Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1373


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“Let your little niece meet you later!” Boss Jia coughed. He didn’t intend to hide from his younger sister. Jia Changqing is his own bloodline, so he should meet his relatives. Otherwise, when you grow up later, isn’t it a pure Japanese?

So he brought his younger sister here this time, one of the main purposes is to let Jia Changqing meet his younger sister.

“Brother, you actually got us a little niece out!” The two sisters were shocked. They were only joking, and didn’t expect things to be true.

The girl who was gentle as water before, but very tenacious, actually gave birth to her Old Brother.

“Old Brother, what about sister-in-law? Does she know about this?” Jia Jiafeng curiously asked.

“I guess she probably knows it!” Boss Jia touched her nose. “But she might not know, who knows, anyway, no one has pierced this thing, that would be great!”

“Old Brother, you are such a bastard, scumbag!” Jia Jiayue cursed unceremoniously.

“No way, who makes me rich!” Boss Jia sighed, making Jia Jiafeng and Jia Jiayue speechless for a moment, and at the same time, their perception of Old Brother dropped greatly.

I wondered if I wanted to use Old Brother as a template to find my husband, is it totally wrong?

“you two, some things have happened. It is not a few regrets or a few apologies. Then it can be resolved by hypocritical statements. I have to solve the problem practically. The rest are of no use. !” Boss Jia touched his younger sister’s head and said, “My little niece has come to this World. I have to keep her safe and happy for life. I have no ability to give her a complete home, but at least I have to give her A dad!”

“Otherwise, is this too fair for your little niece?” Boss Jia said, and the Jia sisters have nothing to say, and on the stage, Natsume Haruko’s speech still continues.

There is not much to say about this speech itself. There is a manuscript written by a very professional Secretary. It feels very beautiful just by listening, but Natsume Haruko’s voice is very obvious, which is somewhat overshadowed.

It’s just obvious that most of the guests at the scene were not paying attention to the manuscript. They were either chatting with friends, or dozing off, or staring at Natsume Haruko’s thigh.

Ten minutes later, Natsume Haruko’s manuscript was finished, and the atmosphere at the scene became more lazy. But Natsume Haruko didn’t care. Her original dream was to play volleyball, join the National Team, and participate in the Olympics.

But she found that her every step was involuntarily, forced by her parents, forced by the shrine, forced by Jia Yapeng, and now forced by her daughter until she stood on this stage, and the stage was even sitting on Japan’s Prime Minister, all this is like a dream, and Natsume Haruko suddenly wants to play volleyball.

Unfortunately, there are still things that must be done next.

“Everyone, what the emergence of broadband means to a modern society is difficult to say clearly in a few words. I will give you a more intuitive experience below!” Natsume Haruko took a deep breath, “behind me In the stadium, 500 computers are placed, all of which are connected to our newly deployed broadband and servers.”

“I believe these can let everyone experience why the future is the era of the Internet!”

Natsume Haruko’s voice fell, and the captain’s guests became interested. Even the Prime Minister of Japan, under the protection of the crowd, entered the stadium behind him with great interest.

There is a computer in the C position in the venue, and this computer is naturally prepared for the Prime Minister of Japan. His computer is also connected to a projection device, which will directly project the operation of the computer onto the final screen.

After Mr. Prime Minister sat in front of his computer, other guests took their seats.

“Haruko Young Lady, speaking of which I’m ashamed, I don’t know much about computer operations, can you teach me!” After the prime minister sat down, he asked with a smile.

He didn’t lie. In fact, most of the people at the scene will not operate the computer because they are all Showa men over 50 years old.

Anyone who gets older will have a natural sense of resistance and fear to new things. Many computer operations that are so accustomed to young people that they are very easy to master will become extremely difficult in front of these old people. The choice is handed over to the Secretary for processing.

In the future, Japan will have a lot of political scandals because they do not understand computers, but many things have to be handled through computers, so they have leaked.

The most typical example is that a politician who once hoped to run for prime minister, after receiving a confidential document, just glanced at the computer for a few times and then deleted it.

It’s just that the politician doesn’t know that if you want to delete it completely, you need to delete it in the recycle bin. In fact, it’s not reliable to delete the recycle bin. The best way is to physically delete the hard drive.

But the politician didn’t understand. He thought the things had been deleted. Then the computer broke, so he took it outside to fix it. As a result, the computer repairer copied all the contents of the hard drive, and found that this big News, and finally the political life of politicians is completely over, and people are also in prison.

How about it, does this kind of story sound very familiar?

Because our Teacher Chen has done the same thing, this is a pot that doesn’t understand computers!

Sorry, it seems to be a bit far away, but Natsume Haruko naturally rejected the Prime Minister’s request. Although she used to be someone who didn’t understand computers, Natsume Haruko has been more or less a computer expert after operating Natsume Haruko for more than two years!

“First of all, for the Internet, the most basic operation is to use a web browser to surf the Internet!” Natsume Haruko explained, opened the BiliBili browser on the computer, and then directly entered the home page of 51 search .

Well, by listening to the name, BiliBili browser is a browser developed by BiliBili. Although there are still tens of millions of people separated from Internet Explorer in terms of installation volume and usage, BiliBili It is now the sixth most installed browser in the world. After all, the windows system in all Xiaomi computers sold is pre-installed with the Bili Bili browser, and the IE browser icon is very positive. It is concealed, unless you specifically go to the system disk to find out the IE browser icon, you can’t find it at all.

It is reasonable that if the IE browser is not the cornerstone of the system, completely deleting the IE browser will cause the system to crash. Xiaomi Computer will not directly delete the IE browser from the window system.

As for BiliBili’s homepage to be set to 51 search, it is naturally a very normal thing. After all, 51 search is now the world’s Ranked 1st website. 51 search is set as the homepage, naturally for the convenience of consumers!