Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1368


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“Of course not! I didn’t know that Mr. Hans would just put on such a good show, so I didn’t come to disgust him!”

“Similarly, since we have won the Land Rover and signed the contract, then I don’t have to come over and continue to provoke, this will only make things worse and worse!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“Then you are here to do and so on?” Billy asked, squinting.

Actually, Bi Ruide is also very confused about the appearance of Boss Jia.

In the morning after Hans fell into a coma, there was something wrong with Hans’s Secretary, so he immediately reported it to Billy De. Although Bi Ruide is not very concerned about this acquisition, his IQ is not Hansby’s.

In Hans’s eyes, he was deceived by the Indians, but Bie Ruide saw through it at a glance. It was actually the Chinese who deceived them. After all, the top 500 companies in the world will not be trusted by others. And it’s still for Indians.

The Chinese people really value Land Rover, and their goal is to get Land Rover. They have no interest in Rover.

In short, the entire Bavarian Machinery Plant was fooled by the Great-Thousand Group.

But even if Bi Rui De clearly understood the mystery inside, there is no way, because the contract has been signed, and Bi Rui De also nodded agreed to the acquisition.

So the contract must be fulfilled. Land Rover can only be split and sold to Great-Thousand. Although they can do some tricks when fulfilling the contract, these tricks are actually something that cannot hinder the overall situation.

After all, like brands, there are detailed technical lists, patent lists, and even engineers lists. These names are written in black and white on the contract and cannot be denied.

That’s why Bryder was in a very desperate mood at the time. Originally, he was questioned within BMW because of his failure to acquire Rover Motors. Even if he later completed the acquisition of Rolls-Royce, he was still The company swept out.

Now that the Rover Motors incident happened, Hans must be finished, and he would be fired early by the board of directors as a scapegoat, so Berud’s anger was no less than Hans.

In his opinion, he was completely implicated by the idiot of Hans, and it was a disaster, except that Bi Ruid was a university professor after all, and his recuperation was much better than Hans who was born as a worker. He did not gaffe, and still maintained himself Gentlemanly.

After that, Bryder, who was thinking about how to solve the problem, suddenly received the news that the chairman of Great-Thousand Group came to visit.

Although I don’t know if the other party is here to do and so on, Bie Ruide immediately invited the other party into his office. When the other party is willing to come, it means that both parties still have room for negotiation, and may be able to resolve the crisis at this time.

Of course, if Boss Jia really came to show off one’s military strength, to promote his victory and pretend to be forceful, then Bi Ruide would also kick the opponent out.

“Of course I am here to make up for the rift between us!” Boss Jia said with a smile “After all, as Mr. Hans said just now, we still need to hand over Land Rover related matters with your company. . If your company uses some delaying tactics, or secretly replaces something, it will be very difficult for me to do, we still have to get along well!”

“hahaha!” Bi Ruide couldn’t help laughing. “You are really the most interesting person I have ever seen in my life. I saw you yesterday and gave us the entire Bavarian Machinery Factory playing with us in applause. Today I expressed my intention to make peace with us. You are really good at getting along, so I don’t know what to say!”

“But I want to tell you that your purpose is impossible. We will never get along with a company that deceives us. But you can rest assured that since the contract with Land Rover has been signed, we will Strictly follow the contract, and there will be no worries for you!” Billy Devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence said, Hans who listened to the side scolded Billy Devotion to be an old and stubborn. At this time, we still say what to do in such a scene, of course we must be good. Disgusting Great-Thousand hits it.

It seems that Hans still doesn’t understand B Reid. B Reid later took advantage of the public and finally successfully acquired Rolls-Royce’s old fox. How could he be a serious man!

Don’t look at the devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence that Bi Ruide is talking about now, which is conclusive and righteous, but after all, these are just verbal talks about that’s all. As for how to deal with the actual situation, there is only heaven knows.

Furthermore, who knows whether Boss Jia is wearing a voice recorder and so on? At this time, Bi Ruide just said a word and went out. It is likely to be a testimony before the court. Boss Jia was cheated by this simple method.

“Hehe, we don’t need to say such a devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence!” Boss Jia said with a smile “I am here not to continue creating contradictions, but to solve problems!”

“Oh! I don’t know how Mr. Jia intends to solve the problem? Do you want to continue to spend 4 billion US dollars to buy Rover cars?” Billy asked with a smile.

“This is naturally unnecessary. After all, we have obtained Land Rover’s related technologies. This is enough. Anyway, if these technologies are used in our cars, it will be enough!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“hehe, Mr. Jia, let’s just say something straight, don’t be circumspect!” Bi Ruide is still smiling, and his self-cultivation is indeed very good.

“In this way, you can continue to promote the news of Rover Motors’ external sales. If Rover Motors fails to find a buyer before 2002, then Great-Thousand can buy Rover Motors at a guaranteed price of US$2 billion. Rover Motors. Of course, I mean Rover Motors which has all the technology, production line, engineers, etc.!”

“2 billion, what are you kidding me!” Hans flushed and exasperated. These are things that could have sold for $4 billion!

“Shut up!” Bi Rui De scolded.

“Hehe, I’m just a bottom-line suggestion. If you can sell at a better price, or are unwilling to accept this price, I have no opinion. This is up to your company!” Boss Jia said with a smile.

“Chairman Jia is sure that after 2002, will you accept Rover cars at this price?” Billy asked, squinting.

“Of course, we can sign the contract now!” Boss Jia nodded “But as a condition, the handover of Land Rover must be completed in 1998. If the time is exceeded, my promise will be invalid!”

“It turns out that Mr. Jia made this idea!” Haha Bi Ruide smiled. The reason why this Boss Jia came to negotiate was really afraid that BMW would engage in small tricks during the handover.

But then again, in fact, the sale of Rover cars for US$2 billion is not unacceptable from the current state. After all, Land Rover has sold 1 billion before, and Rover Motors bought it. At that time, there was only 1.4 billion that’s all.

This condition seems to be good for the Rover car.

Of course, Bi Rui De won’t know. In fact, Ford has already glare like a tiger watching his prey on Rover, so historically in 2000, the two sides will reach a $3.9 billion acquisition. Boss Jia’s The $2 billion guarantee will not be triggered.

“This is not enough!” Bi Ruide shook his head and said, “If it is only such a condition, I cannot explain it to the board of directors!”

“What do you think about this? If you are unable to explain to the board of directors because of the incident at this time, then I can assure you that you will be the president of our future BYD Auto, and the salary is twice your current salary. You will be solely responsible for the operation of our BYD Auto!”

“…” Bi Ruide found that he had nothing to say for a moment, so was it really good to dig corners in the BMW chairman’s office?

Furthermore… Bereide glanced at Hans, who had shrunk in the corner, but at the same time raised his ears.

“Of course, if Mr. Hans is also fired from the company, then I think BYD can also provide Mr. Hans with a position as a sales manager. The salary is the same as the current salary!” Boss Jia lightly saying .