Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1570


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“…” The judge was also silent. He probably hadn’t heard such a smooth case in his life, so that he didn’t know what to do after only 40 minutes of the trial.

So after Zhou Hongwei finished speaking, as the judge, he was also speechless for a few minutes. It was not until a colleague next to him reminded him that the judge reacted and asked with an embarrassed expression, “Defendant, you Are you sure you plead guilty completely without any excuses?”

“No need, these all are our mistakes, and we are willing to accept punishment!” Every cell in Zhou Hongwei’s body is sincere.

“The plaintiff, do you have anything else to add?” the judge asked again.

“What do we add? Did a few crimes come out at the scene?” The representative of Microsoft complained in his heart, but he had a feeling that Zhou Hongwei must be doing some tricks this year. He definitely didn’t apologize sincerely. , I must expose his true colors! !

So Microsoft’s representative coldly snorted and said “I don’t believe that the defendant really pleaded guilty. He is just quibbling that’s all!”

“ha ha ha!” Didn’t expect that as soon as the representative of Microsoft said something, everyone at the scene couldn’t help laughing, even the judge laughed.

“This gentleman, although we made mistakes, don’t wrong us anymore. You said I was quibbling, so what was my sophistry just now?” Zhou Hongwei asked with an innocent look.

“Your…” The other party’s words got stuck in his throat and couldn’t say anything.

Yes, none of what the other party said just now was sophistry, but it fell in my ears, how could it sound like every word was sophistry…

The representative of Microsoft was silent again, and Zhou Hongwei then said sincerely, “I’m very sorry, these all are our fault, I hurt you too deeply, I know, all this is hard to recover!!! “

“Sour…” The audience felt sour in their gums inexplicably. Even the judge couldn’t help saying, “Plaintiff, please pay attention to your words. Although the defendant has pleaded guilty, you can’t tell the defendant. Slander!”

“I…” The representative of Microsoft was completely speechless, and could only shut his mouth and had nothing to say.

“Well, in that case, the court is temporarily adjourned, and the jury is invited to deliberate. The final result will be pronounced in the afternoon!” The judge hurriedly announced and ended the morning trial. The speed was incredible. Many reporters said They had prepared a fierce court battle for several days, and they even booked a hotel for more than three days.

As a result, the verdict was directly pronounced in the afternoon, and they can go back! ! !

This has greatly frustrated many reporters who are preparing to write a news report of more than 100,000 words, but fortunately, the trial process this morning is curious and interesting enough. As long as a detailed report is published, I believe it can attract the attention of many viewers. Powerful! !

Soon, the trial process was delivered to Bill Gates. Bill Gates saw the report and video of the entire review process, and he was stupid.

After a while, a few executives will call over and let them count together to see what the Great-Thousand is thinking.

“Hongmeng is very smart. They know how to make sophistry. They are all powerless in the face of our evidence. So they just chose to give up their defense and confess their guilt directly, trying to use a good confession attitude in exchange for the relief of public opinion!” The manager sighed.

“It’s really impossible. They confessed their guilt, so we can do nothing about him? How can he confess his guilt!!” Bill Gates panting with rage asked, “Is there any way you can make them not confess guilt? Of?”

“…” These executives were speechless for an instant. The purpose of their own lawsuit was to force the other party to confess guilt. Now that the other party has pleaded guilty, he wants to force the other party not to confess guilt. What the hell is that the plot development.

“Chairman, I’m afraid it’s too late. The court will pronounce a verdict in the afternoon. We are too late to use any means!” A high-level channel.

“Yes, but Chairman, don’t be angry, we won this time!” The manager of the public relations department said, “The reason Hongmeng confessed so happily is because we were forced by our offensive. They have to be desperate, otherwise they will be all kinds of sophistry!”

“This shows that our work has been done perfectly, so that the other party can’t even find a chance, we have achieved a complete victory!!”

“The most important thing is that since Hongmeng has fully pleaded guilty, our request for the court to completely block Hongmeng system is not impossible. If this is also successful, then we will completely kill Hongmeng system!”

“Really!” Bill Gates’s expression suddenly looked better. These executives only relaxed and left Bill Gates’ office.

“The people of Great-Thousand are so amazing!” After leaving the office, the public relations manager whispered.

For Great-Thousand’s decisive action, he personally appreciates and admires it very much, because this is the wisest decision at the moment, sophistry will not play any role, but will trigger the judge, the most important is the jury Disgust.

It’s better to plead guilty very simply, so that you can get the favor of the jury members. After all, the final verdict is determined by the jury. As long as they have a favorable view of Great-Thousand, then the verdict at this time will definitely impossible too serious.

“The people of Great-Thousand are cruel to themselves!” He exclaimed again.

This way of coping sounds very simple and easy, as long as you confess your guilt.

But this is actually the most difficult thing to do. After all, not everyone can confess guilt so simply, especially for large companies.

Although they are guilty of confession, it is absolutely impossible for them to admit a mistake. After all, to the point where money is actually not important, the important thing is the face of the company. These companies are absolutely impossible to admit that they were wrong.

Don’t say anything else, just take Microsoft itself.

Doing the same thing happened to Microsoft, and if I suggested that Bill Gates send a personal confession, I am afraid that Bill Gates would directly scold him.

How could dignified Microsoft be wrong? It must be this World that is wrong. It is all idiot consumers of this World.

Regardless of how Microsoft’s headquarters responded, the time passed quickly. In the afternoon, the court opened and everyone returned to the courtroom, waiting for the judge to announce the final trial result.

This time, Microsoft initiated a total of 13 prosecutions, and I don’t know how many crimes the court will decide in the end!