Instant Noodles Millionaire Chapter 1576


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Bill Gates returned to the company on the 2nd day. After an internal meeting, Microsoft, which had been clamoring to teach Great-Thousand, suddenly fell silent.

Then users of win98 found that win98system has launched a new update, which is basically a version that solves various minor problems and minor BUG updates and optimizes user experience.

In addition, Microsoft has issued a notice to the outside world, expressing its efforts to release a brand-new Windows system by the end of 2000 to bring users a brand-new experience cloud.

After such an operation, Microsoft, who was originally anxious, seemed to calm down, and seemed to ignore Great-Thousand.

This response from Microsoft made Hongmeng relaxed up and down. When Wang Xuan went to give a report to Boss Jia, he even showed a rare smile.

“Chairman, the matter is finally over, our Hongmeng has successfully established a foothold!” Wang Xuan said excitedly.

“No, things are not over. Do you think Microsoft will let us go?” A worried expression appeared on Boss Jia’s face. “I am not afraid of Microsoft making trouble with me. After all, we are barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes. , No matter how the trouble goes on, we will make a fortune!”

“I’m afraid that Microsoft will not quarrel with us, but concentrate on developing his system. This is a big trouble!” Boss Jia rubbed his temples in pain. “If Microsoft’s windowsXPsystem really comes out, We want to beat Microsoft, and the difficulty will be increased by at least 10 times!”

Boss Jia is really worried about WindowsXPsystem, and even a little scared, because Microsoft finally relied on XPsystem to completely consolidate its position as absolute hegemony.

WindowsXPsystem can almost be said to be the most successful system in the history of windows. It has very strong stability and good compatibility. At the same time, the system contains a very comprehensive system tool, and developers can also develop programs more easily.

In short, WindowsXPsystem was almost the best system imaginable at the time. After XP exited, Microsoft, which has been infamous all the time, miraculously gained a lot of praise.

For example, WindowsXPsystem is like the Martial Emperor of Han Dynasty. Although it is not the creator of the dynasty, it pushes the entire dynasty to the most peak.

Once WindowsXPsystem is released, the difficulty for Hongmeng system to rise again will be from Hell Level to the abyss level!

“Chairman, is this Windows XP system really so strong?” Wang Xuan asked in a little surprised.

“Well, it’s quite strong, similar to our Hongmeng system.” Boss Jia said.

“Um…similar to us…what else to worry about?” Wang Xuan was at a loss.

“Nonsense, if WindowsXPsystem is only functionally similar to what we do, there is of course nothing to worry about. But if you add to the existing monopoly of Microsoft system, user inventory, and software moat?” Boss Jia asked coldly.

“This…” Wang Xuan’s forehead was also sweaty. In fact, he knew very well that the reason why Hongmeng was able to achieve such an excellent start now is because Hongmeng system is much better than win98system, don’t Not to mention, the stability that is difficult to crash once a month alone can attract a large number of Microsoft users.

Hongmeng was able to succeed because Windows98 was so bad.

But if WindowsXPsystem can achieve the same as Hongmeng system, then these attracted users, I am afraid they will immediately return to the embrace of Microsoft.

After all, 80% of the use time of Hongmeng system is now using the third-party software run by Pangu Axe, but using the software in this way is a bit troublesome to use, and it will indeed cause many low-end models. Caton, the experience is actually very bad.

So once WindowsXPsystem is released, Hongmeng will really be over!

“Bill Gates is still the richest man in the world, he still made him react!” Boss Jia sighed.

In the original history, WindowsXPsystem was not announced until September 2001, but in fact the official version has been on sale until mid-2002, so Boss Jia thought he had more than two years.

But now, Bill Gates is a year and a half ahead of schedule. If he is really asked to release WindowsXPsystem at the end of 2000, then Boss Jia will be really unable to handle it.

“However, it is impossible to prevent Microsoft from releasing windowXP. Although there are still some methods that can be used, once these aspects are used, they will be retributed sooner or later!” He said to himself, “Naturally, it is difficult to prevent windowsXP from being released at the end of the year, so I can only hurry up and let windowsXP occupy enough market in the market before the release… At least, I also want to take Windowssystem from the Chinese market. Get out!”

“Knock Windowssystem out of the China market!!!” Boss Jia said to himself in a not small voice. Wang Xuan on the side heard clearly and was surprised at the same time.

Listening to what Boss Jia said, he intends to directly expel all windowssystem from the China market and replace it with Hongmeng system before WindowsSPsystem is released.

Is this probability? ?

Wang Xuan couldn’t help but hit a question mark in the heart.

It stands to reason that as a system invented by the Chinese, Hongmeng system should have a greater advantage in the Chinese market.

What started to make Wang Xuan very helpless is that from the just released Hongmeng’s world market share distribution map, China’s market share is actually only 0.43%, which is the market share of all the 18 countries surveyed. The third-to-last country.

As for the Ranked 1st country, it is actually the United States with a market share of 0.92%, which makes Wang Xuan very puzzled and heartache. He wondered why his countrymen didn’t support his country’s system.

On the contrary, in the United States, the home of Microsoft, China has the largest market, which is really incredible.

So when he heard that Boss Jia actually wanted to expel Windowssystem from the Chinese market first, he suddenly felt that this might be a more rare task than expelling Windowssystem from the US.

So at this time Wang Xuan’s face inevitably showed some disapproval.

“What do you think I said wrong?” Boss Jia asked with a smile.

“No, I just think this task is too difficult. Although I don’t want to admit it, the Chinese market is probably the most difficult place to drive windowssystem out.” Wang Xuan said helplessly.

“No, on the contrary, the Chinese market is the easiest place to get windowssystem out!” Boss Jia squinted and said very confidently, “You have to trust our compatriots, at least, they all He is smart!”