Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1572


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Microsoft absolutely did not expect that Hongmeng, which pretended to be dead before the trial began, and left all kinds of black, the reputation of Hongmeng, which seemed to have become unsound, turned white after the trial ended.

at first, when the news of Hongmeng’s perfect confession attitude appeared, the public opinion on Hongmeng’s verbal criticism was much less, and even the media began to appreciate Hongmeng’s confession attitude.

But it’s not a big deal. After the aforementioned interview with jury members was issued, Microsoft suddenly discovered that the entire public opinion circle suddenly exploded.

80% of the media began to praise Hongmeng’s good attitude toward confession, believing that this is what the United States and the world lack, companies that have the courage to admit their mistakes.

These media seem to have directly ignored the facts of Hongmeng’s infringement and their previous verbal criticisms of Hongmeng. Instead, they have been touting Hongmeng’s excellent attitude of confession, which is a good guide for the entire world and so On, even Hongmeng has become an incarnation of truth, kindness and beauty.

But the problem is that many viewers eat this set very much, because this kind of attitude of a big company that directly admits mistakes is indeed very rare, and it can get the goodwill of the audience.

If you say praise and whitewashing Hongmeng, the thing that makes Microsoft feel terrifying the most is that the manuscript of the interview with the jury mentioned that Microsoft’s winsystem monopolizes the market and is not user-friendly. It needs competitors to stimulate The saying that the market is getting healthier and taking more care of consumers has also begun to be mentioned by the media.

Even many media have directly started to publish articles about the win monopoly market, which first denounced the bad experience brought about by windowssystem monopolizing the market, to tell users that these are all monopolistic faults, and Microsoft monopolized the market, so As a result, Microsoft is not enterprising, does not consider users, only knows to keep making money and so on.

Afterwards, these articles began to talk about the catfish effect, saying that people all over the world like to eat sardines, especially live sardines, because it tastes more delicious, so the price of live fish in the market is much higher than that of dead fish. .

But sardines are an animal that is intolerant to transportation. Although fishermen have tried various methods, most of the sardines will suffocate due to lack of oxygen during transportation on the ship.

Until later, someone discovered that when someone put a catfish in a sardine school, most of the sardines could be transported to the shore alive.

Scholar, a lot of experts like this, is puzzled because catfish is an animal that feeds on sardines. It is reasonable to say that if catfish is put into a school of sardines, the sardines will be eaten by the catfish.

After investigation, it was discovered that after the sardines were found to be mixed with catfish, their natural fear would make them swim wildly in the water, and in the state of swimming, the water flow was stirred rapidly, and a large amount of oxygen would be mixed in In the water, due to exercise, the oxygen uptake of sardines will also be greatly increased, so it solves the problem of hypoxia and allows sardines to return to the fishing port alive and well. This is the famous catfish effect.

The computer system market needs such a catfish effect. Only Hongmeng, the catfish, can enter the market and encourage him to compete with Microsoft. Then Microsoft, which has monopolized the market, became lazy and unwilling to change, will cheer up, swim faster, develop more products that serve users, and have a broader future.

In this article, Hongmeng system seems to be a life-saving medicine for Windowssystem. With the competition of Hongmeng system, Windowssystem can live a long life, and Microsoft can grow stronger and so on. Microsoft should give Hongmeng system A big hug, thank him for his great kindness and virtue! !

In the eyes of Microsoft, these articles are naturally a thing of taking off their pants and farting, but in the eyes of users, this article is simply not too right.

The main reason is that they were tossed too hard by Windowssystem. After all, before the release of WindowsXP, winsystem, which crashed once a day on average, was a nightmare for all computer users. Many users have hated windows. Of course, they are very happy to watch it. There is a competitor for Windowssystem.

At the same time, Hongmeng system issued a notice on the official website as soon as the trial is over. Pangu Axe software will be removed from all the installation packages of Hongmeng system. At the same time, Hongmeng promises that it will never operate Pangu Axe software again. They must completely block this software themselves!

Then 2nd day, apology letters published by Hongmeng Company appeared in major media newspapers all over the world. They sincerely apologized to Microsoft, and their attitude was very low, and humblely prayed for Microsoft’s forgiveness and so on.

Finally, Hongmeng also stated that they themselves felt that the $100,000 in compensation awarded by the court was too low, so they took the initiative to compensate Microsoft with $1 million!

The relevant payment has been directly sent to the court and will be transferred from the court to Microsoft.

In just one day, Hongmeng fulfilled all the judgments of the court. The speed was so fast that everyone was very surprised. At the same time, the audience also sighed that Hongmeng is really a good company that knows its mistakes and can correct it!

Of course, Microsoft, especially Bill Gates, he certainly doesn’t think so!

“This group of bastards! One million dollars in compensation, he thought I didn’t know, they spent more than one hundred million dollars in public relations expenses for the media this week!!!” Inside the office , Said Bill Gates flies into a rage, the PR manager and the others shiver coldly.

Of course, anyone who was played by Hongmeng would be very angry.

“Mr. Neal, aren’t these media friends of your public relations department? Don’t we everyday all spend tens of millions of dollars to build public opinion? Why are these media that followed us yesterday to criticize Hongmeng, and today they act grandiosely? Hongmeng defends, have our money been fed to the dog?” Bill Gates shouted angrily as the manager of the public relations department.

“Chairman, please calm down, I have communicated with them!” Neal lowered his head and said.

“Oh, what did they say?”

“They said that both of them are big customers, and they can’t afford to offend them!” Neil said with a bitter smile.

“Fart, I don’t think they regard Microsoft as a big customer at all. Are they just offending us now?” Bill Gates scolded.

“Yes, I said the same to them, but they said… they said…”

“What did they say?”

“They said that Great-Thousand never accused them of offending Great-Thousand when they helped us build public opinion. So now they collect money and go to Great-Thousand to build public opinion, we should also learn Great-Thousand. Be generous…”

“These bastards…” Bill Gates almost squirted out old blood, and he suddenly understood that the most shameless thing in the world is not Great-Thousand, but the damn media!