Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1371


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“Mr. Jia, I’m very curious about a question!” Finally, Bi Ruide suddenly asked, “Mr. Jia, you are not afraid that after reading your plan, I will not only refuse your invitation, but also The content of this plan is disclosed to other car companies, so that they can be the first to implement this plan?”

“Forgive me to speak bluntly, it will take at least three years for Great-Thousand cars to truly start mass production. These three years are enough time for other companies to take the lead!” Curiously asked.

“Of course I am not afraid, because even if I send this plan to Chief-In-Charge of all car companies, they will throw this plan out as a joke and forget it!” Boss Jia haha said with a smile.


“Because this plan is not only not a good thing for them, but it is the worst thing in the world, something to overthrow them! Do you think those car companies in the world will be willing to do it for hundreds of years The fuel-powered vehicle system that has just been established is overthrown, and will you start to build a brand new electric vehicle?”

“Have you seen the emperor rebel?”

“…” Bi Ruide was silent for a while, and then reluctantly nodded. This is the fact. If he is still the chairman of BMW, after seeing this plan, the first thing to do is probably The plan was completely burned, and then the development of electric vehicles was suppressed throughout the world, and he would never have the opportunity to surpass fuel vehicles.

After all, electric vehicles can destroy all the things accumulated in the entire fuel vehicle industry in the first half of the year. This is really too terrifying.

There are only companies like Great-Thousand that have just started to build cars. Because they have nothing, they can run wild on the road full of future and innovation.

But then again, the emperor did not rebel, and there are many others, such as Cao Mao from the Wei Country of the Three Kingdoms, and Yuan Shanjian from the Northern Wei Dynasty. In fact, our Emperor Kangxi also rebelled, but Unlike other rebellious emperors, Kangxi succeeded, and other emperors GG.


“Chairman, I am not convinced. Are you a scammer?” Boss Jia took Bi Rui De on his forefoot. On the 2nd day, Wang Chuanfu, who received the news, ran to Boss Jia’s office and started to run wild.

Wang Chuanfu is indeed very depressed.

He proposed BYD’s car plan. He and Boss Jia worked on the power station replacement plan. He was also responsible for the negotiations across Europe.

In the end, the automobile business was spun off directly from BYD, and the Great-Thousand automobile had to be established specifically, and this Great-Thousand automobile had to be handed over to a foreigner. In the end, he was too busy to get anything. Of course his mentality exploded instantly!

Then there was the scene in front of him. Wang Chuanfu ran directly into the presidential suite of Boss Jia, and immediately stopped getting up when he lay on the sofa. He yelled aggrieved while he was hitting, and he was obviously aggrieved.

“You and the kid, do you know how to build a car?” Boss Jia was irritated and white. Wang Chuanfu gave a glance. “Cars are different from your Tesla. All aspects are involved. A professional must be responsible for overall development. Just fine!”

“Bi Ruide has worked in the automotive industry for a full 40 years, has worked in seven or eight famous car companies, and has countless contacts in the global automotive industry. He is indeed more suitable than you as the president! “

“Yes, I don’t know cars, but I didn’t know Tesla before. To put it bluntly, I am just a college graduate from the chemistry department, but I can learn these things!” Wang Chuanfu became even more upset. Say loudly, “Chairman, I am willing to learn, you only need to give me a year, I promise to learn better than that Bi Rui De!”

“I believe you can learn in one year, but I don’t want to delay this year!” Boss Jia said very simply.

Of course, if Wang Chuanfu is really given a year, and Wang Chuanfu can become Bi Ruide, Boss Jia is definitely willing to wait.

But the problem is that this is impossible. Even if Wang Chuanfu is a talent of Tianzong, the technology in the car in just one year can be comparable to Bi Ruide, but the relevant contacts and resources in the industry are also impossible for Wang Chuanfu for ten years of.

To be reasonable, another BYD in the world took a lot of detours on the car, that is, BYD’s good luck. It seized two key points and launched BYD’s F0, the hot model of the year. It has been selected By the way, the new energy vehicle has finally become the leading domestic auto company.

But there is still a big gap from the world’s leading car companies.

So Wang Chuanfu really can’t manage Great-Thousand cars. For professional matters, you still have to hire professional people.

“Then I don’t care, there is no unreasonable person like you in the world, so I won’t leave here today!” Wang Chuanfu yelled, it seems that the breath in his heart can’t escape, he won’t Out.

“You this bastard, look at this!” Boss Jia shook his head helplessly, and only smashed a document on Wang Chuanfu’s face. Wang Chuanfu took a look and found that this was a notice to BYD’s entire company. And the object of this notice is actually himself.

“After careful consideration and decision by the chairman, BYD Battery Co., Ltd. was reorganized into BYD New Energy Power Group, subsidiary BYD Battery, Tesla Electric Vehicles, Land Rover Motors, Great-Thousand New Energy Vehicles and other enterprises.”

“Wang Chuanfu, the former president of BYD Battery, and of course the chairman and CEO of BYD New Energy Power Group. Mr. Bi Ruide, serves as the president and CEO of Great-Thousand New Energy Vehicle……”

Looking at this announcement, Wang Chuanfu’s face is still half uncomfortable, and now it’s all filled with excitement.

It turns out that I have been promoted. From the president of BYD Battery, the chairman of BYD New Energy Power Group, and Great-Thousand Automobile is its own subsidiary company, this Bi Rui De is actually under his own control. You said Wang Chuanfu can still have Something unhappy?

Just go crazy.

“Chairman, when did you decide to reorganize our company into a new energy power group, I don’t know how to hear it!” Wang Chuanfu said with a smile.

“Nonsense, I need to report to you first about what I do. I can’t consult your opinion?” Boss Jia kicked Wang Chuanfu angrily, and then said, “How about it, you are willing to get out now? Right?”

“Yes! I’ll get out soon!” Wang Chuanfu was also a faceless person. After he finished speaking, he rolled on the spot, and he was about to disappear in the blink of an eye.

“You come back to me!” Boss Jia yelled, and Wang Chuanfu came back obediently.

“Listen to me. Within one month after returning to China, you will be responsible for cleaning all public toilets in the BYD headquarters. I will Sect My Secretary to supervise you. If you find that you have a toilet that has not been cleaned Clean, then add a day!” Boss Jia coldly said.

“Why!” Wang Chuanfu was anxious, his eyes widened.

“Nonsense, you think I am a bathhouse here, you can lie down if you want, or go crazy if you want to go crazy!” Boss Jia coldly snorted and said “Remember, next time you do something like today, it’s not just Cleaning the toilet is so simple, I will let you clean the sewer!”

“Yes!” Wang Chuanfu shivered all over his body, not daring to refute the slightest.

So, in the next month, BYD employees were busy with BYD’s restructuring and taking over Land Rover’s work, while cautiously dare not go to the toilet in the company, even if they could not bear it, they had to wear it. Put on the shoe covers and go in, otherwise they will see Wang Chuanfu holding the mop, as if to eat people!