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In May 1998, the working people in China had just passed their own holiday. When everyone just returned to work and returned to work, an amazing news spread from Europe to China.

BYD Group announced that it has reached a US$3 billion acquisition with BMW in Europe, of which US$1 billion will acquire Land Rover, a world-famous off-road vehicle brand, and US$2 billion will be used to acquire Rover Motors.

Of course, this news is not true, because the acquisition of Rover Motors is only a guarantee contract, while the acquisition of Land Rover Motors is under the Indian brand.

But the domestic media don’t care so much. For an explosive news effect, they directly extracted the essence of it and threw it in front of the domestic people.

So, the people in China began to ask in surprise what company BYD is, why they have never heard of it that they have the money to acquire foreign auto companies instead of engaging in joint ventures. This is too much China’s imposing manner. !

Well, basically this was the case in China before 2008. As long as domestic companies can acquire foreign companies, it must be a big increase in national morale, and the national confidence of Chinese people will also be greatly satisfied. Although in the eyes of discerning people and many well-known people, this is just an ordinary transaction. What can be done with money has nothing to do with the rise of the nation.

But it is undeniable that China’s national self-confidence is indeed slowly built up under such news and encouragement one after another.

By 2020, after the test of the epidemic before futile, the mask of the so-called superior system in the West has been smashed. The inferiority and lack of self-confidence imprinted on the face of Chinese people in the bones for a hundred years, as well as Western superiority theory, finally It began to fall apart.

cough cough, it’s a bit far away. People in China applauded BYD one after another. When Wang Chuanfu had returned to BYD headquarters and started cleaning the toilets, Boss Jia accompanied his younger sister on a tour of Germany. , He took the younger sisters to Japan again.

After more than a year, the broadband network in Tokyo, which Natsume Network is in charge of, is finally put into trial operation, and Boss Jia is going to tailor it.

Of course, the entire Tokyo area is not so fast. Only Tokyo, which is the central area of ​​Tokyo, has been completed. It includes five districts including Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku, and Shibuya. .

These 5 districts are the most prosperous areas in Tokyo with the most population and enterprises, and naturally they are also priority areas for broadband installation and completion.

The broadband opening ceremony at this time has almost attracted the attention of people in the global network communications industry.

Although all network professionals realize that if the network wants to be further developed, it is the most important thing to leave the telephone line and have its own independent line.

It’s just that I know that it’s too difficult to do it, because it means to carry out an infrastructure construction across the country, and the entire city needs to dig land and build towers for broadband laying. Sometimes Even to demolish the building.

All of this was announced to the public at the opening ceremony.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony at this time was very grand. Not only Natsume Network, the construction party, and the government came here, but in the end even the current Prime Minister personally came to participate in the tailoring ceremony, and also delivered a speech on the ceremony.

Since the Prime Minister is here, the news media will naturally not appear. All major news media in Japan will live broadcast the ribbon-cutting ceremony at this time. As long as the audience is interested, they can watch the live broadcast in front of the TV. .

For such an opportunity to face all voters, the Prime Minister naturally prepared a speech draft, and the speech at first talked about how difficult the construction is this time.

According to the data released by the prime minister in his speech, in order to support broadband construction at this time by the Japanese government, half of the roads in these five districts in the heart of Tokyo have undergone closed construction for the shortest one day and the longest one month. Construction.

In one year, a total of 67 kilometers of roads were dug, 462 poles were erected, and 12,324 kilometers of broadband lines were consumed. 82% of the houses in the city were renovated to allow broadband The line can be close to every household, and even 13 houses were demolished and so on.

There were more than 4,000 large-scale traffic jams. The speech even calculated that the probability of being late due to construction has increased by 10.98% for office workers across Japan, and more than 300,000 people were late due to this. .

Anyway, this report fully reflects the difficulties and troubles of broadband construction, and these are only five districts in the heart of Tokyo. If all things, and even all of Japan, go online, the degree of trouble will be fine. Imagined.

Of course, in this speech, these difficulties were overcome by one after another with the efforts of government officials at all levels, the public relations of various companies, and the cooperation of all citizens.

In the second half of the speech, it is said that 2231 companies across Japan have joined the project this time. On average, each company has received orders of USD 1,189,200 and created 210,000 new jobs Jobs, the lives of more than 1 million people have been greatly improved, etc., which fully reflects the benefits the people have received in this time project.

This paragraph is actually the most critical in the entire report. The Prime Minister’s eloquent statement of his own merits is deeply afraid that voters will not know.

Isn’t that just for nothing?

After the Prime Minister finished his speech, it was Natsume Haruko’s turn to take the stage, and Natsume Haruko’s sassy and heroic appearance immediately made the eyes of the drowsy audience listening to the Prime Minister’s report bright and their eyes focused Natsume Haruko’s body.

How to say it, Natsume Haruko, who was born as a volleyball player, first leads all Japanese citizens in height, with a height of 1.72 meters, which belongs to the top 1% of all Japanese women.

Secondly, the figure is very well-proportioned, especially after wearing a black suit jacket and short skirt for women all over Japan, the perfect figure is more revealing.

At the same time, the face is very delicate and sweet, similar to everyone’s wife Aragaki Yui, but more gentle and lovely, otherwise Boss Jia would not have liked her.

Recently, I don’t know if it’s because of the birth of a child that I have a maternal maturity breath on my body. Divine Soul has fascinated countless men on the spot, and I can’t wait to shout my wife on the TV.

Even sisters Jia Jiafeng and Jia Jiayue in the audience, after seeing the present Natsume Haruko, couldn’t help being shocked. They stabbed their big brother’s arm and whispered, “Old Brother, I How do you feel that Natsume’s elder sister has become a little stranger, and it’s like a sister-in-law who gave birth to a child.”

“Big brother, tell me honestly, didn’t you secretly make us a Little Nephew or a little niece?”

I have to admit that the Sixth Sense of a woman is very scary. Just a glance, the two sisters have discovered the truth!