification and mysteriousism. They package themselves as mysterious and magical, and they are the destined kings.

So people in Haryana and India, although they all know that there is such a Prince, they don’t know what this Prince looks like, and there is no photo.

So if a company like BMW, which has no foundation at all in India, wants to figure out the true nature of the Prince of Haryana, I am afraid that it will not be possible within a month or two.

But looking at this Prince’s incomparable mannerism, Hans is willing to believe that this Prince is real, after all, if it is not true, then his negotiation with Great-Thousand will be at a deadlock.

Especially I heard that the negotiations between Citroen and Great-Thousand on the other side are very good. Both parties have begun to discuss the details of the contract one by one, which means that there is not much time for Hans.

“No, Land Rover is not well-known, I have never heard of this brand in India, and the price of 1.5 billion US dollars is too expensive, this is my bottom line, I disagree!” But this His Highness The Prince was also very difficult. After starting negotiations with Hans, he simply refused.

“His Highness the Prince, our Land Rover is the best brand in Europe and even the whole country!” Hans said quickly, “He may be less famous in the United States, but in Europe, his name is like yours Like Gandhi, it is huge in the automotive industry!”

“Nonsense, in the country, the most famous is Rolls-Royce, do you think I don’t understand cars?” Prince said uncomfortably.

“hahaha! Rolls-Royce is indeed the most famous, but it is a noble car, a royal car, a poor car with low sales, an ordinary person can’t afford it! With such a car, it is impossible to revitalize Your country’s automobile industry!”

“Also, even Rolls-Royce uses engines produced by our Bavarian Machinery Plant. Apart from this, many parts and accessories are also provided by us.”

“Even soon, Rolls Royce will become a brand of our Bavarian Machinery Plant!” Hans said proudly.

“Oh! This is true, you are going to buy Rolls Royce!!” Prince was shocked.

“en!” Although Hans was a little worried that he accidentally leaked the company’s secrets in one go, seeing Prince’s shocked and softened attitude, Hans felt that he was right, and then continued to say “His Highness the Prince, in fact, Land Rover is your best choice. I have been to your India. Many of the roads there are very bad, and there is no cement road. Am I right?”

“That…we will all get better…” Prince’s expression was a bit ugly, but he said forcefully.

“Yes, I also believe that it will be better in the future, but at present, we still need some vehicles with higher chassis and better off-road performance, which can also adapt to the driving environment in India. Therefore, SUVs are the most suitable for India. And our Land Rover is the king of off-road vehicles, and the U.S. Hummer is the two heroes!”

“You have the same brand value as Hummer!” Prince’s eyes lit up when he heard Hummer.

“Yes, that’s it!” Hans said proudly. In terms of brand influence, Land Rover can indeed compete with Hummer.

“Well, you succeeded in persuading me, but the price of 1.5 billion US dollars is too expensive, not as good as 1 billion US dollars? You want to sell all Land Rover production lines, drawings, patents, and engineers to me! Without these things, I can’t produce Land Rover in India at all!” Prince said loudly.

“No, if you want to add these things, you have to $1.5 billion!” Hans insisted.

Selling Land Rover for $1 billion would be too costly. Even at $1.5 billion, the price was a bit of a loss, so Hans insisted very much.

But India’s Prince also insisted on $1 billion, and for a while, both sides seemed to be stuck in a deadlock in the negotiation.

Until three days later, when Hans and Otter Martin were negotiating, Otter Martin seemed to be a little restless. After the negotiations came to a deadlock again, he couldn’t help saying “Let’s do it, Land Rover We don’t want it anymore, just sell us the rest for $4 billion!”

As soon as Ot Martin said these words, Hans’s expression changed drastically. Then he suspended the negotiation on the excuse of being unwell, and returned to his office a little anxiously.

“President, why did you stop the negotiation? Actually, we used 4 billion to sell them things other than Land Rover, isn’t it just right?” Secretary asked a little puzzled.

“No, this is not right. Why do these Chinese people suddenly propose to buy something other than Land Rover for 4 billion? Could it be that they already know about the Indians?” Hans said anxiously. Talk to yourself.

“It may be possible!” Secretary whispered.

“This is not right. Our negotiations with the Indians are very confidential. I have always blocked the news very strictly. Except for us and the Indians, those Chinese people should be impossible to know the news, but they I know!”

“Also, if you think about it carefully, it’s a little coincidence that these Indians came here. We happened to be in a deadlock in negotiations with the Chinese. The Chinese just didn’t want Land Rover, and then these Indians came to us Land Rover is now, don’t you think all this is too coincidental, it seems that these Indians are here to help the Chinese!” The more Hans said, the more sweat on his forehead.

“But, weren’t these Indians brought by us from the United States? And they heard that they had contact with GM very early, and their identity in India is also right…” Secretary whispered.

“That’s right, but I always feel something is wrong!” Hans walked anxiously a few steps indoors, and then said, “Do you have this kind of probability? Those Chinese people are not interested in Land Rover, So if you want to buy something other than Land Rover for US$4 billion, this is the most suitable choice for them!”

“But they also knew that we were impossible to keep Land Rover and sell the rest of the orders to him. This was too uneconomical, so they made such an Indian out.”

“We want to create the illusion that Indians are willing to take over Land Rover, and then they can buy the remaining things for 4 billion!”

“This…” Secretary stopped speaking. At this time, he didn’t dare to express his position, otherwise, if he really stabbed Louzi, it would be someone’s mistake!

“So, I have to try these Indians first!” Hans licked his lips.

“If this is really a scam, there is a prerequisite, that is, we must first reach a $4 billion purchase agreement with the Chinese, and then the Indians will slip away!”

“So, we can ask Indians to reach a purchase agreement with us first. If these Indians are really under the guise of Great-Thousand, they will definitely not be able to shell out money to buy Land Rover.”