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“I said, my bottom line is US$1 billion. The price of US$1.5 billion is too high. With this money, I might as well buy cow urine!” The Indian Prince was very upset and yelled.

Early this morning, Hans from the BMW company came to him and forced him to sign a contract. How could there be such a thing in the world! Of course the Indian Prince was very angry.

On the other hand, Hans also felt more and more weird in his heart. How did this Indian Prince export dirty, with cow urine and so on in his mouth, so vulgar, how could this be the style that Indian Prince should have? ?

This guy must be a fake. It was a pretense used by the Great-Thousand group to deceive himself, trying to trick himself into agreeing to sell Rover for 4 billion.

But Hans was hesitant in his heart, and he was not completely sure. In case the Indian is real, if it is true, then the business can be negotiated, and his career is promising.

So Hans decided to give this Indian a test and the last chance according to the plan drawn up yesterday.

“Well, I can accept a price of 1 billion US dollars, but I must sign the contract now and pay within three days, otherwise everything will be neglected!” Hans said loudly.

Hans feels that his tricks are brilliant. First of all, this move can determine whether the Indians are a guise and a scam.

If this Indian is a scam, then they are absolutely impossible to pay the bill, and after three days they can only run away in embarrassment.

But if it’s true, it’s perfect. If you turn your head, you can reach a contract with Great-Thousand. After all, they have agreed to a $4 billion offer, so you can sell the Rover Group for $5 billion. The chairman’s position will be stabilized by fulfilling the requirements of the group and making great contributions to the company.

“Three days, you are crazy. My money is still in India. A lot of it is still gold. It is too late to exchange it. It is difficult to transfer it within three days!” Indian Prince immediately exploded.

“I don’t care about it!” Hans stood up, straightened his collar, and said with a hint of indifference, “His Highness the Prince, we have shown the greatest sincerity. One billion dollars can buy it. A full set of the Land Rover brand, as well as a full set of technologies, factories, and 100 outstanding engineers. These can be sold for $1.5 billion in any market, but we are in urgent need of money to give you this opportunity!”

“In a word, within three days, 1 billion U.S. dollars will arrive in the account, and we can sign this contract! If the account does not arrive within three days, we should not waste each other’s time!” Hans’s words are very resolute, let this An Indian Prince fell into silence.

“It looks like I can go!” Hans stood up. He had determined that the Indian Prince either had no money or was a guise, and he had no need to stay here.

“Wait, as long as we get the account within three days, then we will sell the Land Rover for $1 billion. Are you sure?” Indian Prince asked with a trembling voice.

“Naturally, we are also very sincere!” Hans’s frowned, although he is curious that this guy plays so much, he still replied.

“Well, I promise you, within three days, I will do my best to deliver 1 billion dollars to you!” Indian Prince said loudly, which made Hans change his original guess, this guy. Isn’t it a liar?

“Whether it is or not, I’ll see the result in three days!” Hans muttered in his heart, this Indian Prince is not important to true or false. The sale of Land Rover for 1 billion US dollars cleared the obstacles to the negotiation between himself and Great-Thousand. That is the most important thing!

For the next three days, Hans continued to negotiate with Great-Thousand, but the two sides remained in a deadlock.

What makes Hans more and more uncomfortable is that, according to the information from the sign, Great-Thousand and Citroen have been getting better and better. The only problem now is the issue of technology and patents.

As long as these two problems are solved, everything seems to be within reach.

This made Hans even have to agree to Great-Thousand, to get rid of Land Rover, and then sell the remaining $4 billion to Great-Thousand.

This is not impossible, because if Land Rover sells it alone, as long as it is slowly grinding, Hans feels that the sale of $2 billion is post-probability, but he has no time.

Just when Hans was at a loss for this acquisition, on the 3rd day, an amazing news came that Prince of India asked him to sign.

“Mr. Hans, according to your request, we have transferred $1 billion to the Deutsche Bank account. This is the account. You can verify the capital at any time!” As soon as we met, the Indian Prince directly transferred a Told Hans on his account.

Hans was a little surprised to find someone to come over to verify his capital, and he found that if that was the case, there was actually a billion dollars in this account.

“This Indian is real!” Hans felt his cheeks hot. He always thought that he had seen through the truth of this Indian, but he could not think that he was wrong. This Indian really wanted Buy Land Rover.

“Mr. Hans, we can sign now!” Indian Prince asked Hans to take out the contract that he had prepared long ago. Hans glanced at the contract and found that there was nothing wrong A very standard contract, the things written on it are all negotiated by both parties.

“His Highness the Prince, can we wait for another day? I still need to check with our chairman!” Hans said hesitantly. He felt that the vague feeling was a bit wrong, and he felt that he should The people who went to Great-Thousand, after the people of Great-Thousand agreed to a $4 billion contract, the two parties signed at the same time, which seems to be more secure.

“There is a problem!” His Highness the Prince said embarrassingly, “I am going to Switzerland tomorrow. If I can’t sign a contract today, I have to wait at least 5 days here, I don’t know Mr. Hans Can you accept it?”

“Five days!” Hans’s head cleared, and he felt a bit tricky in it.

In five days, there are too many variables.

If you have a hot brain for this 1 billion dollar, and tomorrow you reach a 4 billion dollar agreement with Great-Thousand, and as a result these Indians disappeared without a trace five days later, wouldn’t these people still run away?

“No need, we will sign the contract now!” Hans said immediately, “I will ask the chairman immediately, we will sign this afternoon!”

“Then you need at least a signing ceremony!”

“It’s held in the Conference Hall of this hotel. I will arrange everything. Let’s complete the signing and transfer as quickly as possible!” Hans already feels that he is not sure if these Indians are Great-Thousand. Under the guise of.

But Hans understands that he only needs to grasp one thing, and he can have everything.

That is whether this Indian can pay?

Those who can pay are naturally not liars. Those who can’t pay are dragged away. Hans thinks he is too wise.

“Well, since Mr. Hans is so urgent, there is no way!” Prince nodded of India, such an acquisition involving 1 billion US dollars, was settled.

Hans immediately returned to the company and reported the incident to Bryder. Because Bryder’s full attention was on Rolls-Royce, he didn’t think about it after getting a general understanding of the situation, and his thinking was similar to Hans’s. , The liar who can pay out cash is impossible. Nodded, he agreed to Hans’ request.

So, despite the rush of preparations, the signing ceremony was held smoothly at 8 o’clock that evening, but it was not the Indian Prince who held the signing ceremony, but another white man.

“His Highness the Prince!” Hans asked puzzledly.

“Mr. Hans, every country has its own traditions and unwritten rules. There are some things that we are inconvenient for, His Highness the Prince. I am the chairman of our company. My signature is fully legally efficient. , Don’t ask too much. If you have doubts about my identity, it doesn’t matter. After all, as long as the money is not in your account, this contract cannot be fulfilled!”

“en!” Hans is nodded. Many people have a lot of money and are not clean, so many names cannot be signed by themselves. It is normal to change an agent and so on. There are various countries.

Just like what the other party said, as long as the money arrives!

In fact, two hours after the signing ceremony ended, Deutsche Bank sent a message that $1 billion had been transferred to BMW’s account, and the contract had begun to take effect.

This makes Hans a long relaxed. It seems that he is still worried after all, and he is not at all cheated!