Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1367


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“Well, well, we’ll talk about these later, I have guests to receive, you go out first, and I will talk to you later!” Bi Ruide repeatedly said.

“Don’t perfuse me here. I was from BMW 30 years ago. What qualifications do you have to perfuse me!” Hans actually looks down on Bi Ruid very much for deep in one’s heart.

After all, this guy was a professor before, and he has only been working for BMW for 5-6 years. He actually sat on the chairman’s seat, and Hans has worked hard at BMW for more than 30 years. vice president.

Naturally, Hans endured these dissatisfaction. But now, he couldn’t bear it anymore, especially after hearing Bi Ruide so perfunctory himself, it made him more angry, and even the bandage on his forehead gradually turned red.

“The problem must be solved now, immediately!” Hans yelled, the quarrel between the two sides made the employees near the office unable to help but peer over.

“What is the solution to the problem!” Bi Ruide was also angry. “This is obviously a mistake you made, and I blamed it! Well, I ask you, you have signed the contract on behalf of our Bavarian Machinery Plant.”

“In the black and white contract, every clause stipulates that after the signing is completed and the transfer is completed, we must faithfully perform the contract, otherwise it will be a breach of contract, and three times the penalty will be compensated!”

“If you ask me to stop fulfilling the contract, then I ask you, who will pay for the $3 billion in liquidated damages?”

“They lied to me, why should we pay for it!” Hans angered.

“You have the ability to talk to the judge about this. Will the judge listen to your words?” Billie directly at the door of the office, shouting at Hans, “The Indians and the Chinese are looking for us to negotiate separately. Yes, they are not negotiating together, one contract is one pit, who can prove that they are colluding together, can you find a complete chain of evidence to prove it?”

“Also, even if you can find out the chain of evidence, it doesn’t make any sense, because it doesn’t comply with the provisions of contract fraud. Even if you sue in the U.S., there will be no judge to support our appeal. On the contrary It will make our entire Bavarian Machinery Factory a joke in the industry, a stupid idiot, and your Hans will become a synonym for stupidity, do you understand?” Bereid’s angrily rebuked Hans. shivered.

It was too smooth just now, making Hans a little bit irrational.

As a result, after being scolded by Bi Ruid and pointed out the problem, Hans reacted. He was too reckless. He was impossible to fulfill the contract on the surface.

Even if you want to stop Indians, you have to use delays, changes, delays, changes, etc., which is disgusting in the actual handover process, but it is absolutely impossible to do such things as failure to perform the contract, otherwise the court will let the company Understand what is legal.

“…” Hans who reacted, immediately wanted to leave. But when he thinks about how aggressive he was just now, Hans doesn’t know how to walk away, which is really shameful.

Furthermore, as soon as what happened today, let alone the position of the chairman, don’t want it. I am afraid that even the position of the vice president of the Greater China region is gone.

Although the company It shouldn’t be dismissed this old employee like this, he might go to an all black, no daylight corner to spend the rest of his life, which made Hans desperate instantly.

“The one outside is Mr. Hans!” At this extremely embarrassing moment, a voice from the Conference Hall said, “If it is Mr. Hans, please invite him in. We are also old friends. “

The other party was speaking Chinese, Hans could hear it, and then the words were translated into German by another voice, and Bi Ruid understood it.

“Since the guest wants to see you, come in!” Billie waved his hand, and Hans walked in hesitantly.

Hans desperately wanted to go in just now, but now he doesn’t want to go in at all. After calming down, Hans understood that all his ugliness was undoubtedly revealed in front of the guests, and it was obviously embarrassing to enter at this time.

But Hans now dare not continue to offend Billy De, so he can only helplessly walk in, and then see the guests in Billy’s chairman’s office.

“It’s you!” Seeing the appearance of the guests, Billie stood up immediately, pointing to his nose in disbelief, crying out in surprise, “Aren’t you fired by Great-Thousand? Why are you here? !”

“hehe!” Boss Jia slightly smiled, on the other side Bi Rui De frowned and said, “What mess, what are you talking about? Don’t you know that it is Great-Thousand Group Chairman Jia sitting in front of you Mr. Yapeng, how could he be expelled from the Great-Thousand Group, do you think he is Jobs?”

“He is Jia Yapeng!!!” Hans was stunned, completely stiff in place.

“Hehe, Mr. Chairman, don’t need to blame Mr. Hans, because he really doesn’t know me. He always thought I was an ordinary employee of Great-Thousand Group, one of the members of the delegation that came to negotiate this time!” It was Boss Jia who explained with a smile.

“This is impossible!” On the contrary, Bi Reid showed an unbelievable expression “Hans, he is the vice president of our Greater China region, how could he not know Mr. Jia you?”

“Hehe, maybe my face is not worth seeing in Mr. Biruide’s eyes! I am not a giant panda, so why must all foreigners know me!” Boss Jia said with a smile, and Hans It is sweating all over.

“Oh my god, I understand why I lost so badly. I actually handed the negotiation to a guy who didn’t even know what Zhang, the chairman of Great-Thousand Group, looked like. What did you do during your two years in China? What’s wrong? When you are negotiating, don’t you know to look up the photo of the chairman of Great-Thousand Group!!” Bi Reid was furious at this time, and Hans wanted to find a hole to indent.

However, Hans can’t be blamed. After all, we have not yet entered the complete Internet era. It’s not easy to find a photo of Boss Jia on China’s Internet. Boss Jia’s photos are usually only in newspapers. Or it has appeared on news programs. If Hans wants to find it, it will take some time.

“But Chairman Jia, I don’t really understand. What is your intention to come to me today?” Bi Reid scolded Hans, then turned his head to stare at Jia Yapeng and said, “You are here today. Come to me, not only to declare your cleverness, but also to disgust us, Mr. Hans, and take revenge on his disrespect for you!”

“Mr. Jia, if you think Hans has offended you, you can come to me directly, and I will deal with this matter. You shouldn’t fool our company because of this, and forcibly take our Rover car Divide it into two parts, and then use trifling for 1 billion US dollars to buy us assets worth 2 billion US dollars!” Bi Reid said here, his face is also very ugly.

“Wait, Great-Thousand bought the Land Rover? Isn’t it bought by an Indian?” Hans on the side suddenly froze again. At this moment, he felt like a complete idiot.