Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1571


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“I represent the court and the jury to pronounce the verdict!” the judge said loudly, and everyone in the room immediately got up and listened to the verdict.

“Hongmeng Group is not convicted of illegal profit making…”

As the judge continued to read the verdict, all reporters were very surprised that of the 13 crimes that Microsoft prosecuted, 9 of them were not convicted, and only four of the convictions were finally convicted. This made many people Very shocked, didn’t this Hongmeng plead guilty? How come there are only four convictions?

Soon, the court gave the reasons in the verdict. It turned out that the nine counts that were rejected all involved illegal profit.

The problem is that the Pangu Axe software itself is not profitable, and the Hongmeng system related to Pangu Axe is also not profitable. Even the entire Hongmeng company up to now has played the image of a wealthy boy, all business All are in a state of losing money, not even a single profit.

So all the crimes related to illegal profit making are not convicted.

In fact, this result seems to be predestined for many legal professionals. After all, Hongmeng is a newly established company. The current accounting and commercial projects are very clear. They simply did not intend to make money. It is free, so the crimes related to illegal profit cannot be determined.

In fact, Microsoft knows in its heart that these 9 crimes are difficult to identify. The reason they add them is also to put pressure on Hongmeng, which is a very common method in commercial prosecution.

However, the other four crimes related to infringement were all established, which made Microsoft representatives nodded. The next step is to see the court finally give a verdict.

According to Microsoft’s prediction, the best result of the final judgment is to directly judge Hongmeng system for infringement and request Hongmeng system to stop operations.

The worst result was a ruling that Pangu Axe software ceased operation, an apology, and a huge compensation and so on to Microsoft.

Then, everyone heard the judge announce that “Judgment, Hongmeng will immediately stop the operation of Pangu Axe software, delete all downloads and sales channels, and Hongmeng should publicly report in the newspaper. The Microsoft Group apologized and compensated the Microsoft Group of US$100,000.”

“What, it’s only $100,000 in compensation!” The people of the Microsoft Group stood up abruptly, looking at the final result of the trial in disbelief.

This result is directly the worst result in their pre-judgment, let alone the fact that the court only sent a sum of 100,000 US dollars in compensation. What the hell is that judgment? ?

Be aware that the U.S. court may have requested the defendant to pay tens of millions of dollars in damages for a small damage to the skin.

However, Hongmeng infringed a major event like Microsoft, and actually only awarded a compensation of 100,000 US dollars. Is this kidding children playing?

Are there still axioms and justices in the world?

The representative of Microsoft stood up immediately. At the same time, the lawyer on the Microsoft side asked the court to give an explanation. So the secretary of the jury said, “When the jury was deliberating today, it said that because Pangu Axe was not profitable, Any illegal gains!”

“At the same time, you Microsoft did not suffer any losses due to Pangu Axe software, so you can compensate you with a compensation of $100,000, which is the maximum compensation given by the jury!!!”

“Jurors, haven’t you seen the files we provided? Now Hongmeng system has more than 2 million installations, and these installed users are all deceived by the Pangu Axe software. Our Microsoft system was transferred to Hongmeng system. For these 2 million users, at a cost of 99 US dollars per winsystem, this is a huge loss of 200 million US dollars!” The lawyer of the Microsoft Group defended.

“First of all, your evidence only proves that Hongmeng system has about 2 million installed capacity, but it cannot prove that these 2 million users are all transferred from winsystem users!”

“Apart from this, even if these users are all WinSystem users before, but I think they have already paid the genuine license fee of WinSystem, and they also have the right to choose other systems, so not at all. Microsoft has caused substantial harm!” The secretary of the jury said in a tranquil voice.

“But if there was no Pangu Axe, they would not choose Hongmeng, but would continue to choose winsystem!” Microsoft’s representative defended.

“Enough!” the judge said, “please respect the conclusion of the jury. If you are not satisfied with the verdict, please appeal to the High Court. Today’s verdict is over!”

After the judge finished speaking, he left the court directly, Zhou Hongwei bowed to the representative of Microsoft, and then the people with Hongmeng also left the court, leaving only the people from Microsoft looking helplessly at the reporters who came over. Microphone, and then left without saying a word.

This lively trial ended in a bland way.

A few days later, the media possessing great magical power found a member of the jury, and then this member told me what happened during the collegiate meeting.

To put it simply, the jury members are very satisfied with Hongmeng’s attitude and feel that Zhou Hongwei and Hongmeng are actually good people and companies, and they should be tolerated appropriately.

Secondly, a light sentence of Hongmeng is also helpful for teaching latecomers.

From the perspective of the jury, Zhou Hongwei and Hongmeng Group have the courage to admit their mistakes. The act of admitting mistakes is very worthy of encouragement, so we must have an appropriate attitude and support.

Otherwise, if the sentence is still severe, then in the future, facing the same situation, all criminals will do everything possible to quibble, and plead not guilty, which will greatly reduce the moral quality of citizens, so they have an excellent attitude , Still have to be encouraged.

Finally, as to why the compensation was set so low, the jury member gave an answer that sounded rather nonsensical. “Of the total 32 jury members, 20 are professionals such as corporate white-collar workers. Most of them have advanced education and need to be in contact with computers for a long time!”

Of course, the reporter did not understand the answer, so he continued to ask, and the jury member went on to say, “So they have been fed up with the expensive genuine price, the more they use the card, the average win98system crashes once a day.”

“We people of insight agree that because Microsoft has monopolized the system market for a long time, they are too arrogant and arrogant. They ignore the user experience and just make money. Therefore, Microsoft needs a competitor. Only in this way, Microsoft and Win will truly consider customers, instead of thinking that they don’t have any competitors anymore and can cut users as leeks!”