Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1573


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“Chairman, someone wants to see you!!” Just as Bill Gates scolded his men, a Secretary suddenly came in and reported with a strange expression.

“I see no one!” Bill Gates said without hesitation.

“But this person is…” Secretary hesitated, and decided to mention this person’s name. “This person is Zhou Hongwei, the president of Hongmeng of the United States”

“Zhou Hongwei, what did he run over for?” Bill Gates was stunned. At first, Bill Gates really didn’t take this week of Hongwei seriously.

However, following the wonderful performance in the court trial, Bill Gates sent someone to investigate Zhou Hongwei for the first time, and then discovered that Hongmeng’s series of offensives were probably carried out under Zhou Hongwei’s command. In other words, this person is the culprit who made him furious.

This guy, what are you doing here?

“He said, who will apologize to us!!” Secretary said.

“What, apology!!” Bill Gates almost fell off his glasses.

“Yes, he said that he felt that just apologizing in the media newspapers was not enough to express Hongmeng’s determination to change the past, nor to express his apologies to us, so he insisted on seeing you and then Don’t apologize to you personally!” Secretary said.

“Let him go, I won’t see him!!” Bill Gates angrily roared, he wants to take Zhou Hongwei alive, and he is willing to accept his apology.

“But the chairman, there are many reporters on the screen, and many people are watching. If we drive him away…”

“This guy, who brought so many reporters here, he came to apologize sincerely, he came to disgust us!!” Bill Gates was angry.

“Chairman, let’s see him! Otherwise, in the future, we will be very arrogant and have a small reputation in public opinion, and we will become sinners!!” The manager of the public relations department quickly suggested.

“No, I just don’t see. If I meet him, wouldn’t it be telling outsiders that Microsoft forgave Hongmeng, and this matter is completely over?” Bill Gates cursed.

“Chairman, when we meet, we can take the initiative and dominant position in public opinion, and we can also express our magnanimity. Then we can slowly regain control of the initiative of public opinion.” p>

“Enough, shut up, let him go!!” In anger, Bill Gates lost his mind, so Zhou Hongwei stayed at the door for 30 minutes. After not entering the door, he could only choose to leave.

But before leaving, Zhou Hongwei bowed deeply to Microsoft.

To quote Zhou Hongwei in an interview with the media, he bowed to express his apologies.

But some people say that Zhou Hongwei’s bow is like bowing to a tombstone at a funeral!


With the end of February, the turmoil between Microsoft and Hongmeng systems is almost over, and news of these two companies will soon disappear in the media.

Great-Thousand’s goal of reversing public opinion has been achieved, and it is naturally impossible to spend more money.

On the contrary, it was Microsoft, because it arrogantly refused Hongmeng’s sincere personal apology, but there were many bad reviews.

And Bill Gates, it is said that he scolded the media for three days in the office, and then said angrily that Microsoft will never give every penny of marketing expenses anymore, let these bastard media all die!

For this, Great-Thousand expressed great praise, traditional media are damned, and then a company named Twitter, under the auspices of Great-Thousand, was quietly established.

Of course, in fact, Microsoft’s goal was achieved in the end. Hongmeng’s separation of Pangu Axe was quite thorough. I can’t find the slightest Pangu Axe related stuff on the official website. Is there any in the sales product? Formal publicity to the outside world has completely destroyed all the source code of Pangu Axe, and there is no Pangu Axe ever since.

But what about the facts?

In fact, Pangu Axe is not only alive, but also very moisturizing.

In 2000, piracy accounted for more than 90% of the entire software market. Piracy cannot be avoided for any software, nor can it be prevented from rampant on the Internet.

So although the genuine Pangu Axe software has been completely blocked, Pangu Axe has existed after all. Even if there is only half a month, it is enough for countless copies to appear on the Internet.

Moreover, Hongmeng has never considered encrypting Pangu Axe at all.

So Pangu Axe still exists on various pirated websites, and the number of downloads is still quite large. A large number of users can download the Pangu Axe software on these websites for the first time, and then pull it to Hongmeng system to use it. , The effect is still the same.

So although Hongmeng system bans Pangu Axe, it is actually no different from normal use, except that users need to go to a pirated website to download the software!

This made the reaction of Microsoft even more angry. In order to curb the rampant of pirated Pangu Axe software in the market, Microsoft found all the government departments related to piracy in the United States, and even the FBI went to find it, and wanted to go online Completely block Pangu Axe’s pirated software, and punish users who use Pangu Axe.

However, after investigating the situation, these departments were very helpless and said that they could not block Pangu Axe. The reason is simple, because Microsoft should not apply for the block order for Pangu Axe software.

As everyone knows, Pangu Axe software is developed by Hongmeng, and the copyright of the software is also in Hongmeng’s hands, so unless Hongmeng requires them to strictly investigate and prohibit them, they have no right to do it.

This result left Microsoft dumbfounded and speechless.

It is impossible to count on Hongmeng to request that the pirated version of Pangu Axe be blocked. Even Microsoft can be sure that Hongmeng itself is behind the rapid spread of Pangu Axe.

This damn guy apologized to himself on the surface and blocked Pangu Axe. In fact, of course it is impossible to let go of this vital tool for Hongmeng system. They must be behind the scenes.

What made Microsoft even more maddening was that one day in March, a group called “Pangu Kaitian” was formed in a famous technical house forum.

This group stated very simply on their sub-forum profile that they are all loyal supporters of Hongmeng system, and they also like Pangu Axe, this ingenious gadget.

Ke Hongmeng has announced that it will never develop Pangu Axe again, nor will it update Pangu Mansion. In order to ensure the normal operation of the Pangu Axe software they love, they spontaneously set up this group and then volunteer Pangu Axe software carries out various corrections and supplements, and finally provides the latest updates for all players who support and love Hongmeng system.

Good guys, this software that was directly blocked by the developer, which should have been cool, can still be updated, and the update speed is not slow. On average, a new small version is released half a month. The spirit of tap water is really touching! !

Well, this is absolutely spontaneous and has no relationship with Hongmeng Company.